wait me 03.11.2012 (2012)

Telecast №82360, 1 part, duration: 0:52:07
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Mihail Efremov, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Igor Father looking for father Vyacheslav Father, 1941, disappeared July 24, 2012 in Simferopol.

Angela A. Moreva (Skorobogatko) looking for aunt: Svetlana Klimina, 1945 R., presumably reside in the Voronezh region, the connection was broken about 18-20 years ago; as is uncle Nikolai Skorobogatko, but of him no information.

Angela A. Moreva looking for a friend: Valery Nefedov, born in 1972, was introduced in 1996 in the hospital of Yaroslavl, the connection is terminated in 2000 after moving Valeria in St.

Petersburg, estimated on the Nevsky Prospekt.

Galina Arkhipova is looking for a childhood friend: Tatiana Matvienko (Shirokov), born in 1952, the last letter came in 1988 from Komsomolsk in Ukraine.

Victor S. Berkowitz, 1953, looking for a aunt or her family: Sarah Samuilovna Berkovich, 1926, went missing during the second world war, fled from Tatarbunary through Odessa to Nikolaev.

Zinaida Nonnenmacher looking for adopted son Ivan, Vincenco, allegedly living in the village of Smolensk Krasnodar region, gave granddaughter Tatiana Shadrina.

Shooting in Ust-Kamenogorsk: Zinaida tells the story of the adoption of Vani and reminisces about their life.

A video message from the village of Smolensk: Ivan, his wife Eudocia, and their children and grandchildren are sending greetings to grandmother Zina invited to visit and promised ourselves to visit her.

Meeting Ivan and his granddaughter Anna with Tatiana in a Studio.

Photos of missing children being sought by their parents:

Arthur Varych, 1960, in 2000 went to work in the Czech Republic.

Igor Zuev, 1965, in 2001 went to work in Moscow, the last time called home in 2002.

Eugene Gypsy went missing on January 31, 2012 in the Leningrad region, recently, the mother learned that he was seen near the village of Zaporozhye.

Ismail Urinboev went to work in Moscow, called home in 2006 and said that he had lost the passport, the last time a man was seen in the village of Malakhovka, Lyubertsy district, Moscow region.

Sergei Voitenko, born in 1956, lived in the Krasnodar territory, the link was broken in 2008.

Artur Cybulski went missing in October 2007 in the Tver region; presumably seen in the city BASEEFA Vladimir region, but a search there yielded no results (city Busheeva, there is only Baksheyevo village and village Bachevo).

Vladimir Kushnarenko disappeared in 2004 on earnings in Ivanovo.

Olga sedysheva, 1981, disappeared in November 1998, in the miner.

Del Milia is looking for the son of Basil, date of birth 05.01.1992.

Vladimir Tabakov has gone missing in June 2006 in Kazan.

Igor Samokhvalov left Belarus to work in 2007, called home and said that working in the Moscow region and sometimes in Voronezh, promised to come to new 2008, but has not arrived.

Vladimir Babich worked as a Builder in St.

Petersburg, the connection is terminated in 2009.

Andrei Rozhin disappeared in March 2004 in Tyumen, he could go to Kazakhstan.

Novel Gut in 2006 she moved to Togliatti, worked as a taxi driver, last seen in may 2008.

Evgeny Safronov, born in 1976, disappeared in 2009 in Moscow.

Victoria Krylova in August 2004 I went with a friend to the Smolensk region, a month later, the friend returned to Moscow alone.

Vitaly Weirdos from may 2004 worked in Moscow, in October, stopped calling home.

The inclusion of new York.

Gregory Turner is looking for another army: Nikolay Novikov, born in 1947, served together on the black sea fleet, the connection is terminated in 1977 after moving to Gregory in the United States.

Elena levandovskaya looking for a man named Leonid from Germany, whom he met in 1997 in the Leningrad region.

Semyon Pinkhasov looking for half-brother, whom he never saw, the name does not know the name of the father Grigory Semenovich Pinkhasov.

Elchin Allahverdiyev looking for uncle: Latif Mammadov, born in 1954, went missing in 1994 in Orekhovo-Zuevo, Moscow oblast.

Christina Asamenew, 1985, is looking for a father: Tadesse, Asamenew, date of birth 18.08.1957 supposedly lives in Ethiopia; his mother's name Elena Kuprienko.

Natalia looking for cousins: Sergey Ivanovich Ponomarev lived with his family in Argentina, the connection is terminated 8-9 years ago.

Ainura dzhumaeva (Kylychbekova) looking for a friend: Hengshan Dadonov (says Enhsaihan Dastagir) in 1962, the connection is terminated in 1985.

Marina is looking for Chistopol brother: Andrew Chistopol, 1961, the connection is terminated in 1994 after the family had left, Andrew went to work in Salekhard.

Igor Kovalenko is looking for the godmother Svetlana Shevchenko, 1972, after the marriage to Edward Samara moved to Dnepropetrovsk.

Search for photos of Mikhail Sholokhov made in Oslo.

Near Sholokhov Norwegian Ivar Digernes, the researcher of Russian literature and literature, he translated novels by Sholokhov to Norwegian.

On a teleconference in the United States came to the artist Eli Frantzen van Buren, granddaughter of Digernes on the mother.

Video letter for Ali from Russia: one of the relatives tells of a large family of Ivar and his wife Tatiana and hopes to be able to find all their scattered descendants.


Tatyana Igorevna Ryndyk looking for a young man who worked as an observer at the elections in March 2012 in Zhukovsky, Moscow oblast.

Wanted Sergey Krivosheev, date of birth 08.01.1976, disappeared in July 1996 with train No. 71 "Saint-Petersburg - Ekaterinburg", the disappearance found accompanying Sergey Abasilov to Shalya; was the friend of the family.

Lubov Khibatov looking for little sister.

In 1967, after the death of his mother 13-year-old Lyuba was sent to boarding school, Nadia was only a year and a half, she was adopted.

A video message from Neftekamsk: in 17 years, Hope learned the truth about the family and from that day on always wanted to find his sister, though barely remembered her.

Meeting in the Studio.

Shooting in the village of Netreba Rivne region: Caesar, Valentin and Valentina Ostrovskii looking for brother Arthur (Anton), 1934 R.

Their father, Peter F. (F.) Ostrowski in 1937 was arrested and sentenced to death, which is then replaced for 10 years in the camps; after the sentence in Vorkuta, Peter returned home in 1947, but the family is not found.

He was told that his wife Rosalia married a German, and in 1943 left to Germany with him.

In the 1970s, Peter got a letter with my son's photo and the message that he lives in California, would like to meet, but in those years it was impossible even to communicate, the KGB did not allow this, so the link has been lost.

A teleconference with Kiev and new York: Caesar, Valentina and Valentin Ostrovsky, who are in Kiev Studio, the news from America.

To find lost older brother managed a volunteer program in the United States Irina Brady.

A video message from Las Vegas: Arthur-Anton Ostrovsky was an engineer Ringo Montana, history of childhood, which coincided with what was already known from his brothers and sisters.

Meeting with Ringo in the Studio in Kiev.

The continuation broadcast from new York: the moderator reads the letter Amina Kadyrova, who searches for her father living in Dagestan, they had not seen after my parents divorced, then her daughter was just 3-4 years.

As an adult, the girl changed her name (at birth was Mary) and moved to the United States; she was going to come to shooting in new York, but eventually landed in Moscow.

Video letter from Dagestan: father, grandparents and younger brothers are invited Amin to visit.

Meeting with her father in the Studio.

Locations: Kazakhstan [114] Krasnodar region [761] Bashkiria [883] Ukraine [229] The Republic of Dagestan [741] USA [851]

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