wait me (2008) 29.12.2008

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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

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New year surprises for viewers.

Shooting in London, Tashkent, Arctic, Kaliningrad, Athens, Novosibirsk, Kiev region and in Africa: volunteers program in costume "Santa Claus" delivered a letter with the news of loved ones whom they wanted.

Shooting in the city of Hlohovec, Slovakia: Eric richterová receives news about the Ukrainian family, who had tracked her for many years.

30 years ago, the family was vacationing in Pitsunda and caught in the sea a bottle with a note from the passengers of the ship "Ivan Franko" and their addresses.

Selecting one address, they wrote a letter, thus began the friendship with the family of Eric.

They talked for more than 10 years, corresponded, visited each other's homes and have become so close, like were a real family.

In the early 1990s, the connection was lost, never came letter, not answer phones.

Igor himself, had rescued once that bottle and wrote a letter to the program, could not attend the shooting, but instead of itself has sent the son, Ilya with his mother Marina Vladimirovna Mostovoy and grandma Larisa Valentinovna Shatalovoj.

Meeting with Erica in the Studio.

Lada Octaine Jafarov looking for a sister: Tatiana Trifonova, born in 1970, lost 8 Dec 2007 in Voskresensk, Moscow oblast.

Leyla Kadyrova Abaihanova looking for information about my uncle, Musa Rzaevich Dadashev, R., 1902, arrested in 1936.

Vadim I. Karpenko, born in 1987, looking for father or any of his relatives: Igor Karpenko, haven't seen you since the divorce of their parents 20 years ago.

Igor Danilovich Mancic looking for his brother: Vadim Danilovich Mamchits, born in 1976, went to work in Moscow, worked in Strogino, went missing in October 2005.

Iraida R. Sadykova looking for son: Arkady Osadnik, 1990, disappeared on 11 December 2008 in Korolev, Moscow region.

Hamzat Dasuev, date of birth 14.09.1992, looking for the parents of the boy were taken from Grozny in 1995 and adopted by a family Khunkerkhanov; acted as employee "Care".

Galina Trifonova is looking for a father or anyone of his relatives.

Ivan Kostina (Kostina) and Alexander Pochtennov met in 1944 in a military hospital in the Yaroslavl region, the city of Love.

They loved each other, corresponded, when Ivan returned to the front, came also letters from his parents, but then something happened, Alexander somehow was not informed Ivan about the pregnancy and about the birth in August of 1945, the daughter Galina.

A video message from Mezhdurechensk: volunteer program Alexander Konstantinov tracked down the brother of Galina, Alexander Ivanovich.

Alexander could not come to Moscow himself, but sent to the meeting his wife Lyudmila Mikhailovna and her granddaughter Dasha.

Rimma Nikolaevna White is looking for his grandson: Victor Vladimirovich Gerasimov, 1984, disappeared on 21 September 2002 in Sergiev Posad, Moscow region.

Sergey Ivanov is looking for the son of a dead friend: Vladimir serdcev worked in flight Nizhnevartovsk in the Tyumen region, died in 1975.

A graduate of the Nizhny Novgorod orphanage Pavel Chertkov, born in 1990, looking for parents.

Oleg Minaev looking for her son and his friend Anton Minaev and A. Koshelev, both born in 2001, disappeared on 15 November 2008 in Orekhovo-Zuevo, Moscow oblast.

Elena Reznikova looking for first love: Mr G. Buzov was, 1972, met on holiday in Batumi and became friends, long corresponded, at the age of 20 were married, but broke up last met in 1993.

The story of a strange and dramatic parting is told in excerpts of the interview of Igor and Elena; all the while Igor is in the Studio sitting behind Elena a few rows.

Meeting at the podium at the Christmas tree.


Murmansk region
Kaliningrad region
Kemerovo region
Rostov region

Family; International cooperation