An evening dedicated to the memory of Sh.K. Aimanova (1971)

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Scene №1 An evening dedicated to the memory of Sh.K. Aimanova

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One of the participants of the evening dedicated to the memory of the film director Shaken Aimanov, held in the Alma-Ata House of Cinema, performs.

The speakers are the writer O. O. Suleimenov, the actor K. U. Badyrov, the film director S. Khodzhikov, the film director M. S. Begalin, the actress A. Umurzakova.

Before the participants of the evening, the writer Akim Tarazi speaks, view of the hall.

The faces of the audience sitting in the hall, among them-film director O. Abishev, actor E. Umurzakov, cinematographer I. M. Tynyshpaev, composer G. A. Zhubanova, K. U. Badyrov.

View of the hall.

Actor S. Kozhamkulov performs, the faces of people in the hall, among them - A. Umurzakova.

Olzhas Suleimenov performs, the audience in the hall listens to his speech.

Film director A.M. Mambetov and actor E. Umurzakov perform.


Suleimenov Olzhas Omarovich - Kazakh poet, writer, playwright Badyrov Kapan Uralovich - Kazakh actor of theater and cinema Khojikov Sultanahmet Konyrkozhaevich - Kazakh film director Begalin Mazhit Sapargalievich - Kazakh film director, actor, screenwriter Umurzakova Amina Yergozhaevna - Kazakh theater and film actress Tarazi Akim (Ashimov Akim Urtayevich) - Kazakh writer Abishev Oraz - Kazakh film director of documentary films Umurzakov Elyubay - Kazakh theater and film actor Tynyshpaev Iskander - Kazakh cameraman Zhubanova Gaziza Akhmetovna - Kazakh composer Kozhamkulov Seraly - Kazakh theater and film actor Mambetov Azerbayzhan Madiyevich - Kazakh director of theater and cinema

Calendar: 1971

Locations: Alma ata

Seasons: Winter

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