Two Mothers. (1979)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Galin I.

Script writers: Nikolaev L.

Operators: Galin I., Lovkov V.

Anouncers: Zozulin V.


About the mothers of Yuri Gagarin, a astronaut, and Sergey Korolyov, a designer and engineer.

Reel №1


The rain - MS., PNRM.

Hit a spruce branch.

In a room at the table sit, talk and drink tea Anna Timofeevna Gagarin and Maria Koroleva - mother's first cosmonaut and mother of chief designer of spacecraft (synchronously) - MS.

Rural landscapes, urban alleys of the park, the rain, the pond is visible through the trees, over the rainbow, flowering flax - LS., MS.

Photos MN Queen in her youth - CU.

Photo Korolev - CU.

Photo of AT Gagarina, portraits parents Gagarin - MS., CU.

Newsreel 1961.:

Yuri Gagarin before flying spacecraft cabin - CU.

Rocket launch - MS.

Mission Control - MS.

The man at the periscope - CU.

The flames during takeoff rocket.

Blast-off - CU.

Photo: The Queen's eyes - CU.

Portrait of Sergei Korolev - CU.

On the TV screen - the person Yuri Gagarin - CU.

Earth from Space - CU.

Portrait of a mother Gagarin - CU.

Photos of Yuri Gagarin - CU.

Clouds in the sky - LS.

Newsreel 1960.:

Gagarin in the cockpit preparing to pounce.

The trainer explains Gagarin - MS.

Gagarin prepares to jump with a parachute - MS.

In the sky skydiver - MS.

Clouds - LS.

Sunrise over the river - LS.

Yuri Gagarin holding a daughter, standing next to his wife.

Mother knits Gagarin, Yuri Gagarin on the phone - CU.

Landscape, over the rainbow - LS.

Gagarin in the simulator - MS.

Rocket at launch.

Blast-off - MS.

Photo Korolev - CU.

Cloudy sky, clouds - MS.

Photos - The Queen's funeral, the family of the queen; Korolev with the astronauts, with Kurchatov, Korolev and Keldysh, Queens with his wife, Korolev in childhood and adolescence, Queens with his mother - CU.

Landscapes, clouds - LS., MS., CU.

Clouds - CU.

Reel №2

Said the mother of Sergei Korolev - CU.


Sunset on the sea - MS., CU.

Clouds in the sky - MS.

Rocket launch - LS.

Sitting at a table Sergei Korolev - CU.

Installation of the missile.

Queens raised in the shop on the elevator.

Queens and Academician Keldysh inspect missile sites - MS., CU.

Sputnik - CU.

Moment spacecraft docking - CU.

Astronauts have missiles - MS.

Korolev and Gagarin - CU.

Photos of Gagarin and Korolev - CU.

At the table, talking AT Gagarin and Korolev MN - MS.


Gagarin in the car.

Japanese welcome Yuri Gagarin.

She put it in the Japanese national costume.

Meeting the Queen and Gagarin at the airport.

Mother Gagarin in his photos - MS., CU.

Photo by Yuri Gagarin and he and her mother - MS., CU.


House Gagarin - MS.

The incident plane - LS., MS.

Photo: wife Gagarin and Valentina Tereshkova at the funeral of Yuri Gagarin - MS.

Gagarin's mother in a black dress, rush to the portraits of Gagarin different age-CU.

Rooks on the trees - MS.

Pilot in the cockpit - CU.

Place of death of Yuri Gagarin - MS., PNRM.

Flying airplanes - LS.

AT Gagarin with flowers - CU.

Gagarin goes to his father and mother with flowers - MS.

Mother Korolev - CU.

Photo - Korolev with Gagarin - CU.

Portrait of a mother Gagarin - CU.

Blast-off - MS.

View of Earth from space.