wait me 24.02.2010 (2010)

Telecast №84668, 1 part, duration: 0:48:07
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Efremov Mihail, Shukshina Mariya.

Reel №1

In the studio, the presenters are Mikhail Efremov, Maria Shukshina.

Teleconference with the city of Istanbul (Turkey).

Host Aytach from Istanbul greets the audience.

Hotije Sonar (Tepellash) is looking for relatives of his father, Saleh Tepellash.

Nadir Ozbek is looking for relatives in Uzbekistan.

Angelina Sinitsyna is looking for her father, Ashot Daftyan, born in 1955, who left for Yerevan in 1982.

Wanted Marianna Pashaly, born in 1987, Disappeared in 2007.

Alla Suvorova is looking for her grandfather in Ukraine, Pyotr Suvorov, born in 1943.

Olga Karaman is looking for a cousin, Alexander Georgiev, born in 1976.

The connection was interrupted in 1988.

Video clip from Antalya (Turkey):

Irina Corrales Cortez, is looking for her husband from Nicaragua - Ramon Ignacio, born in 1961, whom she has not seen for almost 20 years.

They met in Astrakhan.

Both studied at the fishing technical school.

In 1991, they registered an official marriage, and in 1992, Ramon finished his studies and was forced to return to his homeland.

From Managua, Irina received a single letter from him.

The connection has since been cut off.

Search engines have found the brother and sister of the wanted Ramon in Managua, but they have not yet been able to contact him.

Video from Managua (Nicaragua): Carlos Hosse Monterey - detective searches for Ramon Ignacio.

Video bridge: Antalya, Istanbul, Moscow, Alma-Ata, Minsk, Chisinau.

Alma-Ata requests the floor:

Wanted by Tanzilya Taberdieva, born in 1970..

In 1991, she left for Kyrgyzstan.

Relatives suggest that he may be in Turkey.

Minsk asks for the floor:

Olga Shved is looking for Suleiman Duzbakan, born in 1958..

They broke up in 2000.

Natalia Narskina is looking for Serdar, born in 1984..

We met in Turkey in 2009.

The floor is requested by Chisinau:

Tatiana Goltseva is looking for her son, Dmitry Klinnikov, born in 1982..

Presumably, it can be located in Turkey.

Bleachers in the studio:

Ramazan Akhmedov is looking for relatives in Turkey on the side of his grandfather, Magomed Valiyev.

Farida Shcherbakova is looking for relatives of her father, Murtaza Suleiman-Ali.

Abdurahim Pliyev is looking for relatives in Turkey.

Pliev Abdurakhim Akhmetovich is looking for his uncle Pliev Obakar Yusupovich, born in 1894-1896, and relatives in Turkey.

Atlyuba Nurdinova, they are looking for sister Marguba.

In 2003, she went to work in Turkey, got married.

Her family lost contact with her in 2004.

Magruba (in Turkey, her name is Maria), found.

A Turkish journalist found her.

Video: Life in Turkey of a girl from Kyrgyzstan.

The village of Aytac in a remote area of Turkey.

Marguba with her husband and three children.

Studio in Kiev:

Tatiana Savelyeva is looking for a friend, Uluer Kurshat, born in 1959.

The connection was interrupted in 2008.

The host from Kiev thanks for the assistance of the program "Wait for me" in the search for a Ukrainian, Captain Chernyshov, who decided to make a trip around the world on his yacht "Antares" and disappeared shortly after he crashed off the coast of Turkey.

Video about Captain Sergey Chernyshov, shooting in Turkey, Greece and on the island of Malta.

Port of Gibraltar Authority officer Manuel Tirado speaks about the yacht "Antares".

Minsk resident Antonina Mikhailovna Klimchenko wants to give her son Captain Chernyshov.

She believes that it is quite possible to go in search of her father.

This yacht in the 80s was built to order at the best enterprises in Minsk.

Antonina Mikhailovna took this story very close to her heart and asks the search engines to pass the khtu to the family of Sergei Chernyshov, so that they can go on it in search of their father.

Teleconference with the city of Istanbul (Turkey):

Zarina Oktem is looking for her mother, Sania Dautova, who lives in Kazakhstan.

Veronika Shishmintseva is looking for her father, Mikhail Gabe, born in 1945.

Elsa Shayarlieva is looking for her mother, Lyubov Chesnokova, born in 1950..

They separated in 1975.

Video message from Olga Atakyr from Ankara, looking for her grandmother in Ukraine - Olga Ignatyevna Marchenko, born in 1929, and her half-sister Yulia.

Search engines found out the Grandmother-Olga Ignatyevna Marchenko, is alive.

She is 81 years old.

Lives in Bubnova Slobodka, Ukraine.

Video clip from Ukraine, meeting of a grandmother and granddaughter.

The host says goodbye to the audience.

Calendar: 24.02.2010

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