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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj,Shukshina Mariya

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Fragment of the program from 07.05.2007


In May we had Koptelov Sasha in the studio.

He told how 10 years ago with a friend he ran away from kindergarten in order to leave for his country house to his grandfather.

They caught a friend, but Sasha was able to get to the station and get on the train.

The story could end badly.

But in the car, a woman noticed Sasha, and after talking with the boy, she realized that the boy ran away from the house and took him to the police, and in the evening of that day he was returned to his parents.

After 10 years, Sasha and his mother are looking for the very woman.


Woman, we found.

This Olga Belyaeva, lives in Perm, works in a children's sanatorium.

Olga Viktorovna believes that she did not do anything special 10 years ago.

Sasha is now visiting with that very grandfather.

And although he was very eager to go to Moscow to see Olga Viktorovna, his relatives did not dare to let him go alone by train.

They have such a fear for him ever since.

Sasha's mother came to the studio to see Olga Viktorovna and say thanks to her on behalf of the whole family.

Photos and brief stories of lost children:

Photo: Maxim Goryachkin, he is 5 years old.

He disappeared near his house, in Khabarovsk, on Antennaya Street.

According to eyewitnesses, he got into the car to strangers.

Special signs: height 110 cm, a birthmark on the right cheek, a scar on the left hand from a burn, a burr.

Photo: Rodion Nazarko, he is 10 years old.

Lost 3.09. 2005 in the city of Dnestrovsk in Moldova (Transnistria).

That evening, Rodion and his peers played near the garages.

Photo: Maxim Golubkov, 8 years old.

He disappeared on January 8, 2007 in the town of Belomorsk in Karelia.

In the evening, he was seen by a traveling worker on the railway leading to Murmansk.

Photo: Alyosha Lyulkin, he is 3 years old, was lost on May 27 of this year in the village of Karalda, Belovsky District, Kemerovo Region.

There is a version that the boy was taken outside of Karalda.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. Angela Cretz is looking for Kaun's brother Valery, born in 1969

Last seen in 1977

2. Kayumov Victor, born in 1940, is looking for friends in an orphanage (Mari-El Republic, graduation in 1953): Klava Balabanova, Pavel Petryakov, Igor Kostromin, and others.

3.Slekhtina Tatyana is looking for a niece, Marina Ignatenko, born in 1988

Gone in Moscow in February 2007


The search history of Alexander Razzhivin, who is looking for Alice Askalin.

They studied in the same school, in the Vladimir region.

They walked, he courted her, fell in love, she answered him in return ...

When Sasha was in the 9th grade, his parents, suffering from asthma, were forced to leave for the Astrakhan region.

A month after his departure, Sasha wrote to Alice, but the letter came back.

Alice was found.

She lives in Vladimir, studies at the philological faculty of the pedagogical university.

I was very pleased to learn that Sasha was looking for her and agreed to come to the studio for a meeting.

Photos lost:

This is Natasha, she was born on 08.28.1988, and last year she met Sergey from Kharkov on the Arbat Arrow.

This Sergey is looking for her.

And this girl's name is Vika.

Vitali, who is looking for her, met her last August in Sevastopol.

Continuation of appeals from the studio:

4. Kovalenko Eugene is looking for a son, Kovalenko Maxim, born in 1976

He disappeared on May 13, 2007 in Moscow.

5. Roman Drey is looking for his father, Mariana Drey, born in 1950.

Presumably lives in Poland.

Photos and brief stories of the lost:

Photo: Alan Baskayev, he is 48 years old. 15 years ago, he went to Vladivostok to work on fishing vessels.

He sent postcards a couple of times and made money transfers, but for several years now, he hasn't made himself known.

Photo: Uliana Mikhailovna Shostak, she is 56 years old.

Seven years ago, she went to Greece to earn money, and for a long time now she hasn't made herself known to her relatives or friends ...

Photo: Dmitry Shkanov, he is 26 years old.

In 2001 He disappeared in St.

Petersburg, where he came to work.

Relatives received the last news from him on 22.07. 2001

Photo: Mikhail Kalin, he is 46 years old.

In 1998, he went to work in the Tula region, Zaoksky district - and since then has not made itself felt.

Photo: Usonis Aloizas, he is from Lithuania, now he is 65 years old.

In the late sixties, with the party of geologists, he went to Magadan.

The family received the last letter from him in the 87th year.

We wrote a woman from the Orenburg region, from the village of Grigorievka.

She asked for help to a young guy who for four years without money, work and documents, toiled in their village ...

The plot of with.

Grigorievka, Orenburg region.

5 years ago, Muhammadjon left for work in Russia.

At home, in the village, the bride remained - it was necessary to earn money on feces.

Everything was going well: for three months he worked at a construction site in the Moscow region, earned money, returned home.

In the train, he was beaten, money and documents.

On the border of Russia and Kazakhstan, the border guards removed it from the train.

He wandered into the village of Grigorievka, where he remained in the position of a bum.

In the studio, for Muhammadjon, came his elder sister Salomat.