The great dispute (2006) 15.09.06

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Nagiev Dmitrij

Reel №1

Guest program: Armen Jigarkhanyan national artist of USSR

The main debater-Andrey Fedortsov, the actor of theatre and cinema

The story and the issue.

It is alleged that 9 people will build a 6 meter high pyramid of 6,000 glasses. A. Fedortsov believe in it.

If he loses, then the punishment shall run naked across the stage.

2nd debater: Igor Lifanov, the actor of theatre and cinema.

The subject of the dispute: Vitaly Korzun says that they will be able to "Hammare" to come to the platform lying to the inflatable balloon and move with it. I. Lifanov doesn't believe in it.

Punishment - milk the cow.

"Hammar" I stopped and slid off of the platform. I. Lifanov wears equipment and milking a cow in the Studio.

3rd debater - Tatyana Kravchenko, actress of theater and cinema, people's artist of the Russian Federation.

The subject of the dispute: Maria Aliyev claims that using chainsaws "Friendship" she'll cut out of logs a small chair. T. Kravchenko believes.

If it loses, it will jump from 10 meters high with a bungee. M. Aliyeva cut a chair out of a log.


The process of building a 6-meter high pyramid from glasses.

4th debater - Vladimir Vinokur, people's artist of the Russian Federation.

The subject of the dispute: the pilot of the helicopter blindfolded, under the direction of daughter of Vladimir Vinokur, Nasty, open a bottle of water, poured it in a glass and deliver a piece of cake to the table. V. Vinokur believes that.

If he loses, that'll give your wallet to burning.

The story about how the pilot of the helicopter does all of the above.

It is led by the daughter of a distiller, Nastya.

The story about the process of building a pyramid of glasses.

5th debater.

Garik Kharlamov, actor "Komedi Klab".

The subject of the dispute: the Family of Combat claims that they, blindfolded, to guess 4 items sucked vacuum cleaner. G. Kharlamov believes they can.

Punishment in case of loss 1 minute at a column of shame.

The story of how guess the items.

But they cannot cope with this.

G. Kharlamov (speckommash) tied to the pillar of shame and minute throwing tomatoes and fruit.

6th Wrangler Irina Allegrova, honored artist of the Russian Federation.

The subject of the dispute:

21 man lying down, rolling, will be able to transfer 2 people to transport 1 litre of juice.

So Allegrova believe that they can.

Helps children to squeeze out the juice.

Guys do your job and handed you a liter of juice for the guests of the program.

7th debater.

Dmitriy Sychev, football player.

The subject of the dispute: another category is Family, husband wife and daughter.

Husband with a motorcycle and springboard claims that will score 3 goals in the basket for 3 minutes. D. Sychev believes it.


Husband on a motorcycle drives a wheel on the springboard.

The ball flies past the rings.

Wife and daughter help to put the ball on the trampoline.

The job is not done.

As punishment D. Sychev is subjected to offensive abuse by the player of "Zenith".

The audience choose the protagonist of the program "BC".

It becomes Vitaly Korzun.

The story of the construction of a pyramid.

Guys do not have time to time.

Hurrying, they demolish everything built.

Room with flyers.

A. Fedortsov loses the dispute, undresses and half-naked (and was naked) runs for Nagiyev on stage.


Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Andrey Fedortsov, Igor Lifanov, Tatyana Kravchenko, Vladimir Vinokur, Garik Kharlamov, Dmitry Sychev