The last hero (2003) 27.12.2003

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Domogarov Aleksandr

Reel №1

Two helicopters over the sea.

Footage participants of the qualifying round.

The views of project participants about the stay on the island.

Episodes contests.

The participants in the program:

Iguanas :Katya Semenova, actress, Zhanna Friske, Yana Volkova, bodyguard Light Yastrebova, a student at Marina Gryaznova, Manager, Anna Zhdannikov, model

Scorpions:Nikolay Drozdov, the singer Maxim Pokrovsky, musician Sergey Krylov, violinist Valery Danilin, civil engineer Sergey Tugolukov, Manager Alexander Matveev, head of procurement Department, Sergey Tarasov, the Retired showman - wings ( in the beginning of the game not in the competition).

Day 32nd "Boas".

Says Yana Volkova, a bodyguard of those who remained on the island, says Alexander Matveyev, head of the supply Department.

Friske and Volkov drink tea.

About the program says Katya Semenova, actress.

A slope of mountain with stones and big balls.

In the center of the totem with the figure of the deity.

Contest - "Balls".

It involves only 6 people left on the island.

They need to throw two balls to finish.

Four women rolled one ball, two men another.

Men rolled the balls first, they won. A. Zhdannikov will have to leave the island.

Gala dinner for the remaining 5.

Moon close-up.

Participants watch videos of other days.

Advertising project.

Boas 33rd day.

About life on the island say A. Matveev, head of supply division, J. Friske "Shiny", E. Semenova, actress.

Contest - "the Balls in dirty water."

Five balls should roll to the top.

Wins the one who first throw the ball up.

Each roll, pulling your ball.

Winner - A. Matveev. M. Pokrovsky leaves the island.

Panorama of the island.

The remaining 4 participants, in the evening, around the campfire discussing the day's results.


And Matveev fishing.


In the maze 24 key, 6 each.

The main thing - to find the first key to open the five locks, which attracted the other five keys, the fifth key 4 locks, 4 against 3, etc. the 6th key on the tower, which will open one of the outputs.

The winner is the one who first emerge from the maze.

Participants begin the search for the keys.

Plans of the labyrinth.

Won E. Semenov, and A. Matveev left the island.

He talks about his attitude to defeat.

Plans of the island, beach,

A tribal Council.

Night torches.

All participants in the game choose the Last hero.

Retired - Zhdannikov A., M. Pokrovsky, A. Matveev, Zh.

Friske, E. Semenova Last hero - I. Volkova


Zhanna Friske, Nikolai Drozdov, Krylov, Sergei, Katya Semenova