wait me 13.10.2008 (2008)

Telecast №82500, 1 part, duration: 0:41:12
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Shukshina Mariya, Kvasha Igorj

Reel №1

TV company studio VIEW a few minutes before the shooting.

Producer of the program "Wait for Me" Sergey Kushnerev presents commemorative medals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the presenters.

The program was contacted by the medical staff of the hospital of the city of Zelenograd with a request to help find out anything about the girl who was brought to them on the night of June 26 this year, in extremely serious condition: with multiple head injuries and wounds on the body.

For about a month, the girl was in a coma-under artificial respiration.

Until now, she does not speak, can not move independently.

The doctors said that the only thing she reacted to (she began to blink - this is the words Ukraine and Kiev ...

Just before the arrival of the film crew, she was able to somehow scribble with a pencil on paper: "Marina, 18"

Identification is carried out by the battalion of the traffic police of the Solnechnogorsk district (to which Zelenograd belongs).

According to their information, on the night of June 26, at one of the central hotels of Zelenograd, there was an accident: this girl was hit by a passing car.

The driver fled, but there is a witness who told how it was…

If you recognize this girl, call us immediately.

Information in the studio:

The man was found in the same summer, on August 13, at a gas station in the Crimea.

I couldn't tell you anything about myself.

The only clues are a Baltic accent and a tattoo on the fingers of his right hand.

The young man woke up on August 22 in Moscow, on the railway embankment.

He can't remember anything about himself, either.

In his pocket, he found only a badge from the storage room of the Yaroslavl railway station, where there was a sports bag with personal belongings and a photo album…

Lyubov Sadovskaya is looking for sisters, Nadezhda, born in 1995, Vera, born in 1992, and her brother, Anton, born in 1993.

Wanted by Kuzin Vyacheslav Anatolyevich, born in 1961.

He disappeared in Obninsk, Moscow region, in December 2006.

Wanted Alexander Govorun born in 1968, disappeared in the summer of 2006 in St.


Wanted by Yulia Biryukova, born in 1991

Disappeared on September 1, 2008 in Orel

Wanted by Valery Yagodin, born in 1960

He disappeared in 1996 in Tolyatti.

Evgeny Mikhailovich Akimov and Boris Vasilyevich Kuzovlev, two friends, are looking for a third, Shabolkin Valentin Nikolaevich.

Friends lived in Dushanbe in the same microdistrict.

In 74, a garage cooperative was built, where their garages were in the neighborhood.

Evgeny was a professional driver at that time, Valentin was a locksmith, and Boris was the deputy general director of a large car repair complex.

Three different, already adult men, who were then already in the region of forty years, became not just neighbors, they became real friends, who both rested together and helped each other.

We've been friends for sixteen years.

And they had to part because of the need to leave Dushanbe, where ethnic conflicts began.

The first to take the family out of Dushanbe to the city of Shakhty, Boris.

But he himself lived in Dushanbe for another year, because he decided that he needed to finish his thirty-year experience at the plant.

Valentine, left in ' 91, when the conflict was just beginning.

Eugene left the city in 93, when people were already dying.

First, he moved to Volgograd, wrote to Boris, who left his new address.

We called back.

And in 2000, his daughter convinced Eugene to move to Israel.

But, despite this, Eugene and Boris continue to "be friends"by calling back.

But they can't contact Valentin, assuming that he could have gone either to his son in the Poltava region, or to Mytishchi.

Search engines found Valentin Nikolaevich Shabolkin in the Moscow region, and today he came to meet with friends.

Meeting in the studio of Evgeny Akimov, Boris Kuzovlev and Shabolkin Valentin Nikolaevich.

In 1941, in the first months of the war, a newborn girl disappeared from a train en route from Ukraine to Stalingrad at a railway station…

(This girl is Tamara Gavrilovna Makarova, the applicant's mother, Gennady).

She lived her life in a foster family - and only after the death of her foster mother learned that she was not a native… At the same time, she was told a story about the train: they said that there was a little boy on the train, a little older than her - her brother - and that he cried very much when they took his sister away.

She-Tamara-started looking for her family.

She wrote to us back in 2000. At that time, she still did not know anything about her real parents - and only shortly before her death, in 2005, it turned out that then, from the echelon, she was taken away along with her birth certificate.

This document was hidden from her - but now it is known for certain that the last name of her real parents was Levshunovs, her mother's name was Fania, her father's name was Alexey.

A second search request appeared on our site - and the name Levshunova already appeared in it.

Tamara passed away a year ago…

The search continues with her son, Gennady, and his two daughters - Tamara's granddaughters.

It is now known that the boy who rode in that train and cried when his sister was taken away was called Boris.

Boris is also no longer alive - but the same, repeated search request (in which the name of Levshunova was named) on the program's website was seen by his daughter, Marina - and immediately called the editorial office…

From her we now know all the details of this story.

Meeting in the studio of Maria and Gennady.

The announcement of the documentary series "Incredible stories about life".

The heroes of "Wait for Me" are back!

The program "Wait for me" is looking for Aslan Bitarov, born in 1980.

In 2007, he disappeared in Rostov-on-Don.

The program "Wait for me" is looking for Olga Pakhomova, born in 1965..

She disappeared in Podolsk on August 22, 2008.

The program "Wait for me" is looking for Pavel Mikhailovna, born in 1988.

Disappeared in Reutov on August 29, 2008.

The program "Wait for me" is looking for Valentina Ermakova, born in 1939..

She disappeared on May 2, 2008 in the Kaluga region.

The program "Wait for me" is looking for Sasha Bagutsky, born in 2006..

He disappeared in the Krasnoyarsk Territory on June 22, 2008.

The program "Wait for me" is looking for Nikolai Ponomarev, born in 1986..

He disappeared on July 5, 2008 in Moscow.

The program "Wait for me" is looking for Alexander Vasiliev, born in 1982.

He disappeared in Yaroslavl in 1999.

The program "Wait for me" is looking for Olga Baranova, born in 1993.

She disappeared in Chisinau on June 12, 2008.

Yudin Vitaly, looking for a friend, Oleg Kozyrov 1980-182.

The friends served their sentences together, in the Volnyansky correctional colony No. 20.

Merkulov Vadim Grigoryevich, looking for a brother, Merkulov Valery Grigoryevich, who lived in Moscow.

Molostov Ruslan Fedorovich is looking for his father, Molostov Fyodor Zakharovich, born in 1957.

Ruslan knows nothing about his father, he has never seen him.

In 2003, Ruslan's mother died, and the boy was left all alone.

Anna Struchkova is looking for her father, Alexander Alexandrovich Struchkov, born on 23.02.1964.

Anya's father was jailed for murder when she was 6 years old.

Once he escaped from prison, after which he was caught and changed the sentence to life imprisonment.

Anya's father was found.

Video recording of the meeting between my father and Anya.



Kushnerev Sergej Anatoljevich — sovetskij i rossijskij zhurnalist, prodyuser, sozdatelj programmi «Zhdi menya».

Calendar: 13.10.2008

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