wait me 20.12.2010 (2010)

Telecast №82423, 1 part, duration: 0:48:11
Production: VID
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Anchor:Shukshina Mariya, Kvasha Igorj

Reel №1

Studio TV Company VIEW.

The presenter reads the letters:

The viewer sent a letter: "I'm looking for the boy from this photo.

The picture was taken in Paris on May 5, 1945.

In the photo on the right — the viewer's own uncle, Rashid Tokayev.

He was born in Dagestan.

At the very beginning of the war - he was drafted into the army, was captured, escaped, managed to get to France, where he joined the Resistance.

My uncle met the Victory Day in Paris.

There, on one of the streets, this photo was taken.

Would anyone recognize the teenager in the picture?

Perhaps he or his family fought alongside his uncle.

World War II veteran Joe McCune from California is looking for a Soviet Army captain.

Their meeting took place in August-September 1945 in Berlin.

Only this photo against the background of some monument remained as a memory.

The captain has the Order of the Red Star and the Red Banner and a foreign order in the form of a cross on the left side of his chest.

A letter from the Krasnodar Territory: "I am looking for a woman from this photo.

This is my nanny, who raised me for the first two years of my life.

Unfortunately, there is not much information about it.

I know that she is a German woman named Inga.

My parents met her right after the war.

Both of them were at the front, reached Germany…And there, in the town of Belitz, not far from Potsdam, I was born.

According to my mother, Inga was very good to me and our family.

I would like to hope that she is still alive and may be found with your help.»

Letter - from the Saratov region: "During the war, my father, Fyodor Puchkov, was a tank driver who fought in the Lviv region.

There, around 1945, his son was born.

But after the war, my father could not return to Ukraine.

My father is gone, but I really want to find a stepbrother…»

Nurull Khurmatulin went missing on September 25, 1942 in the village of Deiskoye near the Kabardino-Balkar ASSR. Since then, the family does not know anything about him, but they continue to search and wrote to the program.

Despite the fact that so many years have passed, the program's website unexpectedly received a response to their


Plot from North Ossetia:: Residents of Tushka Kozhaev, Barasbia Serkov, Aslan Buzdov talk about the Battle for the Kurp Heights.

It became known about how heroically Nurulla Khurmatullin fought and where he died, thanks to the participants of the search party "Edelweiss" from Kabardino-Balkaria.

The head of the team, Andrey Stepanov.

During the excavations near Nalchik, the team members found Nurulla Khurmatulin's personal belongings.

The head of the search team, Alan Tatarov, is looking for relatives of the fallen soldiers Musakanov Mussa, Barbichevsky, Mantseladze David and Makukhin Leonid.

Ivan Pavlovich Kalinin is looking for relatives on his father's side.

Before the war, the family lived in Kazakhstan.

They lived amicably, a son, Vanya, was born, but when he was two years old, his father, Ivan Ivanovich Zimens, was sent to forced labor in the labor army, as a German by nationality.

He didn't come home.

Ivan Pavlovich wants to find at least his relatives, children from another marriage, if the father survived the war.

Ivan's own aunt, who lives in Germany, responded to the application.

Despite her 93 years, she remembers little Vanya.

And there was a sister on his father's side, Lyudmila.

Plot: Lyudmila, the sister of Ivan Pavlovich Kalinin, tells about the life of the family.

Lyudmila meets Ivan Pavlovich Kalinin in the studio.

Plot from the Hawaiian Islands: Nikolai Shevchenko is looking for his half-sister, Svetlana Peremetina (Shevchenko), born in 1956.

Natalia Rudenko, at the request of her husband Ahmed Abouelresh, is looking for his mother, Laura Chitova, presumably living in Bulgaria, in the city of Sofia.

Pictured is Ahmed Abouelreesh.

Daria Belozerova is looking for her father, Vladislav Teplitsky, born in 1971, and her grandmother Zoya.

The father is looking for his son Boris Kapustin, born in 1984. On June 13, 2006, he left for Serpukhov (Moscow region) and disappeared.

Maria Kuzmina is looking for Ilya Mikheev, born in 1987.

Presumably lives in the city of Yevpatoria.

Lyudmila Mikhailova is looking for her brother, Valery Pugachev, born in 1950.

In December 2005, Valery disappeared in Moscow.

Natalia Gerasimova is looking for her father's brother, Anatoly Mikhailov.

Natalia grew up without a father.

And when she came of age, her mother sent her to meet her father.

Her father's new family welcomed Natalia very hospitably.

That was the first time she saw her little brother, nine-year-old Tolik.

And after a while, my father left this family.

Before his death, he asked Natalia to find Anatoly and maintain family relations with him.

Natalia keeps a photo of little Tolik.

In the photo that she showed in the studio, her brother is 7-8 years old.

On the reverse side is his handwritten signature " To Natasha's beloved sister.

Natalia I love you.

This photo is for your memory."

Anatoly responded.

Anatoly and his mother Svetlana Anatolyevna learned from neighbors that his sister was looking for him.

Fragment of the program broadcast from 20.09.2010 about the search for Anatoly Mikhailov.

The plot of the Krasnodar Territory, the village of Sennoy: Anatoly Mikhailov and the residents of the village talk about their lives.

Anatoly Mikhailov meets his sister Natalia Gerasimova in the studio.

Photos of the missing:

Photo: Volodya Nazarov, 11 years old, from the city of Zhukovsky, Moscow region.

On November 1, together with his younger sister, he went to school.

In the afternoon, my sister came home, and Volodya never returned.

Photo: Katya Chetina, 5 years old.

On June 12, she disappeared in the Perm Region near the city of Kungur.

On this day, Katya together with her parents rested outside the city, near Mount Ermak.

She disappeared suddenly and inexplicably, almost in front of her family.

Photo: Seryozha Gribanov, 8 years old.

On August 14, he went for a walk with his dog in the village of Pyanteg in the Perm Region.

He didn't come home.

Photo: Andrey Mankovsky, 14 years old.

He left his home in the city of Orel in April 2009 and has not yet returned.

Photo: Timur Agafonov, 6 years old.

In 2007, Timur's uncle and grandmother took him to stay in Ingushetia.

There has been no news of the boy since.

According to my mother, he may be in Nazran or Karabulak.

Photo: Nikita Lastochkin from Nizhny Tagil.

He is 12 years old.

On the evening of September 29, he was going to a classmate who lives in the next entrance, but he never reached her, the phone was out of the access zone…

Photo: Maria Ilinichna Antonova, born in 1933. On July 30, she left her home in the village of Novoaleksandrovka, Tyumen region-perhaps to the forest to escape the heat.

None of the villagers saw Maria Ilyinichna that day.

Photo: Alexey Maslov, 41 years old.

He was engaged in cargo transportation.

On September 27, 2003, he loaded the car with frozen mackerel and left St.

Petersburg for Kazan.

I didn't reach my destination.

Photo: Valery Mikhailov from Bashkortostan, 18 years old.

He passed the state military service in the Primorsky Territory.

On August 21 of this year, Valery left the hospital of the military unit.

He was never seen again.

Tatiana Sudbina is looking for her father, Vasily Sudbina, born in 1960.

In October 2009, he went to work in Moscow and disappeared.

Svetlana Karabayeva is looking for her son, Eduard Karabayev, born in 1969.

In January 2005, he went to Moscow to work and disappeared.

Alexey Mikov (before the adoption of Pomelov), born in 1940, is looking for relatives.

Elena Seidametova is looking for her father, Ruslan Seidametov, born in 1973.

He left for Vladimir on April 25, 1999 and disappeared.

Galina Sidorenko is looking for Levon Kikava's relatives.

The plot of the Lviv region, the village of Volosyanka.

Fyodor Mikhailovich Vepriv talks about his family.

Fyodor Mikhailovich Vepriv is looking for relatives of his father, Mikhail Statutyak, in Venezuela.

During the war, his paternal aunt, Statutyak (Vepriv) Anna Stepanovna, and her husband were taken to Germany.

In 1956, from Venezuela, Anna wrote the first letter to her own brother - Mikhail Vepriv in Ukraine.

The correspondence was conducted until 1975 - and then the connection was interrupted...

Two of Fyodor Mikhailovich's own sisters, Yaroslav and Anastasia, are still alive.

Yaroslav lives in the city of Stryi, and Anastasia lives in the village of Volosyanka.

Fyodor Mikhailovich is most actively engaged in the search - it is he who keeps all the letters and photos that came from Venezuela...

Story from Venizuela: Miguel and Betty Statutyak talk about their family from Ukraine.

Fyodor Mikhailovich Vepriv meets with his brother Miguel and his wife Betty in the studio.

Calendar: 20.12.2010

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