wait me 20.03.2006 (2006)

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Anchor:Shukshina Mariya, Kvasha Igorj

Reel №1

In the studio of the TV company VID Shukshina Maria, Kvasha Igor.


Vyacheslav Yefimov.

He lived in a village in the Novgorod region, four years ago he left with a friend to work.

The latest news was from Zelenograd, where Slava, it seems, got a job in some construction company…

Photo: Sergey Stepanovich Zhigulin from Ukraine.

In December 2004, a company of 20 people was recruited by a certain Galya and taken to work in the village of Kuzkino, Belgorod region.

Rumor has it that he was enslaved in some vegetable warehouse…

Photo: Mnatsakan Airapetov.

After graduating from the higher military school, he went to the Saratov region.

Last year, he sent a letter, asked for help, wrote that he was in slavery…

Photo: Ivan Pantelemonovich Margin.

He disappeared in June last year, in the Dmitrovsky district of the Moscow region - in a dacha village, where he tried to get a job…

The place is called Tur-Balota - maybe the people who live there have seen something or know something…

Photo: Georgy Alekseevich Zhuravlev.

He disappeared in 2004 in Podolsk from a construction site.

I called my sister from my cell phone, said I was in trouble, in slavery.

Photo : Maria Dmitrievna Zhashkova.

In search of work, I found myself in Uzbekistan-Gallyaalsky district, Zarbulak state farm.

She wrote that she was working for some "master", she wanted to return home, but there was no money, no documents.

The family collected the money, sent it to the name of this "owner", but Maria Dmitrievna never returned…

Repeats of stories about slavery.

The request of the creators of the program: if you have seen these people, if you know something about other people who are being held somewhere and they can not tell their relatives what is wrong with them-let us know immediately.

A story about "unconfirmed slavery".

Valery Ivanovich and Anatoly Ivanovich Golubchikov are looking for their brother Nikolai, who disappeared in 1991.

Nikolai's relatives received an anonymous letter in December 2005, stating that their brother was in slavery in Ingushetia.

At our request, the address indicated in the anonymous letter was checked by the police.

In fact, for the last 7 years, Nikolai has been working for the owner of Mikail, no one offends him, and his documents are safe and sound.

Moreover, the owner is happy to send him to Moscow...

In this case, the story about slavery is just a fiction.

And it is quite possible that among the people who can now work, some of those whom we are looking for, will also be good people who will help at least just to calm their relatives and friends.

The creators of the program will ask for help in another story.

It began 40 years ago in Egypt, in the city of Aswan, just when the famous dam was being built there…

Video about the meeting of a German girl and a Russian guy.

Hilga Mayer is looking for a father named Boris, whom her mother Margareta met in January-February 1966 in Egypt in Aswan.

Lyudmila Nikolaevna Dyukova, 40 years old, Vologda region-looking for her missing daughter Ksenia Dyukova, born in 1981. she went to a disco and did not return.

Marina Krestyaninova is looking for a younger sister, Ekaterina Alexandrovna Chetyrina, born in 1991. On February 16, 2006, she left her home in Tambov with her friend, Elena Olegovna Kondrashkina, born in 1991.

Presumably, they can be sent to Kaluga.

In Tambov, they were allegedly seen boarding a Moscow bus.

At the request of relatives, Kalashnikov Vadim Vitalievich, born in 1973, a Russian citizen, lived in St.

Petersburg, is wanted.

25.05.2004 disappeared on the way from Poltava to Kiev.

Nina Prosviryakova (Chervenko) is looking for a friend of Nikolai Borozdin, with whom she broke up 34 years ago.

Tatiana Alekseyevna Ivanyushina (Kaun) from Obninsk is looking for her sister Irina.

Sister Ira was the 6th child in the family.

Their mother passed away on the second day after giving birth to her.

Tatiana was 7 years old at the time.

She remembers how the father took the children to the hospital to see the newborn sister.

Ira was not taken from the maternity hospital, from there she was immediately admitted to the children's home.

And the father, having taken five children, left Kyzyl to his mother in the Saratov region to raise children with her help.

No one knew anything more about the fate of the child…

And yet, the siblings were looking for Ira.

When Tatiana was 16 years old, and the older brother 25, he went to Kyzyl, and tried to find out in the child's home where the younger sister is now.

He was told that she had been adopted for a long time, and it was not possible to find her, since information about her adoptive parents was not disclosed.

The secret of adoption is serious.

But the fact is that when Irina was 16 years old, she found documents from which she learned about what happened.

And her foster mother told her everything.

Since then, she has also been looking for her older sister Tatiana.

Tatiana and Irina, sisters who have not even seen each other, were able to meet in the studio "Wait for me»

Switching on from Kiev:

Viktor Yegorovich Dryuchin is looking for sisters Lydia Yegorovna and Raisa Yegorovna, with whom he lived in 1940 in the orphanage No. 41.


During the war, the orphanage was evacuated to Central Asia, and in 1944 it was returned to Ukraine.

Karina Anatolyevna Sidorova is looking for her mother Sofia Alexandrovna Natsaryan, born in 1947, and her sister Kristina Zimina.

Anna Vasilyevna Pavlovskaya is looking for her son Sergei Frantsevich Pavlovsky, born in 1958, who went to work in the Arkhangelsk region in 1986.

Until 1988, the son worked in deforestation.

Then he went to Kazakhstan, Aktobe region.

Temurovsky district. and the connection was broken.

A pupil of the Ushomirsky orphanage, Valentina Petrovna Krivosheeva (Efimovich), born in 1941, is looking for graduates of this orphanage who have moved all over the former USSR, and maybe abroad.

May 2007 marks the 75th anniversary of the orphanage.

Raphael Kirillov, born in 1978, lived in Taganrog, left home on 23.02.2001 and did not return.

Valery Nikolaevich Sidorchuk, born in 1981, is looking for his mother Maria Shandorovna, a Hungarian by nationality.

At the request of Anatoly Anisimov .

In 1937, his friend Anatoly Naumenko, with whom he served in 1957-60 on Sakhalin, is wanted.

Tatyana Ivanovna Kirillova and Inna Ivanovna Mazurova are looking for the missing father of Ivan Petrovich Mazurov, 1934. r. 25.07.2000. left home in Moscow and still has not returned.

Valeria Anatolyevna Shevchenko is looking for her son Mikhail Shevchenko, born in 1985, 13.07.2005. He disappeared in Yubileyny under unclear circumstances.

Ruzanna Janibekovna Karapetyan is looking for her paternal brother Ashot Karapetyan.

Ruzanna is a daughter from her father's second marriage.

Ruzanna's family lived in Tbilisi, and Ashot and his mother lived in the Saratov region.

The older brother often came to visit, in the family of Ruzanna was like a native.

When my father died, Ruzanna was 2 years old, but after the death of her father, the connection with Ashot was not interrupted, they wrote letters, often called.

The last time Ruzanna saw him was when she was 10 years old.

Ashot, along with his wife and daughter, came to visit Tbilisi.

We had a very warm and close relationship.

But in 1989, the connection was interrupted, for some reason, the letters from Ashot stopped coming...

We managed to find Ashot.

He lives in the Saratov region, works in a restaurant-roasts kebabs…

Ashot is also worried that the connection with his sister was interrupted, because no one answers the letters, and he can not get through to Tbilisi.

He remembers very well Ruzanna's family, how his father's second wife took him as her own…

After many years of separation, the sister and brother managed to meet again in the studio "Wait for Me".

Nina Georgievna Potanina (Sadokhina) is looking for friends: Lydia Kulikova, Panferova Alla, Trofimova Lyusya, at the request of her sister, is looking for Semyon Nikolaevich Kalashnikov, who did not return from the war.

At the request of Fedor and Nina Tatarchuk, they are looking for their brother named Vilya, with whom they parted in 1931-33 in Odessa.

At the request of Nikolai Nikolaevich Ostapenko, his friends, colleagues in Hungary are wanted: Sergei Milov, Nikolai Bobrovsky and Ivan Zhigul.

Valentina Belan is looking for a loved one Hakim Dzhumayev.

They met in Bukhara, 34 years ago…

The story of Valentine and Hakim.

Valentina was assigned to work as an accountant after graduation, " Hakim was a graphic designer.

The relationship was romantic: flowers, walks, confessions…

After 3 years, having worked out the required time, Valya went to her parents in Ukraine…

He-rushed after her, and took her to his home, to Tashkent.

We got married…

Everything would have been fine - but they were very jealous of each other.

They just couldn't live together, they were so jealous that they divorced.

After a while, they started dating again.

We met in secret: "so that people don't laugh"…

Marriage-divorce-and clandestine trysts-combined to fit in just three years.

In 1977, she went home again, to Ukraine.

He wrote her letters for a long time, which Valentina keeps to this day.

A few years later, she got married.

He-got married…

Viewers go to a website on the Internet to check if anyone is looking for them.

Valentina left her application in September last year, and on the first of February, Hakim also went to the site and found that she was looking for him and contacted the authors of the program.

Meeting in the studio" Wait for me " by Valentina and Hakim.

Calendar: 20.03.2006

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