wait me 30.11.2009 (2009)

Telecast №82549, 1 part, duration: 0:39:08
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Mihail Efremov, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Igor Kvasha is absent due to illness, Maria Shukshina presents Mikhail Efremov as her assistant; a selection of excerpts from films with the actor's participation.

The family is looking for a son: Alexander Alekseevich Krasko, born in 1975, disappeared in 2008 on the way from Smolensk to rest in the village of Lazarevskoye, Krasnodar Territory; on the way he became ill, he was dropped off the bus at 377 km of the Don highway, without providing any help.

Tatiana Shulaeva is looking for her husband Bezar, born in 1958, in 1986-1991 he studied in Lugansk, in 1991 he left for his homeland in Madagascar.

Alexander Leonidovich Daryin is looking for his father: Leonid Ivanovich Daryin, born in 1951, disappeared on July 3, 2009 in the Kaluga region.

Sergey Fyodorovich Degtyarev is looking for a son: Igor Sergeyevich Degtyarev, born in 1981, disappeared on August 23, 2004 in Moscow.

Mikhail Efremov takes photos of the found people from the stand:

Vladimir Tursunov from the Luhansk region disappeared 2 years ago after he was beaten and robbed; recently, his mother reported that his son was found in Zhytomyr, he is already at home.

Viktor Podlepaev from the Saratov region disappeared in May 2008, found in November 2009.

Alexander Ivchenko from the city of Sumy disappeared in October 2009 on the way home from a business trip, found in Moscow, where he was robbed, but caring people helped to contact Ukraine and return home.

Pyotr Anatolyevich Shkilnyuk went to work in the summer and disappeared; it turned out that he was injured at a construction site, after which he was simply thrown out on the street, but thanks to people, he still got home by hitchhiking.

Four more men, names and surnames are not called.

Shooting in Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk region: the story of Alexander Zuev.

On July 23, 2009, he left for Moscow, where he worked on a construction site in the region.

After finishing the work and receiving the money, Alexander went home, but at the Kazan railway station he was robbed, he was left without money and documents.

When a man offered to work in Makhachkala, Alexander did not call home, so as not to disturb his family, agreed to the trip and ended up in slavery in a brick factory.

After 2 months, he managed to escape, in Makhachkala, an unknown woman helped him, just gave him money and put him on a bus to Moscow.

Meeting with my mother at home in Dimitrovgrad.

Valentina Goryuk is looking for a friend: Mathias Schlegel from Leipzig, met in the 1980s while serving in Germany, later Mathias came to work in the Perm region to be able to see each other, last met in 1991.

Video message from Germany: Mathias lives with his family in Schkoyditz near Leipzig, always remembered Valentina, still keeps her photos, never hid this story from the family.

Meeting in the studio.

Nina Efimovna Solovyova is looking for brothers: Gennady (born in 1938), Yuri (born in 1941) and Nikolai (born in 1947) Solovyov, in 1942 the family was evacuated from Leningrad to the Altai Territory, on their return in 1948, the brothers were lost at the train station.

Alisa Askalina is looking for her brother: Arseniy V. Askalin, born in 1991, disappeared on November 3, 2009 in the Vladimir region.

Nadezhda Mikhailovna Kozlova is looking for a daughter: Angelika Vladimirovna Kozlova, born in 1997, disappeared on November 12, 2009 in Moscow.

Dmitry Smirnov is looking for a stranger from a photo that he saw on the website of football fans.

Search by photos:

The man found at the Bucharest airport on October 28, 2008, introduced himself as Alexander, a Russian citizen, gave the names of his mother and father-Ekaterina and Safir, nothing more is known about him yet.

Anastasia Ladanova, Oksana Frolova and Irina Yuzhanina disappeared on May 3, 2009 in Alma-Ata, possibly taken abroad.

Dmitry Bakhmetov, 31, left Khabarovsk on August 5, 2009 for the city of Krasny Kut in the Saratov region, last called home on August 8 and reported that he had left in Krasnoyarsk and that he was being pursued.

An unknown man is homeless in Ukraine and is looking for relatives himself, perhaps his name is Viktor.

Valentina Gazetnikova lost her parents in the first days of the war, in 1942 she and her three sisters were evacuated from Vyazma to Kustanai, where the girls were separated: Tatiana and Nadezhda were sent to the Federal Penitentiary Institution, Galina was moved to the city of Fedorovka; in 1945, Valentina was adopted, she believes that the sisters could look for her, but they did not find her, since her full name was completely changed.

Vitaly Lyalyuk, 28 years old, in the summer of 2009, was on vacation in the village of Dederkoy near Tuapse, disappeared on July 30; his parents report that he wanted to live in a monastery.

Sergey Rodionov, 17 years old, since August 7, 2009 rested in a camp in the village of Taman, Krasnodar Territory, August 28, sent home alone to the Yaroslavl region, disappeared on the way.

The plot of the Stalinist deportations: On February 23, 1944, the mass deportation of the Chechen population to Central Asia began, and the people who survived in those years still do not lose hope of finding their relatives.

Aslanbek Magomedov is looking for an uncle: Vakha Akhmadovich Dakayev, born in 1934, was deported to the Semipalatinsk region in 1944.

The Ibragimov family is looking for Malkan Ibragimova, born in 1941, the family had four children-Osman, Malika, Sultan and Malkan, were in the Dzhambul children's detention center.

Yanarsi Kerimov is looking for a sister: Mati Kerimova, born in 1936, was taken with three brothers and other relatives from the village of Bavloi, Tumkalinsky district, her parents died before the eviction, her brother Uwais died in the autumn of 1944 in Dzhambul.

Asima Ausheva is looking for his brother: Magomed Belkharoev, born in 1939, was deported from the village of Nizhni Achaluki in the Malgobek district of Ingushetia, was removed from a train in the Stavropol Territory due to illness; the mother was told that the child died, but a neighbor believes that in 2008 he saw a man who may be Magomed.

Pattah Vitayev is looking for his brother: Amurdin Abdrashitovich Abdurashidov, born in 1938, the children were orphans, in Alma-Ata they got into the receiver-distributor on Michurin Street, 74.

Ayman Magomedovna Magomadova is looking for her sisters, whom she lost in 1944 in Kazakhstan.

Shortly after the deportation and the birth of their son, the mother of the five girls died.

The elder sister Zaman and her grandmother were left in the collective farm, the other children were taken to the orphanage in Aktyubinsk, where they were lost

The youngest sister Marzhan always watched the program "Wait for Me", so together with her relatives she responded immediately, she and Ayman were able to meet.

The fate of the twins Satsita and Zahira, born in 1939, remains unknown.

Locations: Ulyanovsk region [810] Germany [84] The Republic of Dagestan [741] The Chechen Republic [756]

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