Meeting of the leaders of the countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Almaty (1998)

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Scene №1 Meeting of the leaders of the countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Almaty

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Panorama hall of the leaders of the countries of "Shanghai Five".

The delegation of Russia, headed by Foreign Minister Primakov EM and the Kazakh delegation headed by the President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev. during the meeting.

The Chinese delegation headed by President Jiang Zemin during the meeting.

President of Kyrgyzstan Akayev A.A. speaking from the floor, Russian representatives are listening to his speech.

Kazakh delegation during the meeting.

President of Tajikistan E. Rakhmonov and Primakov listen to the speakers.

The delegations of the participating countries during the meeting, the panorama of the hall.

Speakers Primakov, Rakhmonov.

The foreign ministers of the participating countries sign cooperation documents.

The ministers shake hands with each other and heads of state.

The meeting participants stand in front of the microphones, Nazarbayev voiced a joint statement, reporters lead the body and photographing.

Nazarbayev and Jiang Zemin at the head of delegations go to the hall before the start of the Chinese-Kazakh negotiations, sit down.

The signing of Jiang Zemin and Nazarbayev intergovernmental agreement.

The leaders of China and Kazakhstan congratulate each other.


Primakov Yevgeny Maksimovich - state and political figure Nazarbayev Nursultan Abishevich - Kazakh statesman and political figure Jiang Zemin - Chinese statesman and political figure Askar Akaev - a Kyrgyz statesman and political figure Rakhmon Emomali (Rakhmonov Emomali Sharipovich) - Tajik statesman and political figure

Calendar: 07/03/1998-04.07.1998

Locations: Alma ata

Seasons: Summer

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