The last hero (2002) 26.01.2002

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Bodrov Sergej

Reel №1

Shooting from a helicopter.

Flying over the island and the sea.

Participants hurl a spear at a target.

Talking about the situation before the tests.

The fire on the beach.

The participants of the loaded raft.

Underwater photography, sharks.

39 days, 16 characters. 3.000 000.

The participants in the program:

Turtles: Sergey, Ivan, Olga, Natalia, Anna, Hope, Igor,

Lizards: Marina, Sergey, Inna, Sergei, Elena, Alexander, Irina, Alexander.

Sunset over the sea.

To stay alive.

Night, island.

The torches on the shore.

Tribe Of Sharks.

Day 31-Oh.

The members of the tribe reminisce about their relationship on the island.

Say, Sergey, 23 years old, writer, Anna, 23, teacher.

Two on the beach.

Tent on the beach.

Wedge of migrating birds over the sea.

Sergei Bodrov is on the shore and tells of the approaching hurricane.

Residents of the island engaged in underwater hunting.

Lobster on the beach. S. Odintsov, with a lance on her lobster.

Shooting Islands of the helicopter.

The participants before the test, watch the fragments of videopoem from home.

Who will win, will be able to view the letter in its entirety.

Underwater world, fish, lobster.

First contest. "Get flask".

Participants sail to the testing site.

They need with the help of ropes to climb up onto the u-shaped mast, remove the flask and sail on a raft, three of the first involved in the finals.


Participants try to get a flask.

Did it first two of Sergei and Inna, they float on a raft.

In the final they will have to overcome the obstacle in the sea.

There are barriers, through one you have to climb under your other to duck or crawl.

Won S. Odintsov, and he watches the video letter from home.

A resident of the island with him.

He then "writes" the answer home.

Tribe Of Sharks. 32 night on the island.

Night, pouring rain, the participants prepare boiled lobster.

Tribe Of Sharks.

Day 32nd.

Says Sergey, 23, customs officer.

Natasha and Sergei in the woods to pick some fruit.

Say, Natalia, 27 years, administrator, Ivan, 19 years old, student and Inna, 31, model.

Ivan and Inna fish.

Said Sergei, 24 years old, writer.

The guys cleaned the fish.

Taste the fruit.

The shore of the ocean.

The Contest Is "Labyrinth".

It consists of a clothesline.

The participants attached to them with carabiners.

Who is right will find their way in and out first is the winner.

The participants started.

First to finish was Ivan.

He was awarded the prize - Immunity.

Natalia in the water near the shore singing the song.

Swims underwater negligee.

Plans of the ocean.

Beautiful sunset.

Beach, palm trees, ocean.

The participants discuss the problem with an infected person dengue fever.

Children make a table.

Sunset, night.

A tribal Council.

There is a vote.

Natalia leaves the island.

The announcement of the next program.

Test in the mud.


The song "the Last hero".