wait me (2007) 01/29/2007

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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

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Video letter from Moldova: Zinaida Ivanovna Bukur is looking for a son - Boris Aleksandrovich Emelyanov, 1941.

In 1940, she voluntarily recruited to work in Russia, worked at a factory in Izhevsk, met her future husband Alexander Yemelyanov there, and after the wedding she moved to the village of Petukhovo.

When the husband was taken to the front, the son was only two months old.

Зинаида решила устраиваться на работу, но поскольку ранее была приписана к фабрике в Ижевске, ее арестовали как дезертира с трудового фронта и осудили на 5 лет, ребенка забрали в детский дом.

Freed, she tried to find information about her husband and son, but she never found it.

Video with the participation of Oleg Tabakov: Albert Rakhmatullin, 21, is wanted, disappeared on December 10, 2004 in Naberezhnye Chelny.


Maria Akinshina is looking for a son: Valery Alekseevich Akinshin, born in 1945, disappeared in April 2004, returning from work in Noyabrsk; Granddaughter performed.

Vitaly Alexandrovich Negodov, date of birth 04/10/1944, looking for his own mother and other relatives; was born in Lugansk and was immediately adopted, the birth name Konstantin Alekseevich Pasternak, the mother’s name Sofya Iosifovna Pasternak.

Natalia Zotova is looking for her son-in-law: Petr Ivanovich Ladygin, born in 1974, disappeared on September 5, 2006 during a business trip to Belgorod.

Vitaly Zhelezhoglo is looking for a friend: Alexey Maltsev, born in 1973, lived in Nizhny Novgorod, the connection was interrupted 11 years ago.

Valentina Knock is looking for a son: Alexander Viktorovich Knock, born in 1985, left home on November 10, 2004.

Filming at the Kazan railway station: Sasha is alive, everything is fine with him, he saw a request about himself in the program and came to the kiosk himself.

Meeting in the studio.

Alexander Vasilyevich Batychko is looking for a friend: Yuri Legan, met at the Kaliningrad Military Aviation Technical School, studied together in 1986-1989, last met in 1996 in Minsk.

Many graduates of this school are looking for friends, graduates of different years, a selection of telephone calls and photos:

Dmitry Vasilyev, graduate of 1992.

Oleg Fursov, 1983 graduate.

Vitaly Ivanov, entered in 1988.

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Poyarkov, born in 1956, entered the year 1974.

Alexey Viktorovich Savelyev, course 1990-1993, is looking for colleagues.

Igor Turlychkin studied in the early 1980s, after graduation he had to leave for distribution in Donetsk, the family also moved and lost contact with him; wanted by father.

Sergey Yager, Vasily Gorodnyansky, Sergey Shamshura, Vitas Zakarauskas - Vitaly Martychenko is looking for them all.

Meeting Alexander and Yuri in the studio.

Mikhail Ozhigov is looking for a sister: Valentina Alexandrovna Ozhigova, born in 1981, last met in 2004, previously lived in Serpukhov.

Alla Varzar is looking for a father: Vladimir, does not know his last name, born in 1951, lived in Urengoy, met his mother in Dubossary, parted before the birth of the child, mother’s name was Yulia Stepanovna Varzar.

Galina Timoshenko is looking for a son: Artem Vitalyevich Timoshenko, date of birth 05/08/1974, disappeared in 1996 in North Ossetia; a friend was performing.

Anastasia Knyazev is looking for a childhood friend: Georgy Gvalesiani, we studied together in grades 1-2 in school 41 in Arkhangelsk, after moving George's family to Yeisk, we corresponded, but during the move of Nastya’s family to Tver, the address was lost.

Videopismo George with memories of his friendship with Nastya.

Meeting in the studio.

A video dedicated to lovers: the program turned into 240,000 people, many met and never left again.

Irina and Vitaly met in 1986, when Vitaly was on a business trip in Gomel to eliminate the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Young people began to meet and make friends, but then broke up.

In his farewell letter, Vitaly sent a beautiful poem and money to buy flowers, which Irina had to hold in her hands at her wedding; A friend bought her a bouquet of dark lilac carnations.

All the years, Irina tried to find out something about the future of Vitaly.

Meeting in the studio.

Search by photos:

Abdulkarim Ahmed from Baghdad is looking for her friend Marina Nomirovskaya, whom he met in Odessa in the late 1970s, he remembers that Marina was born in Kharkov, she had a brother, Sergei.

Khalid Al-Kaddah came to Russia from Syria in the late 1980s, studied at the Medical Institute in Moscow, met a girl, in 1990 they had a son, Ilya, who is now looking for his father.

An elderly woman with partial loss of memory is in a hospital in the Tver region; in her words, the name of the Ministry of Finance Nasretdinov, in the summer of 2005, due to the lack of documents, she was taken off the train on the way from Tajikistan to St.

Petersburg to her son.

In April 2006, Ruslan Sherbinin left Brest for work in Moscow and disappeared.

Anton Padiukov from Ulyanovsk in January 2006 went to work in Moscow to work, worked in a security agency, then disappeared; In March, the mother came to look for him and I was able to find out that in the hostel where my son lived, he was beaten and thrown out into the street without money and documents, after which, it seems, they saw him at a construction site in Dubna.

An excerpt of the program from 12/04/2006: Vladimir Ivanovich Makar is looking for a German Woltraut family who sheltered him and loved him like a relative when he was in forced labor in Germany during the Second World War;  their daughter, Trauthen, became friends with Volodya, took care of him, and taught him the German language.

Video script from Germany: Trautchen recalls friendship with Volodya.

Due to health problems, she could not come to Russia, so Vladimir himself went to visit her.

Filming in Germany: Vladimir's meeting with Trauthen and her husband, shared memories of the war years, a walk with the family around the city.


Tabakov O.P. - Actor and director of theater and cinema, teacher, People's Artist of the USSR, artistic director of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, founder of the Tabakerka theater.


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