wait me 19.03.2007 (2007)

Telecast №85643, 1 part, duration: 0:41:04
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Shukshina Mariya, Kvasha Igorj.

Reel №1

In the studio, the presenters are Maria Shukshina, Igor Kvasha.

Video clip:

January 9, 2007 in Ukraine, in the Kirovograd region, a man disappeared-Ivan Stepanovich Makarenko, born in 1918.

In the morning Ivan Stepanovich left the house and did not return.

Neighbors and the bus driver talk about the missing Ivan Stepanovich.

Ivan Stepanovich's relatives ran around the village.

His photo was shown on the Ukrainian air, responses were received from the Kirovograd hospital, a very similar person lies with them.

The doctors are talking about Ivan Stepanovich.

Meeting of relatives in the hospital with Ivan Stepanovich.

Bleachers in the studio:

Spartak Mkrtchyan is looking for Mkrtchyan's son Armen born in 1992.

Armen disappeared in the summer of 2006 in Bryansk.

Victoria Kravtsova, looking for her brother, Vadim Kravtsov, born in 1969, who disappeared in 1997 in St.


The villager Tatiana is looking for Leonello Mengineli, born in 1939, with whom she has not seen since 1976.

Raisa Ivanovna Abdrakhmanova is looking for her daughter.

Forty years have passed since I was separated from my daughter.

Raisa Ivanovna meets in the studio with her daughter Stella, granddaughter Tamara, great-granddaughter Ksenia.


Marton Spritz from the United States is looking for William's brother.

In 1944, the whole family from Transcarpathia was put in wagons and taken to Auschwitz.

Martina thinks that her brother should be alive.

Video clip with the song "Wait for me" by the band "Doubldy" from Zaporozhye


The descendants of Alexey Ivanov, born in 1890, are wanted.

Relatives of Anatoly Lushnikov are wanted

Relatives of Semchenko Vitaly are wanted.

Participants of the defense of Sevastopol are wanted.

Pavel Chernobrisov is wanted.

Disappeared in 2005.

Kuldashev Shahrukh is wanted.

Disappeared in 2004.

Rustamov Sherbek is wanted.

Disappeared in 2002.

Klimuk Maryan is wanted.

Disappeared in 2003.

Sergey Korenkov is wanted.

Disappeared in 2006.

Bleachers in the studio:

Pavel Poymalov, looking for relatives of his grandfather, Pavel Poymalov.

Tatiana Farakhova, looking for a son, Yevgeny Farakhova, born in 1990, left home in the fall of 2006.

Svetlana Ponomareva, looking for her aunt, Nina Kamyshnikova, born in 1929.

She was brought up in the Oryol orphanage.

Ekaterina Kutateladze, looking for a childhood friend, Oleg Polishchuk, born in 1973.

Olga is looking for Fyodor.

We met in the summer, during a river cruise on the Volga River on the ship "Afanasy Nikitin".

They only talked for three days.

We went to discos together, went on excursions.

He gave her his phone number, but the connection was cut off.

Olga didn't remember his last name, but she thought she did remember the cabin number: 112.

Fyodor rode in cabin 109.

Meeting in the studio of Olga and Fedor.

Photos of the missing:

Sasha Vasilyeva.

The photo was taken shortly before her disappearance, in 2004.

Sasha was then five years old - she disappeared in the courtyard of her own house.

The relatives of this person are asked to find the doctors of one of the hospitals.

According to their patient, he graduated from the command naval school and served on the cruisers "Saratov"and " Kirov".

Albert Gubaidulin.

He left his home in Ufa in January 2005.

A year later, a strange package of books on dianetics arrived in his father's name.

His parents attribute this to his disappearance.

Mikhail Vladimirovich Khilkevich.

His wife writes that they were in Moscow together, buying something.

We caught a car to go home.

He went out to buy cigarettes.

And he was gone.

Galina Vyacheslavovna Pril, born in 1943.

Her son, who last saw her in 1977 in Uzbekistan, is looking for her.

Rinat Gafurov, born in 1964.

He disappeared on August 7, 2006 in Buguruslan.

Valery Rozhkov, born in 1983. On February 23, last year, he left home to visit a friend, and the next day he sent his mother a message by SMS that he decided to live independently and turned off the phone.

Mom doesn't know what to think.

Victor Oliveiro came to the studio to find his father,Edgar Oliveiro from Angola, who was studying to be a pilot in the Soviet Union in 1983.

In Tokmak, Edgar met a nurse-Zhenya Smelyanskaya.

In 1985, his son Vitya was born.

When the boy was about two years old, Edgar was forced to return to his homeland.

Edgar promised to settle down and come back - to take his wife and son to Angola.

Five years later, Edgar came for his son.

But the son was not given to Edgar, he returned to Angola and since then, nothing has been known about him.

Videopismo: Edgar Oliveiro's story about the war in Angola, an appeal to his son Vkitor.

The search engines found Edgar.

Meeting in the studio of Victor Oliveiro with the father of Edgar Oliveiro.

Videopismo: Grandmother Lydia's appeal to Victor.

The host says goodbye to the audience.

Calendar: 19.03.2007

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