Dawn of a new life (1914-1950)

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Scene №1 Dawn of a new life

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The cars of foreign diplomats during the reception of Vienna in 1914, alternates with the cadres asking begging beggars.

A pleasure boat is sailing.

Portrait of Amangeldy Imanov.

The scheme of suppression of the uprising in Turkestan in 1916.

Herd of sheep scattered from the explosion (game footage).

Dombra strings.

Newsreel: the arrival of the train to the station.

A picture depicting VI Lenin, speaking to workers and soldiers.

Newsreel of 1917:

View of the statue of the Bronze Horseman.

Panorama of the meeting in Petrograd in March 1917.

The soldier knocks down the symbols of the Russian Empire from the wall of the building with the rifle butt.

Meetings and demonstrations in Petrograd.

View of the part of the May Day rally on the Champ de Mars.

Demonstration in front of the Tauride Palace, alternates with paintings depicting the revolutionary struggle in Turkestan.

The parade and combat drills of the Women's Strike Battalion in Petrograd in July 1917.

The shooting of a peaceful demonstration.

Kerensky A.F. among the deputies of the Petrograd Soviet.

Fragments from the x \ movie "October".

Newsreel of 1920: Lenin VI. during a conversation with an American journalist L. Ayr.

Texts of the appeal "To the citizens of Russia" and decrees on peace and land.

Portrait of the Kazakh revolutionary Dzhangildin.

A certificate issued to Dzhangildin Lenin.

Photos of the first revolutionary congresses in Kazakhstan.

Newsreel: fighting on the fronts of the Civil War.

Parade of troops of the interventionists.

The parade of the Volunteer Army units in Rostov-on-Don.

Landing of the Red Army landing.

Attack of the Red cavalry.

Chapaev VI, Vatsetis II on the fronts of the civil war.

Attack of the Red cavalry.

Texts of appeals to prisoners of war with an appeal to enroll in the Red Army.

Photos of the Red Army units.

Newsreel: construction of the first five-year plan.

Announcement of the trial of pests.

Construction of the railway.

People sit in carriages for sending to the construction of Turksib.

May Day demonstration.

Delegates of the 13th Congress of the RCP (B.) Before the meeting.

The Kyrgyz delegation at the 13th Congress of the RKP (B), delegates.

Speakers speak at a rally in the city of Verny, a panorama and types of rally.

Airplanes fly over the Red Square over Red Square.

The parade on Red Square.

Manufacturing of bricks at one of the enterprises in Kazakhstan, the production process.

People pull the bus out of the mud.

Camels in the steppe.

The work of industrial enterprises of Kazakhstan in the 1930s, the faces of workers.

Presentation of the act of collective farmers to the eternal use of land.

Rally on the collective farm.

Arrival of the train to the station in the 1960s.

The echelon with artillery guns should be sent to the front in 1942-1944.

Making ammunition.

The soldiers of the militia go to the front.

View of one of the city streets in Kazakhstan in the early 1960s.

Construction of Turksib.

The train is passing by.

People in the dining car.

The journalist interviews during the telecast.

People in the store in the tissue department.

Ordzhonikidze GK, Kalinin MI, Budyonny SM in the presidium of the 17th Congress of the CPSU (B.) in 1934.

Ordzhonikidze's speeches at the congress and meeting of workers in heavy industry.


Lenin Vladimir Ilyich - state and political figure Kerensky Alexander Fedorovich - statesman and politician Chapaev Vasily Ivanovich - military leader Vatsetis Joachim Ioakimovich - military leader Budyonny Semyon Mikhailovich - military leader Kalinin Mikhail Ivanovich - state and political figure Ordzhonikidze Grigoriy Konstantinovich - state and political figure

Calendar: 1914 1917 1920 1928 1930s 1934 1942-1944 1960s

Locations: Moscow Petrograd Alma-Ata Kazakhstan the USSR Vein

Seasons: Winter Spring Summer Autumn

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