Lord of the mountains 24.02.2007 (2007)

Telecast №82245, 1 part, duration: 0:54:51
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Plyuschenko Evgenij, Domanskij Andrej

Reel №1

Mont Genevre Ski Resort, France


Sun in the mountains, views of the ski resort.


Athletes on the slope.

The night streets of Mont Genevre.

Episodes from past competitions.

The main prize of the game "Golden Crown".

Program header.

Types of ski resort.

E. Plushenko represents the teams:


Captain-Lolita Milyavskaya


Captain-Vladimir Goryansky

The participants of each team talk about their plans for the game.

The composition of the Russian team: Sergey Amoralov, Vyacheslav Zikurov, Igor Bogomazov, Evgeny Konyshev, Yana Chereshneva

The opinions of the players of the teams about the opponent.

Snowmobiles on the track.

Team of Ukraine: Sergey Konyushok, El Kravchuk, Yulia Stakhorskaya, Maxim Bakhmatov, Vladislav Yama, Lyudmila Slobodyanyuk

The Jury:Yves Lenois, Robert Wust, Delphine Forest (all France).

Descent from the mountain on an inflatable boat E. Plushenko and French stuntmen

1st contest "Boat of Fear".

Six players in an inflatable boat, a special lift lifts the boat to the top of the slope, then they start down the mountain.

Teams make two attempts each.

Boat uphill climb.

Start and descent of boats from the mountain.

The Ukrainian team won.

The jury removes one player from each team, according to the rules of the game.

2nd contest "Mountain Relay".

Five participants take turns going down the mountain on a bicycle.

Players prepare for the start. E. Plushenko rides a bicycle down the mountain.

Players drive along the track, avoiding the flags and finish.

According to the total of the races, the team of Ukraine won.

The jury removes one player from each team, according to the rules of the game.

3rd contest. "Obstacle course".

Four participants from each team take turns to overcome the obstacle course.

E. Plushenko talks about the obstacle course.

Participants are given trial approaches.

Start of the Ukrainian team.

Participants on the band.

At the start, the Russian team.

Having shown the best time, the Russian team became the winner.

4th Running Competition.

Three members of each team ride on skis in a team behind a horse.

One drove 2 laps, the second clings to it, after driving two laps together, the third clings to them. L. Milyavskaya on her knees persuades the horse not to rush fast.

At the distance, the team of Ukraine.

The Russian team starts.

She won the contest.

The jury removes one player from each team, according to the rules of the game.

The final competition consists of two stages:

stage 1.

One participant overcomes the distance on a dog sled

stage 2.

The second, Sergey Amoralov (Russia),climbs a vertical mountain, equipped with climbing equipment.

The Ukrainian team won.

The winner of this qualifying round, for the right to reach the final of the game "Lord of the Mountain", was Sergey Konyushok (Ukraine).


Milyavskaya Lolita, Kokorekina Oljga, Lyudmila Slobodyanyuk.

Calendar: 24.02.2007

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