wait me (2008) 14.04.2008

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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

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An excerpt of the program from 03.03.2008: in summer 2006, little Alyosha Grigorovich was stolen in Belarus, where he stayed with his grandmother, the boy at the time was about three years.

The mother took the child, brought to Moldova in Ungheni, it dropped, and then the Duchess passed from hand to hand, living with complete strangers.

For eighteen months he was replaced by 6 different families.

To find it has been under Chisinau, in the village of Valea Mare.

The story: Alyosha returned to the Pope, he now lives with him, and Russian language remembered just a week.


Alexander Gorbachev (Burdakov) in 1983, was raised in an orphanage in Kantemirovsky district of the Voronezh region, where he was adopted; looking for birth mother and two brothers.

Raisat Mutaeva, born in 1962, looking for information about my uncle, Mahomed Mahdimgulu, in 1918, lost during the second world war; according to the testimony of acquaintances, in the 1980s lived in Germany.

Nina Makarova, born in 1940, is looking for a cousin, who supposedly resides in Paris.

Alena S. Kalugin looking for a childhood friend and first love: Nikolay Zyryanov, lived together in the village of Provideniya on Chukotka, broke up after graduation when the family Alena moved to St.

Petersburg, and Nicholas moved to the town of Uyar, Krasnoyarsk region.

Video letter from Nicholas greetings to Alena.

Meeting in the Studio.

The announcement of the film from the series "Incredible stories about life."

Victor G. Kirichenko is looking for classmates at Sverdlovsk higher military-political Panzer artillery school, invites to a meeting on 12 July in Yekaterinburg.

Alexander Tarasov, 1973, looking for the Marina, which met March 17, 2008 at the Leningrad station in Moscow, the girl went to Monchegorsk.

Tatyana Patkina looking for mother: Anna Patkina, born in 1928, disappeared March 2, 2008 in Moscow.

Oksana Sklyar is looking for his father.

Ibrahim Miftah came from Libya to study in the USSR in 1974, in Odessa, met with Lyudmila Shulyak, wanted to marry, but the Libyan authorities have not given permission for the marriage.

Due to the fact that Ibrahim was in the military and violated the articles of war, he was recalled to his homeland, where he spent several months in prison.

Video letter from Libya: the father remembers a daughter who at birth was named Suzanne, and talks about how he tried to get her to Libya with his mother.

For a meeting with Oksana Ibrahim arrived with his brother, sister-in-law and children.

The announcement of the film from the series "Incredible stories about life."

Pictures of the missing:

Oleg Ryabinin 31 may 2007 left home in the town of Alekseyevka in Belgorod region and never returned.

Christopher Feodoridi in 1995 went to the car from Greece to Sukhumi through Turkey, promised to return in a month, but soon after his departure the family has heard the news on Greek television that Christopher was detained on the border of Hungary and Romania.

Dmitry Tishchenko August 10, 2007 I flew with a group of like-minded people in the trip to China September 2, the group has not been in contact with the conductor, rescuers found in the mountains of only two people.

Michael Lee, 47 years old, disappeared on 23 October 2006 in Moscow.

Gregory Zharinov, 30 years old, left her home on 3 November 2007 in Pavlodar, November 8, native got a call from the police Department of the city the city (Omsk region) and reported that Gregory was detained, but then released; then the trail is lost.

Dmitry Nozdrachev went missing 11 of August 2007 from the territory of the military unit in the Rostov-on-don.

Yuri Konstantinovich Balkovec, 71 years old, went missing July 11, 2007 in Krasnodar.

Oleg Kolobaev, 13, went missing in November 2006 in the town of Glazov, Udmurtiya.

The story of Iliana and Costas.

Janne Micovna Kuznetsovite my younger sister wanted a father.

The young people lived in the village of Klarisky in Lithuania.

Luksha Kostas met their mother Iliani at a dance, fell in love with her, but his family was against the marriage, so he left home and began to just live with Elianai and her first daughter.

Soon they had another daughter.

In 1949, Costas called in the army.

According to the laws of the time, if he was married, took him to the army from the two children, but the mother hid the son's passport so he could neither marry nor register a child.

Fearing to leave Iliano one, Costas fled, chopped off his finger and returned home.

The father himself took him to the office, not to hurt the whole family.

Over boys staged a show trial and sentenced to 8 years in prison.

General daughter Iliana Costas and his parents wanted to donate to the orphanage, but was prevented by the girl's godmother, who returned to her mother.

In the fear of the child Iliana left, later wrote one letter where he said that he had enlisted to work in Kazakhstan.

Costas returned home in 1954, wrote to her every day, but responses are not received; there were rumors that the postman was in League with his parents and did not send the letter.

Soon, the parents kicked Costas, fearing that if he stays on the farm, Iliana, too, will one day return.

The story was filmed residents of the village of Klarisky stasis Antokas, Alesis, Simonavicius, Overa Grigoniene etc.

Kostas didn't want to go to Moscow, but still changed his mind and met with her daughters in the Studio program; Iliana died two years ago.


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