wait me (2007) 26.03.2007

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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

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Search by photos:

Tatyana Sinitsina disappeared on November 4, 2006 on Star Boulevard in Moscow.

Timur Bagautdinov disappeared in November 2004 in Khabarovsk.

Leon Andriasov in May 2005 left Lipetsk and disappeared.

Konstantin Tyutnev disappeared in February 2005 in Ulyanovsk.

Ruslan Gerikhanov, July 14, 2003 armed men broke into the house and took him away somewhere.

Natalya Vasilyeva in 2001 left Adygea, presumably to France.

Excerpt from the program dated 05.02.2007: Dina Aleksandrovna Plekhanova is searching for her grandson, Denis Vladimirovich Bagretsov February 27, 2006 left Khabarovsk for Moscow and disappeared.

Video story about the search for Denis: knowing about the grandson’s enthusiasm for computers, the grandmother called around and bypassed 45 computer clubs in Moscow; then the program staff decided to look for Denis in specialized stores.

Meeting with his grandmother not far from the house where Denis rents an apartment, and from the shop where he works.


Olga Litvin is looking for her grandmother's sister: Evelina-Rosalia Gregor, born in 1928, was born in Coswig, Germany; her relationship with her relatives was interrupted in 1947.

Roman Kotlyarov is looking for a son: Radik Kotlyarov, born in 1998, disappeared on October 17, 2006.

Galina Maul is looking for her father: Victor M. Maul, born in 1946, last met in 1968.

Irina Batalova is looking for a son: Alikhan Isaevich Batalov, born in 1968, disappeared on January 23, 2007 on the way from the Chechen Republic through Ingushetia to the Krasnodar Territory.

Alexey Alexandrovich Gurylev is looking for Lyudmila, whom he met in February 1977 in Evpatoria, went to her in Slonim, wrote a year, then the connection was broken.

Inclusion from Minsk.

The volunteer assistants of the program sought out A. Gurylev's girlfriend, Alexey and Lyudmila made an appointment on the air.

Elena Nikolaevna Rudometova (Potalyko, Kuznetsova), born in 1964, studied at the Minsk Radiotechnical Institute in 1981-1986, after graduation she went to Pskov, then to the Leningrad region.

Nina Ilyinichna Borschova is looking for her sister Anna Ilyinichna Androsik, whom she broke up with during the Second World War; allegedly exported by the family of Mary and Ivan Sesowicz during the retreat of the Germans.

Valentina Sergeevna Kravchuk is looking for a father: Shakir Agamerza-oglu Abasov, born in 1957, previously lived in Kaliningrad or the region; found, invited to shoot the next program in Russia, Valentine is also going to come.

Lidia Ivanovna Tuboltseva is looking for a twin sister, in 1972-1973, when the parents divorced the girls, they were separated, they met at the age of 15, they began to correspond, but then the connection was broken; meeting with Lyubov Ivanovna in the studio.

Inclusion from Minsk.

Zhanna Semenovna Sharapova is looking for a brother: Mikhail Semenovich Naumovich, born in 1957, worked in Krasnodar, last called home in March 2000.

Elena Vasilyevna Kachan is looking for a half-sister: Galina Vasilyevna Kachan lived in Vyshny Volochyok, in 1989, after graduation, she moved to Korolev, Moscow Region.

Wanted Alexander Ivanovich Koipyshev, born in 1958, in August 2005 he left for work in St.

Petersburg and disappeared.

Lidia Vladimirovna Sutukevich is looking for a son: Konstantin Aleksandrovich Sutukevich in July 2004 left for work and disappeared.

Mother is looking for a son: Sergey Vladimirovich Yakubovsky, born in 1978, on August 31, 2003 went to work in Tyumen and disappeared, on September 3, three tickets were bought for his passport to Surgut.

Gennady Ivankiv is looking for Dmitry Churbanov, with whom he studied at a school in Potsdam; Dmitry found, friends were able to immediately talk on the phone.

Irina Viktorovna Kosmakova is looking for a son: Alexander Nikolaevich Kosmakov, date of birth December 12, 1964, worked in Tallinn, last met in 2000; Alexander found a telephone conversation.

Gennady Valerievich Krutiy from Minsk is looking for Andrei Pavlenko, with whom he studied in high school number 3 of the city of Ovruch, Zhytomyr region, graduated in 1987.

The story of Ovruch and school number 3, graduates of 1987 recall school years and invite everyone to the meeting on July 7, 2007.

Gennady recognized Andrew among the audience in the Moscow studio.

Basios Stavros from Greece is looking for a wife and son.

He met the girl Solongo from Mongolia while studying in the Czech Republic, and their son Dimitros was born there.

Stavros’s parents did not recognize either his grandson or his mother, and in 1992, Solongo left home with the boy, said she was leaving for a short time, but they did not meet again.

Filming in Mongolia: Dimitros talks about his parents in a German class, Solongo works as a dentist and continues to study; mother and son remember Stavros.

This story was supposed to be shown in one of the past programs as a surprise for Basios, but he could not fly to Russia, so the program’s employees had only to transfer his phone to Solongo.

Now the family got together, they called and said that all three of them are in Greece.





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