The last hero (2004) 09.10.2004

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Menjshov Vladimir

Reel №1


Participants on the boat.

The whale emerges from the water.

Mark in the sea behind the boat.

Jumping from the deck into the sea.

By stocking up on food and headed for the boat.

Two boats go to sea.

The island's residents for food, wheeled cannon, shoot out of it.

Night, tribal Council.

Participants : Pirtshalava, Temnikova, Larina, Berdnikov, Peha, Jam, Mona, Bartkowa, Novin, Borisova, Matveev, Basil, Friske, Thrushes, Odintsov.

Day 4th.

The Island Of Mogo-Mogo.

Says M. Grebenschikov.

He macetas on the shore trying to eat a starfish. J. Friske in a tree with bananas.

Say D. Borisov, "Last hero-3" and J. Friske "Last hero-4". T. Dogileva is on the shore.


Says T. Dogileva "Last hero-3".

Helicopter Dogileva jumps with him into the sea. N. Drozdov doing exercises.

The tribe of Stars asleep. M. Grebenschikov with a club preying on the lizard.

Says E. Bartkowa "Last hero-2".

Participants for food and bytovymi troubles.

Says A. Novin, "Last hero-2".

The Island Of Chapera.

A Tribe Of Heroes.

Players are wearing their civilian clothes.

The meeting with the leading on the airfield.

The plane takes off.

Panama city, view from above.

Competition. "Concert on the street."

Three members from each Tribe on the streets of Panama, performing songs collect money.

The winner, the one who collects the most money.

Lizard, worms, spider, boa constrictor in the tree, M. Pokrovsky caught and pulls out a shark, he's in the mud, he kicks a large ball.

Says S. O. "the Last hero-1". A. Novin climbs a tree, pulls out the mail.

The meeting of the ambassadors of the Tribes on the island of the negotiations.

They believe the money earned on the streets of Panama.

Meeting the Hero tribe, and the tribe of Stars.

Ambassadors of Heroes guest Stars, they take one participant as the winner of the competition.

The moon, panorama of the island.

Tribe Star sings a song with a guitar.

The contest "Sea battle".

Two of the crew (4 people) from every tribe, on boats with "holes" that are plugged tubes with loops.

With the help of hooks with hooks and buckets over to be able to sink the enemy boats.

Is the naval battle for life.

One blue boat sink.

The fight continues.

The second blue boat drowned.

Defeated The Tribe Of The Stars.


Council Of Tribes.

There is a vote.

The island will be leaving Zh.


The announcement of the next series.