The Symphony of Peace.. (1981)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Mostovoy P.

Script writers: Grigorev L., Platek Ya.

Operators: Akkuratov E., Dobronickiy V.

Anouncers: Yavorskiy F.

Text writers: Nikolaev L.


About the I Moscow Festival of Symphonic Music.


Culture and Arts

Temporary description

City of Moscow. May 1981. Speech TN Khrennikov from the scene the Great Hall of the Moscow State Conservatory. Tchaikovsky at the 1st International Festival of contemporary symphonic music. Conversations on the sidelines of composers, including R. K. Shchedrin speaks with an Italian composer F. Mannino. Composed by visiting the sights in Moscow, speaking at a meeting with journalists. Newsreels: S. Prokofiev, N. Myaskovsky, Shostakovich playing the piano; tour of Hungarian composer Bartók in Moscow and Leningrad in 1929. Photos of Igor Stravinsky, American composer S. Barber. Fragments of the speeches of Soviet and foreign musicians and conductors in concerts, rehearsals, during the interview, including L. B. Kogan, LS Dmitrieva, F. Mannino, MV Polish composers Lutoslawski, K. Penderecki, Slovak composer E. Sukhona, English composer P. Osborne and others. Muscovites at the Conservatory Hall, in the hall during the performance of musicians.

Reel №1

At the opening of the 1st International Festival of contemporary symphonic music symphonic orchestra of the Leningrad State Philharmonic in the Great Hall of the Conservatory performs "Ode to the end of the war" by S. Prokofiev (synchronously), conducted by Alexander Dmitriev - different plans.

Valtorna - middle distance; pipe - close-up.

The emblem of the festival on the building of the conservatory - the average plan, run over, close-up.

Posters of the festival in various languages - close-up view.

Opens the Festival and supported the People's Artist of USSR, TN Khrennikov (synchronously).

TN Khrennikov and People's Artist of the USSR, Leonid Kogan greeted arrivals at the Festival of symphonic music by Italian composers F. Mannino and P. Argento; Indian composer N. Menon, chairman of the International Music Council of UNESCO F. Kolloueya, Polish composer V. Lutoslawski.

TN Khrennikov in the House of the composer talks about the festival (synchronously).

Telegrams on the table - the average plan.

The rotating disk recorder - close-up.

Black-and-white newsreel:

New York street - the general plan, removed from the top point.

Photos T. Khrennikov different years.

Photos by American composer Samuel Barber different years.

S. Barber and Shostakovich.

[_] People's Artist of the USSR, Leonid Kogan and Orchestra performs Barber's Violin Concerto S. (synchronously), conducted by Pavel Kogan - general, close up, run over.

Listen to the hall - an overall plan view.

Rehearsing orchestra of Soviet radio and the Central Television - the general plan view.

Photos of the composer Dmitri Shostakovich - the average plan, impact, departure.


The young Shostakovich played the piano, he applauded the podium.

Composer Sergei Prokofiev and the film director Sergei Eisenstein at the piano, Prokofiev (photo).

Photos of the composer Igor Stravinsky - the average plan, leave, run over.

Photos of the founder of the new Soviet symphonic school, composer Miaskovsky.


Miaskovsky applause in the hall - the average plan.

Reel №2

Notes Myaskovsky's Sixth Symphony - close-up view.

In the Great Hall of the Conservatory Orchestra performs Myaskovsky's Sixth Symphony (synchronously) - conducts Gennady Provotorov - different plans, big plans for violin, cello, listening to different plans.

The orchestra stand, conductor bows - medium, large plans.

The people in front of the conservatory, are - different plans.

Italian composer F. Mannino rehearsing with the Symphony Orchestra of the Leningrad State Philharmonic cantata "The Triumph of Love" in the words of the Soviet poets (synchronously, replicas in Italian with translation) - close-up.

People climb the ladder - the average plan.

The general plan of the hall conservatory.

The orchestra and soloists - Swiss musicians Ursula and Heinz Holiger perform a concerto for oboe, Harp and the Orchestra of the Polish composer Witold Lutoslawski, conducted by MV Lutoslavsky, gives interviews (synchronously in Polish), stand next to D & H. Holiger - medium, large plans.

Interview of the oldest Slovak composer Eucheka Sukhona (synchronously in the Slovak language).

Interview of the Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki (synchronously in Polish).

Reel №3

At Shrouding chairs are musical instruments - the general plan.

K. Penderecki rehearses his concert with the Soviet violinist Gregory Zhislin and orchestra (synchronously)

Violin - close-up.

The orchestra applauded after the end of rehearsals, K. Penderecki and G. Zhislin bows - the average, the overall plans.

Cheering in the hall after the concert - the average plan view.

K. Penderecki and G. Zhislin leave the stage.

K. Penderecki down the stairs, accepts congratulations - the average, the overall plans, panorama.

Flowers on the score of K. Penderecki - close-up.

The streets of Moscow, the bridge - different plans.

The building of the Moscow City Council - an overall plan view.

The youngest participant of the festival, British composer Nigel Osborne, passes on Gorky Street, on Mayakovsky Square, suited to the building of the Theater of Satire - the average, the overall plans, panorama.

English singer Linda Hereth (in the Great Hall of the Conservatory) performs a song cycle N. Osborne "Hammer" in the words Esenina and Mayakovsky (synchronously in Russian) - the general plan, the departure, the average plan.

NN Osborne, listening, went to the scene.

Bows - the average, the overall plans, panorama.

The participants applauded - the average, the overall plans.

Performed cantata "The Triumph of Love" by F. Mannino: conducts F. Mannino, singing Tatiana Vinogradova (simultaneously in English).

Listen to the hall - different plans.

Reel №4

F. Mannino bows, he receives flowers - the general plan, departure.

The audience applaud - the average plan.

F. Mannino in an empty room gives interviews (synchronously in Italian) - an overall plan, leave, run over.

Monument PI Tchaikovsky - the general plan, impact.


with a steam locomotive train rides - the general plan.

Photos of the Romanian composer, conductor, violinist and pianist, George Enescu, Dmitry Shostakovich and Enescu.

Photos of the classic Hungarian music, composer and educator Zoltan Kodai, the largest Bulgarian Pancho Vladigerov musician, composer - Nino Rota (Italy), Andre Jolivet, and Henri Dutilleux (France), Alan Bush (England), a major English composer of our time, Benjamin Britten .

Newsreel 30-ies:

was the old French composer Georges Auric.

Space Moscow 30-ies - the overall plan.

Composites Hungarian Bela Bartok - the average plan.

Poster presentation about Bartók in Moscow in 1929

Photos Bartók - medium, large plans.


Opens the door to the room of the house-museum of Bartók, the room - the average plan, impact.

Monument Bartók in Budapest - close-up.

The building of the Bolshoi Theater - the average plan, impact.

Poster ballets "Bluebeard" and "Wooden Prince" - the average plan.

Ballet dancers Erica Luzin and Alexei Lazarev performing pas de deux from the ballet B. Bartok's "Wooden Prince" (synchronous) - an overall plan, run over, panorama.

The audience applaud - the general plan view.

Session composers round table, among them P. Argento, president of the Forum of Composers and the National Music Council USA Peter Mennini, and others - different plans.

Soloist Yaroslav Potmeshilova (Czechoslovakia) and Orchestra conducted by Dmitry Kitaenko perform "Fantasia for Organ and Orchestra" E. Sukhona (synchronously) - different plans.

Jesús Ortel soloist and orchestra performed "Dance Concert for guitar and orchestra" the Cuban composer Leo Braunera (synchronous) - an outline.

Indian musicians play "samples of classical music of India N. Menon on national instruments - strings and percussion (simultaneously) - the average plan.

Girls listen - the average plan.

Reel №5

Chorus and Orchestra conducted by Alexander Dmitriev in the Great Hall of the Conservatory perform "Les Noces" by Igor Stravinsky (synchronously) - different plans.

Music, pianists - big plans.

Photo by Igor Stravinsky - big plans.

Soloist Michael Khomitser and Orchestra perform "Concerto for Cello and Orchestra" Japanese composer Yasushi Akutagawa, conducted by Y. Akutagawa (synchronous) - large, medium plans.

Various plans listening, cheering.

Y. Akutagawa and M. Khomitser receives flowers - the average plan.

F. Mannino, Rodion Shchedrin, T. Khrennikov and other composers of different nationalities in the margins - different plans.

P. Mennini said about the festival (simultaneously in English) gives autographs - big plans.

Read the cameramen - panorama, close-up.

P. Mennini in the hall, clapping - medium, large plans.

Vietnamese composer Nguyen Sinh passes through the hall to the stage, greets with the performers - the average, the overall plans, panorama.

Vietnamese landscape - a river, the sunset over the river - the average plan.

Go on Vietnamese bicycles on the highway - the average plan view.

The village is a woman with baskets - an overall plan, departure.

The peasants working in the fields, planting rice - a common, average plans.

The boy goes to Buffalo - the average plan.

Houses on the banks of the river, boats on the river - middle distance, removed from the movement.

A street in the Vietnamese city, a fountain - the average plan view.

Children riding bicycles - the average plan.

Cuban composer Roberto Sanchez Ferrer and Spanish composer Carlos Palacio, in the square of the Bolshoi Theater on Victory Day - close-up.

Panorama - RS Ferrer gives interviews (synchronously in Spanish) - close-up, run over, departure.

Monument in Khatyn: flowers, stone inscriptions, sculptures from the men killed her son.

Bell - different plans.

Golf in Khatyn - the average plan.

Reel №6

LS.y CU.upny plans and listening in the Great Hall of the Conservatory.

Symphony Orchestra BP and CT performed oratorio "Khatyn" (synchronous) - LS.y plan, departure.

English composer N. Osborne is interviewed on the embankment of the Moscow River (simultaneously in English) - CU.upny plan, impact.

The Moscow River boat sails - MS.edny panorama.

Hotel "Russia" - CU.upny, MS.edny panorama.

President of the International Music Council of UNESCO Frank Kollouey and Nguyen Xin and other festival participants spoke at the conference - different plans.

Journalists write - CU.upny, MS.edny panorama.

The participants at the table - LS.y plan.

J. Akutagawa (simultaneously in Japanese) and K. Palacio (synchronously in Spanish) say about the festival.

Orchestra conducted by Vladimir Fedoseyev performs "Ode to Joy" by Aram Khachaturian (synchronous) - LS.y plan, departure, panorama.

CU.upnye ups of listeners of different nationalities.

Welcome composers E. Suhonen, K. Palacio, H. Akutagawa, Nguyen Xin, N. Osborne, W. Lutoslawski, R. Ferrer, soloists L. Hurst, W. and H. Holiger.