wait me (2008) 14.07.2008

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Video "the Lovers", couples of different ages talk about their feelings.

Irina Fomenko is looking for Sergei from Orsk, born in 1978, lives in Samara or Moscow, met 6 years ago.

Raphael Semenov is looking for the Birutė Alisauskaite, 1935, in his youth, met in Kybartai, Lithuania.

Elena Egorova (Kudryavtseva) is looking for classmate of Yuri Sudarikova, 1973


Elena Koroleva looking for Denis from Tula, date of birth 27.05.1976, met in August 2001 in Moscow last met on 31 July 2002, then Lena stole the phone with all the data.

Nelly Vorobyov (Nalini) looking for friend of youth: John Finger, born in 1943, met in 1962 in Poltava, where Ivan studied at the military school, broke up after he was sent to serve in Hungary.

Nicolai Dorokhov wrote the program in 2000, it finds the first love Olga Anatolievna Ivaschenko, whom he met in 1970 in the city of Volzhsky of the Volgograd region, where he served in the army; letter from Nicholas accidentally discovered in the Internet the son of Olga.

Video letter Nicholas: he still remembers Olga and I am sure that he would like to be with her again together.

Meeting in the Studio.

Sergey Lidov, date of birth 27.09.1945, looking for a father: Anton (Antanas), Butavicius, 1920-1921, R., met with the mother Faith Litovoi in 1944-1945 in Karlag.

Mother looking for son: Sergei I. Korsakov, 1987, disappeared on 2 June 2008 in Moscow.

Irina Shishkina looking for first love: Alexander Adan hams Mulls, date of birth 17.05.1955, a Belgian citizen, met in 1977 in the Institute of Helmholtz, where Alexander was treated; the last letter sent from Belgium in 1986, could move to England.

Sergey Popovich searches for Tatyana from Smolensk, whom he met in 1988-1989 in Moldova.

Video letter from Leipzig: Ruth Anselmi is looking for an officer of the Soviet army, which met on 31 December 1945.

Andrew Yesayan was a native of Armenia, before the war worked as an oil worker in Baku.

They met daily with Ruth, it became almost a family member and was very pleased with the birth of a son, Frank.

Andrew wanted to go to Switzerland and persuaded Ruth to go with him, but she refused, what then much.

When the son was two years, Andrew moved to Chemnitz, then Ruth broke down and went after him, but there he learned that he was recalled home, and they never met.

Attempts to learn anything about his fate nor to no avail.

Now Ruth, her children and grandchildren want to find Andrew, if he's alive, or at least his relatives.

A video message from Israel: Oleg machlin talks about his youth.

He was the thief-pickpocket a few times in prison, in the Krasnoyarsk region met Lyudmila Sorokin, who served time in the open settlement, and although he had already made the decision to start a normal life, but in order to be able to delight your loved one with gifts, again began to steal and was again in prison.

Lyudmila has also added a sentence for further violations, the prison has become their home.

There's also a daughter, Zhenya.

Soon, Liudmila was transferred to another prison.

After the release of Oleg tried to look for her, received a letter with a photograph of the daughter, but the correspondence almost immediately broke.

Later he and his mother moved to Israel, worked hard, now he has his own small business, a wife and two sons.

A video message from the United States: the Manager of the restaurant "national" Simon machlin, Oleg's father, also wants to learn the fate of a granddaughter.

Oleg with his wife Helen came to the shooting of the program.

A video message from Eugene: she lives in Krasnoyarsk region, learned to cook, raising 4-year-old son, after the death of his grandmother and mother was left all alone and wants to see her father.

Meeting in the Studio.


Krasnoyarsk Territory

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