Insanity. Reflection on the Murder Price.. (1979)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Medvedkin A.

Script writers: Medvedkin A.

Operators: Bukhovceva V., Kopysov L., Lovkov V.

Composers: Denisov E.


On the complex global political situation caused by the arms race.

Temporary description

1 hour - Preparation for testing a nuclear bomb: people wearing costumes. The impact of the blast wave on the mannequins. Says Medvedkin. Maneuvers: fleeing soldiers, flying helicopters. Lights Vietnamese village. 2 hours - Warship. Military maneuvers: are tanks. Meeting in Italy. Rocket takes off. Stands Luns. The rally in the U.S. against the Vietnam War. 3 pm - Exposition of the exhibition missiles. Police with batons dispersed a demonstration. 4 hours - Demonstrations in various countries: Japan, Belgium. Labor Market. Unemployed. Demonstrators handed out flowers Jesus. 5 pm - Police disperse the strikers. Voting in the Knesset. Bidding in the hall of the Exchange. The rally in Tel Aviv. 6 hours - says A. Medvedkin. Carter and Brezhnev in Vienna, signed a joint communique.

Reel №1

Photo: test dummies.

People in disguise ready for testing new nuclear devices, the device works, the man behind the board.

House Explodes, intended for testing.

Strewn broken mannequins. (USA)

Take off and flying military jets.

The antenna on the aircraft.

Driven rocket.

European city at night - taken off the top. point.

People's faces.

Report on the city.

Passing car with soldiers.

People on the streets applauded.

Animation: a diagram of the growth of the military budget of the United States.

Says A. Medvedkin (synchronously).

The maneuvers of the American soldiers: Soldiers run on water, fly helicopters.

Animation: a world map with the symbol of U.S. military bases.

Swoops jet.

Helicopters at the airport.

Skyscrapers and ancient cathedral.

Residence of the former Shah of Iran.

M. Shah Reza Pahlavi wears the crown.

Past the statue of the Shah are demostranty, waving his fists.

The huts are poor, women clean the dishes, washing clothes.

Children (Iran).

Meeting of the Knesset of Israel.

Soldiers sit in tanks, riding tanks.

Rocket takes off, plane.

President Sadat of Egypt A. and others on the plane.

Chronicle 1967-1969 gg.: Vietnam, U.S. soldiers pass with the U.S. flag.

Soldiers disembark from the ship.

Flying aircraft with missiles on board, explosions.

American soldiers being dragged Vietnamese, running with guns.

House is on fire.

Bombs fall from the plane.

Eat American soldiers.

Burning village, crawling woman.

Helicopters in the sky.

Are the Vietnamese soldiers.

Go baby.

Vietnamese Americans are prisoners.

Photo: J. Carter and Deng Xiaoping, Hua Guofeng ..

Reel №2

Warships and aircraft carriers U.S. (removed from the top point).

Missiles on board the aircraft carrier, off the rocket.

Gun system on the ship, turning the device with a rocket.

Street Italian city.

Housing the poor, children sleep.

Child sitting on the curb.

Rally demonstration unemployed.

U.S. aircraft carrier at anchor off the coast of Italy.

General looking through binoculars.

Tanks on maneuvers.

The aircraft fired missiles ignites tank.

One ur cities in Italy.

The meeting of the NATO Council.

NATO emblem, the meeting.

Go soldiers.

Take off and fly military aircraft.

U.S. maneuvers in Germany: passing tanks, soldiers, carries ammunition, soldiers on maneuvers.

Tanks pass over the bridge, down the street.

NATO General Holluel speaking at the conference.

The generals are on the corridor.

Pushed the hatch, the rocket takes off.

Building, NATO flag.

Animation: the numbers of military spending NATO. Meeting of NATO is leading the German revanchists IF Strauss.

NATO Secretariat, the meeting on the sidelines.

A member of Hitler's party secretary general of NATO Joseph Luns out of the car.

Meeting of the special session of the United Nations in New York on disarmament.

Session of the NATO Council in Washington, DC, audience applause.

To the President of the United States J. Carter and J. Luns.

Says A. Medvedkin (synchronously).

Skyscrapers USA - from the top point.

Protest against the war in Vietnam.

American soldiers who fought ao Vietnam tear off shirt orders and thrown into the White House, serve, applaud present.

Wounded soldier carried from the car on a stretcher is carried.

Workshop aircraft plant.

Driven rocket.

Production of tanks.

Reel №3

Military aircraft in the air.

Plant, producing explosives.

Pass the guards.

Laboratoiya plant.

Powered mechanical arm.

Shop factory, smoke.

On the conveyor moves explosive.

Laboratory worker at the controls.

Soldiers on maneuvers, the helicopter.

Lies weapons.

Sailors walk around the city.

Soldiers on maneuvers.

Carry coffins with the dead.

Mountains - removed from the aircraft.

Photo: nuclear explosion, land a plane, debris, broken mannequin, general looking through binoculars.

A scientist in a laboratory, the rocket in the mine.

Currency Exchange in the Asian country.

Black hand count money.

The machine prints money.

Passing military machine with an electronic unit.

The face of the military.

The hand presses the button.

Rockets take off, get in a tank explosion.

Poster against neutron bomb.

Demonstration against the neutron bomb in India and other countries, protesters carrying placards.

Laser unit in the U.S. Army.

A soldier takes aim with a rifle.

Exhibition missile, the visitors visiting the exhibits, samples missiles.


Explosion at home, are dummies.

Atomic explosion.

Says A. Medvedkin (synchronously).

Animation: flying a spaceship.

The sculpture of Christ on the mountain above the town.

Currency Exchange.

Woman wrote the numbers on the board.

Poured out of a bag of money.

Animation: a mannequin representing "anticheloveka" driving the train.

Tracks (with motion).

Hand writes, turns the handle.

Remote control handset.

Drops missile.

The chronicle of the early 20th century industrialists, the first plane.

Photo: Paris end of last century, passing the tent, the first car to the street.

Icon of the Mother of God, of Christ the Savior, the candles are lit.

Tent city in Africa.

Sitting exhausted black child.


The skeleton of the animal.

Plowing on mules.

Brawl working with the police, throwing stones, police beat protesters with batons.

Japanese demonstrators pass.

Go to the police.

White House.

U.S. President J. Carter in his office at work.

Reel №4

Construction of the nuclear submarine "Treydent" workers laid rails.

Demonstration against the construction of the base, carrying placards.

Demonstrators sit around campfires at night (U.S.).

Statue of Liberty.

Anti-war demonstration in Japan, the clash with the police.

The demonstrations in different countries.

Japanese city.

Demonstration in Denmark in front of the U.S. embassy, ​​the police arrested the demonstrators.

The demonstration in the streets of the Belgian city, carrying placards, are police officers.


Demonstrators carried crosses with inscriptions, police disperse protesters.

Anti-war demonstration in England, stand and walk protesters in masks and gas masks.

Police dragging demonstrators into the car.

U.S. President J. Carter in his office at work.

Demonstration in Japan. 7th U.S. fleet off the coast of Japan.

Aircraft carrier rocket on deck.

Shoots a rocket launcher.

Command on the aircraft carrier.

Chronicle 1967-1969 gg.: War in Vtname, cry, Vietnamese women, out of the wood leaves an American tank.

Photo U.S. President Brzezinski.

Passage of warships.

Pass the generals and officers of NATO. The meeting of the NATO Headquarters.

Representatives from NATO round table.

The people on the street, is directing traffic.

Campfire sit unemployed.

Persons unemployed.

Unemployed with posters.

Flying flaming rocket.

Tank explodes and burns.

Firing rockets.

Job market in a town in Germany, crowded with people.

Unemployed is pushed out of the premises of the exchange.

The police dragged the prisoner.

Protesters carrying a banner.

Munich, is a police officer.

Pass demonstrators - member of the "Jesus Movement", distributing flowers to passersby.

A police officer with a flower in his buttonhole.

Reel №5

Police protesters pour water.

A police car was going to be flying a helicopter.

Carter's photo in the newspaper.

Protesters scuffle with police.

Photo Brzezinski.

Passing the American military machine.

Missile in the mine, on an aircraft carrier.

Plane flies.

Palatochnyygorodok Palestinian refugees.

The planes dropped a bomb blast.

Carry the wounded Palestinians.

Meeting of the Knesset of Israel.

Playing Defense Minister Moshe Dayan and Prime Minister M. Begin.

Skyscrapers of New York.

Statue of Liberty.

Report on New York.

Palestinian town.

Old women crying over the child.

People with children on the street, a woman is nursing a child.

Riding tanks, drive up to the aircraft missile, raining bombs, burning tank.

Plays football team.

Rider on a horse overcomes obstacles.

Serves Egyptian President A. Sadat.

Passing tanks and vehicles with soldiers.

Talk and act businessmen.

Photo: hand holding a globe.

Plates of different banks, Hall Exchange board of the exchange.


Tel Aviv protest against the deals in Camp David.

He spoke.

Participants in the rally with placards.

Begin passes, etc.

Lit portrait of the Shah of Iran.

Photo: Nicaraguan dictator Somoza, Emperor Haile Selassie, the leader of the African National Council of Southern Rhodesia Abel Muzorewa.

Chairman of the State Council Hua Gofen.

Photo deputy chairman of the State Council, Deng Xiaoping.

Reel №6

Mounting CSDF - says A. Medvedkin (synchronously).

Unrest in Iran - people are running down the street, a fire in the street.

Atomic explosion.

Remote control, phone, the man behind the console.

Skyscrapers of New York (filmed from an airplane).

The facade of the White House.

Military aircraft was taxiing.

Aircraft with missiles in the air.

Flying missile shoots down another.

Brzezinski - freeze.

The Kremlin, Moscow.

Moscow Street.

From soldiers from a burning house.

House is on fire.

Nuclear explosions.

Meeting in Vienna Brezhnev with D. Carter: enter the hall, signing of the Soviet-American communique.

Remove correspondents.

Brezhnev and E. Honecker at the airport in Berlin bypass the guard of honor, Brezhnev greets dating.

Read the cameramen.

The people welcomed Brezhnev.

Brezhnev and Honecker rides in the car.

The underwater missile, the missile flies, broken mannequin.

Demonstration for peace in different countries, the streets filled with people.

Fleeing police.

People on the streets.

Close-ups and pictures of young children.

Vietnamese woman rocking a child in the cradle.

Vietnam is a boy.

Photo by V. Lenin.