Leningrad chronicles № 18 (1965)

Newsreel №86875, 1 part, duration: 0:10:13
Production: LSDF
Director:L. Izakson
Camera operators:Ya. Blyumberg, N. Vinogradskij, Ya. Grinberg, B. Kozirev, O. Luchinin, S. Maslennikov, Yu. Nikolaev, A. Pavlov, G. Simonov, R. Shevalje
Other authors:D. Pugachev


The issue is devoted to various aspects of the life of Leningrad.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Transportation of large-sized parts in the shop of the Leningrad Metal Plant.

The production process.

Removal of the impeller for the turbine of the Krasnoyarsk HPP from the workshop.

Transportation of one of the wheels on rails through the streets of the city.

Loading the wheel on the ship.

View of one of the transport trolleys (from below).

The faces of the engineers.

Internal view of the turbine wheel.

View of the evening Neva River with a raised bridge.

People are leaning against the parapet of the Neva embankment.

Transportation of a barge with a turbine wheel on the Neva River.

The wheel on the deck of the lighter "Lodma".

The lighter passes under a raised bridge.

View of the part of Nevsky Prospekt during the white nights, the entrance to the metro.

One of the metro trains is returning to the depot.

View of one of the cars (from below).

The inspectors check the components and assemblies of the metro train.

Automatic external washing of cars.

The metro train passes through Moika.

View of one of the stations of the Leningrad metro.

Cleaning of the station.

Dedusting of the station's decorative elements.

Employees of the microclimate service on the escalator.

Determination of the air parameters at the station.

The dispatcher of Kilichenkov checks the operation of control devices, turns off the power supply.

A team of track workers repairs and puts rail fasteners in order.

The first passengers enter the station in the morning.

Boarding passengers in subway cars.

The metro train leaves the station.

View of a part of the bridge under construction across the Neva River on Malaya Okhta.

One of the pillars of the bridge under construction.

Surveyor at work.

View of the bridge under construction (from above).

The winch drum rotates.

Panorama of construction.

Part of the process of installing the last span of the bridge.

Installation of support fasteners.

View of the bridge under construction.

A hydrofoil boat passes under the bridge.

Seeing off Leningrad student detachments to the virgin land to help with harvesting.

Students sing a song with a guitar, students ' faces.

Students say goodbye to their relatives.

The train starts moving, the mourners wave goodbye.

Young pianist Igor Lazko performs Bach's "Toccata" on the piano in the hall of the Leningrad Philharmonic.

Teenagers are resting on the riverbank, playing ball.

Lazko is among friends with a fishing rod in his hands.

Lazko and his friends leave the shore.

Lazko finishes the performance of "Toccata".

Lazko's teacher, Professor Serebryakov P. A., applauds his student.

People in the hall applaud.

Lazko bows in front of the hall, receives a bouquet of flowers.

A cup intended to be awarded to the winner of a gymnastics competition.

View of the cup awarding ceremony (from above).

The fans applaud.

The ceremony of sending off for the coaching work of gymnast Muratova S. I.

The faces of young gymnasts.

Muratova with a cup in her hands.

The pioneers present the gymnasts with bouquets of flowers.

Performances of the participants of the competition.

Gymnast Astakhova P. G. performs exercises on the horizontal bar and uneven bars.

The fans applaud.

Performance of the young gymnast N. A. Kuchinskaya.

Astakhova's performance of exercises on a log, Kuchinskaya's face.

The fans applaud.

Kuchinskaya's speech with the performance of exercises on a log, Astakhova's face.

Presentation of awards to Kuchinskaya and Astakhova.

The face of an applauding cheerleader.

Astakhova with the winner's cup.


Lazjko Igorj Alekseevich -- pianist, music teacher Serebryakov Pavel Alekseevich -- pianist, music teacher Muratova Sofjya Ivanovna -- gymnast, coach Astahova Polina Grigorjevna -- gymnast Kuchinskaya Nataljya Aleksandrovna -- gymnast

Calendar: 1965

Locations: Leningrad [848]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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