Sports show "Taekwondo" in Alma-Ata. (1991)

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Scene №1 Sports show "Taekwondo" in Alma-Ata

Kind of a building of the Kazakh state circus in Alma-Ata, with the billboard of the sports show, a fountain near the circus building.

Master Taekwondo from Germany Mustafa Oztyrg enters the arena accompanied by girls in Kazakh national costumes.

Mustafa Oztyrgt gives a welcome speech to the audience.

The audience applauded.

Ozjurt, disguised in a kimono, goes out into the arena, welcomes the audience with bows.

The face of Oztyrga at the time of his opening speech.

Oztorg and Kazakh masters of Taekwondo greet each other.

The representative of Kazakhstan is giving a speech.

Oztjurg ties a black belt to Kazakh masters of taekwondo, congratulates him on receiving the next dan.

Oztürg demonstrates in the arena techniques of taekwondo - kicking and kicking, breaking a wooden pole.

The singer performs a song in honor of Oztyrga to the accompaniment of dombra, he presents the dombra Ozturgu.


06.25.1991 - 06.26.1991