The Confederacy.. (1979)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Sveshnikova I.

Script writers: Abelev M., Losev S.

Anouncers: Tatarskiy V.


About the separate agreement between Israel and Egypt under the aegis of the USA in Camp-David.

Temporary description

1 hour - Palestine. Destroyed house. Removed dead. Geneva Conference. Gromyko greeted with Vincennes. Arafat. Brezhnev. Camp David - Carter, Bönen and Sadat sign the agreement, act. 2 hours - Israeli soldiers expelled the inhabitants, are prisoners. Golda Meir held by troops. Stands Sadat. Meir and Sadat. 3 hours - Beja and Sadat received the Nobel Prize. Sadat prayed. Says Jordan's King Hussein. Parade. Arafat at the podium. Meeting. Demonstration.

Reel №1

Middle East - Lebanon – bombardment; people are taking out wounded people from the destroyed houses, houses are burning; women and men are crying about the killed.

Funeral of victims of the bombardment.

Newsreel of 1973:

Geneva - conference about the Middle East.

Delegates of the Geneva conference in a hall.

The Soviet delegation headed by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the USSR of A.A.Gromyko at the conference.

A.A.Gromyko and the State Secretary of the USA Sairus Vens.

Leonid Brezhnev's meeting with the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization Yaser Arafat.

Building of the United Nations.

Newsreel of 1977:

October, 1.

A.A.Gromyko and S.Vens are signing the joint declaration about support of rights of people of Palestine.

1978, September, "Kemp-David".

The prime minister of Israel Begin, president of Egypt A. Sadat, the president of USA J. Carter (with his wife), their authorized representatives, including former military minister of Israel Moshe Dayan are arriving to the country residence of the American presidents "Kemp-David" for negotiations.

Sadat, Carter, Begin are signing the agreement on Middle East regulating.

Begin and Sadat are embracing.

The document, signatures on the document.

Cairo, Egypt.

US President J. Carter with his wife is arriving to Cairo.

Carter and Sadat at the negotiations in Cairo.

Tel Aviv - Carter is meeting Begin.

Middle East - oil derrick and oil pipelines.


J. Carter and a shah of Iran Mohammed Reza Pehlevi.

Antigovernmental performances of working class.

Monument to Shah Pehlevi.

They are burning the shah’s portrait.

New York.

Machines are standing on a filling station.

Inscriptions at station: “there is no gasoline”.

Car owners are speaking.

Carter is acting.

Sadat, Begin listening; Carter is passing.

They are applauding.

Photo - Supreme commander in chief armed forces of the NATO (North Atlantic Alliance) in Europe General Rogers.


The corps of fast reacting - a panel, boards, boats, planes, explosions.

Reel №2

The contract signed by Begin.

Begin’s books "Mutiny".

Village Deir-Yassin (before declaration of the state Israel).

Invaders are running, rushing into houses, shooting people.

Killed children and adults.

Photo: Begin’s portrait.

Colonization of the grounds of Palestine – they are pulling down houses, expelling people from dwellings, driving prisoners, invaders.

A group of people is passing over the territory allocated for construction of settlements.

The prime minister of Israel Ben Gurion is among them.

Emblem of Israel.

Military actions - a landing, the plane, explosions, tanks, corpses on the ground.


The prime minister of Israel Golda Meir is inspecting armies.

Moshe Dayan.

The armies.

Moshe Dayan and Kissinger.

Shop of a factory where the weapon is made.

The correspondent is asking Begin about politics of Israel concerning Palestinians.

Explosions, corpses, there is a little girl among killed.

Camp of refugees.

Children are receiving food.

Sadat is going - acceptance of the oath on presidency.

Present are welcoming him.


Sadat and Arafat on a tribune.

They are awarding Sadat in commemoration of a victory (military) in 1973.

Sadat is acting on TV.

People at TVs and radio receivers.

Newsreel of 1974-1976:

Egypt - “hungry revolt”.

The broken show-windows.

Sadat is going abroad, making visits.

Sadat and Carter.

Newsreel of 1977:

November, 18 Sadat is arriving to occupied Jerusalem.

On negotiations between Sadat, Begin and Golda Meir.

Reel №3

T-shirts with portraits of Sadat and Begin.

Sadat and Begin are receiving the Nobel Prize of the World.

Cairo – the passage of Sadat along the city (after reception of the Nobel Prize by him), people is welcoming Sadat.


Sadat is praying.

Shots in the city.

People are crying.

People are running, leaving.

Children, the girl is looking.

Sadat is under trial - sitting of the court, the judge is acting.

People are burning a scarecrow of Sadat.

Bagdad - conference of leaders of the Arabian countries.

King of Jordan Hussein is speaking.

The president of the National Council of Palestine Khadid Fakhum is speaking.

Resistance movement is headed by the Palestine Liberation Organization - parade, Arafat on a tribune, Arafat is lighting a bowl with fire.

Yaser Arafat is speaking.


Demonstrations in protection of the world at the Middle East.