Horizons of science. (1984)

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Scene №1 Horizons of science

The laboratory operator uses copying manipulators to work with radioactive materials in an airtight chamber.

Scientists in the laboratory.

Technicians assemble the power plant.

The conference of scientists, people applaud the speakers.

Scientific books on the shelf.

Meteorologist records instrument readings.

View of the snow-capped mountains.

Key words

Nuclear physics






Scene №2 Horizons of science, part 2.

Meeting of scientists from other countries at the airport.

Scientists answer journalists' questions.

Scientists in the laboratory.

The numbers blink and glow on the instrument panel voltmeter.

A man in the laboratory, the printer prints a drawing.

The man among the blocks with the devices.

Woman looks at the flame of a gas burner.

The young man switches the toggle switches on the dashboard.

Scientist at the monitor.

The flame burns on the background of the device - an oscilloscope.

Колба с жидким азотом.

Scientist in the laboratory.

The building of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan.

A scientist answers journalists' questions.

View of the main entrance to the building of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan.

Scientists communicate.




Almaty, Kazakhstan


Scene №3 Horizons of science, part 3.

Scientists in the library.

Books on the shelf.

Tudy and monographs of the Academy of Sciences

Laboratory for testing mercury lamps.

Scientists are testing the lamp.

Photos of illuminated streets.

Conference of scientists.

Laboratory assistant in the laboratory for testing mercury lamps.

Chandeliers in the lobby.

Large conference room.

Scientists listen to the speaker.




Almaty, Kazakhstan.