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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

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An excerpt of the program dated March 23, 2009, filming at Kazan station: Sadigzhan Yakubov came to Moscow from Tajikistan to work in Moscow and became the victim of a misunderstanding or fraud, he had a fake migration seal in his passport.

Filming in the city Kanibadam: parents have not seen his son for three years and very worried about him.

Because of the fake print, the husband and father cannot return home to the family, they do not let it through the border.

The program applied for help to the FMS of the Russian Federation and the consulate of Tajikistan.

A day after the shooting, Sadigzhan was able to safely go home, his family thanks all who did not remain indifferent and helped to return his son.

Video scripts with search requests from Moldova.

Maria Lazarevna Bunduki is looking for a daughter: Maria Dmitrievna Bunduki, date of birth is 06/05/1978, went to Gurzuf in April 1999 for work, the last letter came in December 1999.

Georgy Andreevich Snegur, 1948, is looking for commander Georgy Vasilievich Mochalov, with whom he served in Poti, Georgia.

Ulina Trifonovna Silvestru, born in 1942, is looking for twin brothers: Grigory Ivanovich and Ivan Ivanovich Silvestre, born in 1949, the mother died in childbirth, the children were taken away 10 days later.

Maria Alexey Konstantinovna, born in 1952, is looking for a brother: Philip Konstantinovich Aleksey, born in 1948, left for Ukraine in 1973 and disappeared.

Vasily Stepanovich Kotovich is looking for cousins: Ivan and Mikhail Olaru, their father did not return from the front, his mother died, they ended up in an orphanage in the village of Vykhvatintsy in the Rybnitsa district of Moldova;  they managed to find out about Ivan that after the orphanage he was sent to Karaganda, then he worked at the Kazmedstroy trust, nothing is known about Mikhail.

Natalya Ivanovna Tkachuk is looking for a father: Ivan Vasilyevich Tkachuk, born in 1951, disappeared in October 2003.

The son is looking for a father: Nikolai Dmitrievich Kovalov, born in 1961, disappeared in November 2008.

Maria Georgievna Pakhomi is looking for a brother and sister: Yevgeny and Larisa Pakhomi were taken by their mother to a children's home in Chisinau.

Andrei Koroshanu went missing on work in the Mozhaisk district of the Moscow region.

Filming in the village Otyakovo: a survey of local residents, witnesses talk about how Andrew left the site where he worked, and did not return; assistant district ATS in Mozhaisk district Sergey Melnikov requests to inform the editors of the program if something is cleared up.

Continuation of a series of applications from Moldova.

Sister is looking for a brother: Boris Mikhailovich Korobchanu in 1953 he graduated from 7 classes of a rural school, went to the district center to study in a trade school and disappeared.

Mother is looking for a daughter: Lilia Manuila lived in Chisinau, danced in the Zhok ensemble, started traveling to Syria and Turkey for work and disappeared.

The mother is looking for her son: Sergei Tsymbalyuk in 2002 got on the Chisinau-Moscow train, was supposed to arrive in Moscow on November 14 and report about himself, but disappeared.

Mother is looking for a son: Pavel Svistov, born in 1974, in 2007 he disappeared in a campaign.

Sister is looking for a brother: Peter Iosifovich Napolsky, b. 1933, at 4 years old lost by her grandmother at the Kievsky railway station, then the whole family was sent to Kazakhstan, after the war the relatives managed to find traces of Peter in the children's home of the city of Belaya Tserkov.

Claudia Fedorovna is wanted by Vornika, in 1995 she left for work in Moscow and disappeared.

Elizaveta Harlampievna Kolesnikova is looking for an older sister Zinaida, born in 1931; in 1949, the family was deported to the Almenevsky district of the Kurgan region, after rehabilitation she returned to Moldova,  and Zinaida remained, there is no connection for many years; it turned out that Zinaida did not move anywhere, still lives in the village of Mir, sent a letter to her sister.

Visiting the program is Deputy Chief of the Investigation Division of the Department of Criminal Investigation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, police colonel Yury Vasilievich Maslov and the head Department of Criminal Investigation of the Department of Transport of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, police colonel Grigory Tkachenko.

The family is looking for a son: Alexander Leonidovich Rachkovsky, born in 1979, disappeared in March 2008 in the Ryazan Region, Kasimov district, village Zabelino.

Wanted Abduhofiz Begov, born in 1981, went to work in Moscow, was in the village of Sokolniki, Istrinsky district, Moscow region, the last once called home in September 2005; On April 2, 2008, another person was detained at the border with his passport; was a friend of the family.

Sister is looking for a brother: Aydin Bakhshaliyev, born in 1964, was fishing in the Caspian Sea, in 2006 he disappeared in the water area of ​​the village of Michurino in the Derbent district.

Wanted Vladimir Fedorovich Aksenov, disappeared on August 30, 2005, was about to go to the Moscow region in the Paveletsky direction.

In early September, near the metro station Kolomenskaya, they found his social map, and on March 15, an anonymous message appeared on the program’s website that a man had been hijacked to Ingushetia.

Yury Vasilievich Maslov read out the order of the 1st Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia M.Yu.

Sukhodolsky announcing gratitude for his help in finding people, receiving thanks:

- police major Ayup Abdullaevich Adzhiev, senior officer of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Department of Internal Affairs for the Babayurt district of Dagestan;

- Militia captain Kamal Batyrovich Atekov, the security officer of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Department of Internal Affairs for the Babayurt district of Dagestan;

- Alexandra Vyacheslavovna Balashova, director of the program "Wait for me";

- Galina Vladimirovna Kashtanova, head of the “Wait for me” public information center in Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad region;

- Alexandra Vyacheslavovna Konstantinova, volunteer assistant of the program in Mezhdurechensk, Kemerovo Region;

- Irina Alimovna Likhanova, head of the program’s editorial search team;

- Voronezh Motor Transport Company, a representative of the enterprise Olga Valentinovna Zakharova receives a letter.

Olga Viktorovna Zhiguleva, born in 1981, is looking for biological parents: Tatyana Vladimirovna (born 1952-1953) and Viktor Anatolyevich (circa 1948) Bulgakovs previously lived in the Moscow region, in Kaliningrad (now Korolev).

Vasily Iosifovich Sharov is looking for a niece: Lyubov Mikhailovna Brusentsova, born in 1949, lived in Karaganda, moved to Leningrad; Nellja Ivanovna Levko is also wanted, she lived in Rostov, the connection was interrupted after her departure to Germany.

An excerpt from the program dated 30.03.2009: Olga Evgenievna Oparina is looking for Alexander Goncharova, the former girl of her tragically deceased son Maxim.

Young people broke up, Alexandra went home to the Altai Territory, in 2000 she reported the birth of her granddaughter.

Filming in the village Svetloozerskoye: Nastya is raised by her grandmother Ekaterina Fedorovna.

She also brought the girl to Moscow.

Meeting in the studio.

Shooting in the village of Oster: the story of the disappearance of Olga Alekseevny Kolomentseva, who went to the store for bread on March 28, 2009 and disappeared, recalls the details of her mother-in-law, Valentina Nikolaevna, her husband, Vladimir Nikolayevich, and her younger son, Dmitry.

After interviewing all the neighbors and acquaintances, it turned out that Olga was the last to see the seller in the store.

But no more than 5 minutes walk to the store, Olga left the house at 9 in the morning, and got into the store only after noon.

Neighbor Irina Burenkova said that in this period of time Olga for some reason went to the nearby town of Roslavl, they were talking in a bus.

On April 3, the program’s editors received a call from the Voronezh Hospital and were told that a woman had arrived with memory loss, with her there was only a bag with a purse where the photos of the children were kept.

From these photographs and from fragmentary recollections of sons, we managed to establish that it was Olga Alekseevna Kolomentseva.

According to the recommendations of the doctors, the patient was decided not to bring to Moscow, but to send relatives behind her, the trip assistance will be provided by Olga V. Zakharova, a volunteer program assistant in Voronezh.


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