Lord of the mountains 12.05.2007 (2007)

Telecast №82292, 1 part, duration: 0:57:30
Producer VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Plyuschenko Evgenij

Reel №1

Mont-Genever, France


The sun in the mountains, views of the ski resort.

Fragments of past programs, the most interesting and decisive moments of the competition.

The cap program.

The views of the mountains.

Building teams.

The final.

Final program.

The performance of coaches and team captains:


Coach Olga Slutsker.

Captain -Ekaterina Rednikova


Coach - no.

The Captain -George Deliev

The plot on the preliminary outcome of the game.

Fragments of past competitions.

The opinions of the players about the opponents.

Fragments of the competition with the finalists of the game.

Snowcat with teams climbing the hill.

The main prize of the game "gold crown".

Jury: Yves Lena, Robert Wust, Delphine forest (all France).

The competitions qualifying round.

Of the 12 finalists are determined 6.

The opinions of players and fans about upcoming events.

1st competition "Air sled".

Participants in pairs down the mountain on an inflatable sled.

2nd contest. "Mountain race".

Downhill on the bike.

Determined the finalists:

Team Russia: Oleg Chereshnev, Alexei Nemov, Svetlana Zhurova, Dmitry Nosov, Nikolay Shved, Sergey Panov

Team Ukraine: Nikolay Tishchenko, Vladislav Yama, Denis Bilichenko, Sergey Stetsenko, Andrey Golubov, Yuri Kiselev.

E. Plushenko tells about the beginning of the final competitions.

1st contest "Slithering snake".

Three participants from each team in each race.

They need, as quickly as possible to run to the sleigh to sit in them and go down the mountain.

Snowmobile carries a sled in the mountain.

Preparing teams to start.

About the contest says E. Rednikova.

Given start.

Team players one by one run to the sleigh, and the three go sit down.

Because of human rights violations by the Ukrainian team on the descent, was appointed as the fourth race.

And here again there are problems.

Talking about this Olga Slutsker and A. Nemov.

The team does not want to replay the result.

Repeat the finish of the last race.

Svetlana Zhurova on the emotions of requests to repeat the race.

In the end, the judges declared a draw.

The jury removes one player from each team, according to the rules of the game.

2nd contest of "Curling". 5 participants from each team, in turn, down the hill on an inflatable tyre and stop at the finish in the circle with a marking, the closer the center the better.

Participants ready to start.


Given start.

Players on the track down and trying for the finish to stay in the center of the circle.

Captains of the final race.

The sum of the races were won by the Ukrainian team.

The team of Russia is discussing the cause of the loss.

Say E. Rednikova and Sergey Panov.

The jury removes one player from each team.

3rd competition of "Running".

Three participants from each team go skiing in the harness for the horse.

One drove a lap, clinging to him the second, after another lap the two of them clinging to third.

Participants ready to start.

They are given practice trials.

Determined compositions.

Given start.

On the course, the team of Russia.

Start a team of Ukraine.

The contest, "Run", won by the Russian team.

The joy of the fans.

The jury removes one player from each team.

The final competition of "the Lord of the mountains" consists of two phases:

The 1st stage.

One participant overcomes the distance on a dog sled

2nd stage.

Second, rises to the vertical mountain, equipped with climbing equipment.

From the team of Russia: Dmitry Nosov, Nikolay Shved.

For Ukraine was launched: Yuri Kiselev and Nikolai Tishchenko

Won by the Russian team.

Players and fans celebrate their success.

The winner of the final game "the Lord of the mountains" became Nicholas the Swede and the Russian team.

They awarded the main prize "Golden crown"


Alexei Nemov, Svetlana Zhurova, Dmitry Nosov, Nikolay Shved, Sergey Panov, Georgi Deliyev

Calendar: 12.05.2007

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