Women's stories 03.02.2001 (2001)

Telecast №82202, 1 part, duration: 0:25:55
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Tatjyana Pushkina

Reel №1

Lyudmila Chursina.

Moscow for many began at the stations.

In the same way, Lyudmila Chursina once arrived here, still not knowing what lies ahead.

She was not going to be an actress.

She wanted to build airplanes and maybe even fly them, such were her dreams.

She herself didn’t think that she herself would become a dream, an idol, that she would receive bags of letters with declarations of love, because from her very childhood the future People's Artist of the USSR was an extremely shy person.

The daughter of an officer, Darling often moved with her parents from one garrison to another, changed schools and felt there was not very comfortable because of her bright appearance.

The first Moscow street in the life of a girl was Arbat, there was a drama school named after Shchukin, where she easily entered the company with a friend.

Slava Lyudmila Chursinoy began with the film "Don Tale".

She soon married the director Vladimir Fetin and moved to him in Leningrad, leaving everything - and working in the Vakhtangov Theater, which novice actresses could only dream of, and the nascent Moscow fame.

She tried to become an ideal wife, especially since she didn’t have anything to work with in other theaters, but she couldn’t admit to herself or her husband how much she was worried about her.

Working with him, she learned an important idea for herself: tragedy can be played joyfully ...

She always dreamed of a cozy house and imagined it in every detail, she undoubtedly had a gift to equip and settle in any space, but life suddenly made another turn - and she moved again and left everything.

She was allegedly pursued by some kind of rock: she was leaving her own nest, because in that former home she lacked understanding and warmth.

And in each role, in each film, she played the dream of love.

The program includes excerpts of the films "Don Tale" (1964, director V.A. Fetin), "Olesya" (1971, director B.V.Ivchenko), "Two Tickets for the Day Session" (1966, director G.M.Rappoport ), "Moody River" (1968, director J. Lapshin).


Chursina L.A. - Theater and film actress, People’s Artist of the USSR, Academician of the National Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Russia. Andropov I.Yu. - Soviet diplomat, ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary, candidate of historical sciences. Leonov E.P. - Theater and film actor, People's Artist of the USSR. Zbruev A.V. - Actor theater, film and television, People's Artist of the RSFSR.

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