Visit of Josip Broz Tito to the Soviet Union.. (1979)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Soloveva N.

Operators: Maksimov L., Usanov V., Fedyaev E.

Text writers: Dzhalagoniya V.


About friendly visit of Josip Broz Tito, President of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, to the Soviet Union.

Historical background

In May, in Moscow at the invitation of the CPSU Central Committee and the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR with a friendly visit to the President of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito.

Temporary description

Meeting of the Yugoslav delegation at the airport. Soviet and Yugoslav delegation at the negotiating table. Brezhnev welcomed Broz Tito. Visit to Star City, visiting the museum space. By Coast. Tito talks to astronauts. Visit stables in the suburbs. Dressage horses. Brezhnev says goodbye to Tito.

Reel №1

Soviet and Yugoslav flags - LS., MS.

PNRM. plane taxied up to foreign brands - CU.

By plane descends, Josip Broz Tito, the other members of the Yugoslav delegation, greet welcomers - MS.

The delegation met with: LI Brezhnev, AA Gromyko, CPSU Central Committee Secretary KV Rusakov, other officials.

Machines with the members of the Yugoslav delegation, accompanied by honorary escort of motorcyclists passing through the streets of Moscow.

The Kremlin, Moscow - LS., Hitting.

The Delegation of Yugoslavia led by Josip Broz Tito at the reception of LI Brezhnev in the Kremlin; hello, sit at the negotiating table, photo and film correspondent - MS.; Says LI Brezhnev.

The talks involved: Vols.

Gromyko, Rusakov, a member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia Stan Dolants, alliance Secretary for Foreign Affairs of Yugoslavia, Josip Brhovets.

Yugoslav delegation at a luncheon hosted LI Brezhnev in honor of Josip Broz Tito, hello, stand, talk - Various., Film and photo - MS.

The Kremlin, Moscow - LS., Departure.

Kremlin - LS., PNRM.

Moscow Street - LS.

Marx Prospect, traffic - LS., MS.

Highway Belgrade - LS. from the passage.

Belgrade street with new residential buildings - MS.

One of the gardens, people sitting on benches, reading newspapers, a man with a stroller - MS.

Moscow - LS., Departure, are people - MS.; Girl buying flowers - CU.

Passing car with members of the delegation, film and photo - MS.

Tito greet cosmonauts in Star City - MS.; Star City - MS.

Monument to Yuri Gagarin - LS., MS.; Delegation of Yugoslavia put flowers at the monument - MS.

Tito among Soviet cosmonauts at the monument to Yuri Gagarin, Tito speaks with astronaut Beregovo.

Yugoslav guests are introduced to the Cosmonaut Training Center, examine simulators - models of "Soyuz" and the space station "Salyut", classrooms and laboratories; guests get acquainted with the exhibits of this museum, visiting spacecraft, remote control - CU.; Guests listen explanation astronauts story of the guide.


Shore shows Tito museum exhibits; Tito looks album, movies and photo - LS.

Landscape of the Midland - MS.

Yugoslav guests visiting stud farm in the suburbs; demonstration horses for equestrian arena - different.; Looks Tito, jumping arena for three horses - MS., CU.; Applauding guests.

Kutuzovsky the Arc de Triomphe - LS.

Kremlin embankment to the hotel "Russia» - LS.

Seeing the Yugoslav delegation at the airport, the delegation was escorted Brezhnev and Gromyko and other officials.

Tito says goodbye to LI Brezhnev, other officials, welcomed the mourners from the plane.

Taxiing aircraft, different plans for the mourners.

Soviet and Yugoslav flags - MS.