wait me 23.07.2001 (2001)

Telecast №82556, 1 part, duration: 0:54:06
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Continuation of the search history of Dima Fedorov, born in 1991

Shooting at a kiosk at the Kazan railway station: Dima's mother and grandmother report that in the story about street children in the program from 28.05.2001 they recognized their missing boy.

Shooting in Yaroslavl: a student of the 2nd grade of school No. 38 disappeared on March 16, 2001, and on April 3, the prosecutor's office opened a criminal case under Article 105, part 1 (murder).

Shooting at the Kursk railway station: street children help to find Dima.

Also involved in the search for Dima was 15-year-old Olesya Nekrasova, who was also looking for her brother Sasha, who disappeared on April 20, 2001 from Kantemirovskaya Street in Moscow; the search for Sasha continues.

Photos of children on matchboxes:

Olga Skoromets, 11 years old, disappeared in March 2000, the girl was seen on the highway "Kemerovo-Krasnoyarsk".

Nadezhda Umnikova, 9 years old, disappeared in November 2000 in Yaroslavl.

Yuri Batytsky, 15 years old, disappeared in May 1999 in the Donetsk region.

Semyon Zhilyaev, 5 years old, disappeared in 2000 in the vicinity of Yoshkar-Ola.

Roman Chepurnenko, 16 years old, disappeared in July 1999 in the Arkhangelsk region.

Ivan Klingen, 15, disappeared in December 1999 in Chelyabinsk.

Olga Krekker, 7 years old, disappeared in August 1999.

Mikhail Parshin, 16, disappeared in June 2000, deaf and dumb.

Ekaterina Stenukova, 15, disappeared in April 1999 in the Sverdlovsk region.

Dmitry Batakov, 13, disappeared in April 2000.

Alexander Khatuntsev, 14 years old, disappeared in September 1998 in the Sverdlovsk region.

Mikhail Shadrin, 13 years old, disappeared in January 1997 in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, stutters.

Margarita Khudyak, 11 years old, disappeared in July 2000 in the Leningrad region.

Larisa Zhirnoklieva, 12 years old, disappeared in September 2000 in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Sergey Muravyov, 12 years old, disappeared on April 6, 2000 in Kemerovo.

Vadim Shalimov, 11 years old, disappeared on January 22, 2001 in Elektrostal, Moscow region.

Switching on from Kiev.

Yuri Lvovich Tsimbalist and Flora Mikhailovna Yeletskaya are looking for a son: Denis Yuryevich Tsimbalist, born in 1983, disappeared on June 25, 2001 in Kiev, did not return from the institute.

A pupil of the orphanage Vera Bryukhovets (Merefyanskaya) is looking for a mother and brother: the mother is presumably interned from the Baltic States, the father was an Austrian prisoner of war, they met in Balakleya, two children were brought to the Kharkiv orphanage No. 1 - Vera and the boy Grisha, perhaps this is her brother.

Galina Leonidovna Tromsa (Yashnikova) is looking for her nephews Natalia and Konstantin Pisarenko in Kaliningrad.

Julia Zabudskaya (Fanda) is looking for a pen pal: Daniela Muller, born in 1979, lived in Mannheim (Mannheim), Germany, met in 1991, the connection was interrupted after the marriage and the move of Julia, the address was lost.

Oleg Aleksandrovich Reznik is looking for a daughter: Olesya Reznik, born in 1991, lived with her mother in Neteshin, Khmelnitsky region, in 1999 they moved to the village of Komsomolsky, Kharkiv region, but did not arrive at a new place of residence; they may be in Russia or Bulgaria.

Nadezhda Ivanovna Sinitsa is looking for a son: Sergey Nikolaevich Sinitsa, born in 1965, lived in the village of Ivankovichi, on May 29, 1996, disappeared during a trip to Kiev.


Lyudmila Mandzhieva is looking for her brother: Yuri Alekseevich Boldyrev, born in 1962, disappeared on June 8, 1999 during a trip in a KAMAZ from Elista to Bataysk, last seen on June 10 at the Prestige cafe in Proletarsky, Rostov region, and at the traffic police post at the turn to the village of Zimovniki with two men of Caucasian nationality.

Tamara Kupovykh is looking for a friend: Lyubov Georgievna Volkova, born in 1947, has not seen each other since 1995, presumably lives in the village of Chany, Novosibirsk region.

Elizaveta Sherenteyeva is looking for a husband: Sanal Ivanovich Sherenteyev, born in 1966, disappeared on the night of March 5 to 6, 1998 in the village of Olya, Astrakhan region.

Anatoly Pavlovich Simonov is looking for a son: Alexander Simonov worked in the circus as a clown and assistant trainer, did not make himself known since 1988, the last time he met with his father in Ashgabat.

Video message from Ashgabat: Alexander still works in the circus and is happy to send greetings to his parents; he can not come, as the process of restoring documents has not yet been completed.

Switching on from GUM.

Tatyana Petrovna Bufetova is looking for a granddaughter: Elena Abdufattuevna Osipova, born in 1992, disappeared in March 2001 in the village of Sofrino, Moscow region.

Dina Petrovna Grinenko is looking for a friend: Polina Sergeevna Chernenko, born in 1926, lived in Kokchetav on Uritsky Street, 175-29, correspondence ended in 1994; her niece performed.

Dina Petrovna Grinenko during the excavations of the garden found a medal of the Second World War in the name of Nikolai Fedorovich Polyanin, born in 1923, who lived in the village of Shulka of the Mordovian ASSR.

Vladimir Devyatkov is looking for his parents: Nadezhda Yuryevna and Pyotr Dmitrievich Sazonovs lived in the village of Uspenka, Luhansk region, in 1992, Vladimir was imprisoned, and on his return he did not find his parents at home.

The family is looking for a daughter: Anna Anatolyevna Kravchenko, born in 1978, arrived on July 2, 2001 on flight 762 from Saratov to Moscow, disappeared in Domodedovo.

Excerpt of the program from 12.03.2001: Shahid Rashidovich Salamkhanov is looking for sisters Samarth, Zalpa and Asma Rashidov; in 1944, the whole family was sent to Kazakhstan, the mother died immediately after the eviction, the father died in a labor camp, the younger sisters were sent to an orphanage in the village of Alga, Aktobe region.

Zargan, Shahid's wife, arrived at the studio.

After the release of this story, a woman named Nurset called the program and said that her mother's name was Asma, she was born in 1930; Nurset and Asma also came to the studio.

In the history of the two families, many things coincide, but still this is not the same Asma, the sister of Shahid Rashidovich was only 2-3 years old at that time.

The search continues.

Calendar: 03.2001 05.2001

Locations: Yaroslavl region [812] Ukraine [229] Turkmenistan [225]

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