70th birthday of actor Kalibek Kuanyshpayev. (1963)

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Scene №1 70th birthday of actor Kalibek Kuanyshpayev

Kuanyshpaev K. passes along the street of the native village of Sarytau Karkaralinsky district of Karaganda region.

View of one of the rural houses.

Kuanyshpaev in the courtyard of one of the houses talking with fellow countrymen.

Kuanyshpaev walks along the village street.

Kuanyshpaev talks with schoolchildren and teachers of the local school.

Kuanyshpayev on a walk in the vicinity of Sarytau.

Kuanyshpaev talks with the countryman, the view of the village of Sarytau from the side of the mountains.

Kuanyshpaev talks with schoolchildren, the faces of boys and girls.

Kuanyshpaev walks in the vicinity of the village near the forest cliffs.

Kuanyshpaev on the street talking with fellow countrymen.

Pines on the stone slopes in the vicinity of Sarytau.

The faces of students conversing with Kuanyshpaev.

House of Kuanyshpayev in Sarytau.

Kuanyshpayev walks the streets of the village, talks with fellow countrymen, schoolchildren surround Kuanyshpayev during a walk.

The face of Kuanyshpayev.

Kuanyshpaev and schoolchildren differ in different directions, Kuanyshpayev continues to walk.

Kuanyshpaev talks with schoolchildren and countrymen.

Solemn meeting in Alma-Ata on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Kuanyshpayev.

Minister of Culture of the Kazakh SSR Galimzhanova LG opens a jubilee evening.

The view of the stage and part of the hall of the jubilee event.

Speakers of the event, among them - Kozhamkulov S.

Kuanyshpaev listens to congratulations in his address, applauds.

Presenting gifts to the hero of the day.

Writer Gabidin Mustafin is speaking with congratulations.

One of the guests plays the dombra in honor of the hero of the day.

The dancer Sh.

Zhienkulova congratulates the jubilee.

Handing Kuanyshpaev a Kazakh national dressing gown and hats.

Participants of the evening congratulate the hero of the day.


Zhienkulova and Begalin SI applauding, sitting on the stage.

The view of the stage, the jubilee is presented with a bouquet of flowers.

The guests applauded on stage.

Delivery of gifts to the hero of the day, kinds of auditorium.

Artists congratulate Kuanyshpayev, playing a comic scene.

Artists in costumes characters comedy Gogol "The Inspector" congratulate the hero.

The actress in Abima's makeup reads poetry.


Kuanyshpaev Kalibek - Kazakh actor
Galimzhanova Lyaylya Galyevna - Kazakh actress, state, political and cultural figure
Kozhamkulov Seraly - Kazakh actor of theater and cinema
Zhienkulova Shara Baimoldinovna - Kazakh dancer, teacher
Begalin Sapargali Iskakovich is a Kazakh writer
Mustafin Gabiden - Kazakh writer, public figure




Karaganda Oblast



Culture and Arts; Holidays