Leningrad chronicles № 25 (1959)

Newsreel №86992, 1 part, duration: 0:09:59
Production: LSDF
Director:V. Solovcov
Camera operators:Ya. Blyumberg, A. Bogorov, V. Glass, S. Maslennikov, A. Pavlov, R. Shevalje, V. Krogis
Other authors:V. Rabinovich


The issue is dedicated to the achievements of the workers of Leningrad, the tour of the Italian puppet Theater and the celebration of the 1100th anniversary of Novgorod.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Type of construction of CHPP No. 14.

Views of the installation site (top).

Transportation of concrete structures for the construction of a boiler house.

Lifting parts with a reinforced chevron.

The face of the foreman of installers Pleskachev.

The process of lifting concrete columns, Pleskachev gives signals to the crane operator.

Installers install the column, the faces of the workers.

Welder at work.

Engineers are discussing a new way to install concrete columns.

View of the installed column.

Products of the Electropult plant.

Plastic parts required for the manufacture of electrical switchboards and control panels.

The process of manual processing of cast and stamped parts.

Final processing of parts on a new semi-automatic machine.

The creator of the machine tool locksmith V. F. Matveev in the design office of the plant.

Matveev studies the drawing of the machine he created.

Matveev is working on a new machine tool.

Matveev's face.

Operation of the chain drive of the machine.

Matveev advises his workmates.

Panorama of a part of a corn field with a state farm named after him.


Link Tuzova and brigadier Grishenkova inspect the corn, assess the prospects of the new crop, the faces of Tuzova and Grishenkova.

Harvesting with a trailed combine harvester.

First-graders sit at their desks in the classroom of school No. 195.

Children's faces.

panorama of the class, children at their desks.

Teacher S. A. Sergievskaya congratulates students on the beginning of their studies.

Chemistry lesson in the 11th grade.

High school students Sveshnikov and Verevitinov conduct chemical experiments.

The grinder of the machine-building plant Fedorova begins a class on industrial training in the shop of the plant, shows the girls the production.

Sveshnikov works on a planing machine.

The girls work independently on the machines.

I. Burundukova, who received the qualification of a grinder, at work.

Girls at the machines.

High school students in the school corridor during recess.

A fragment of the puppet show of the Italian puppet theater "Piccoli di Podrecca", which is on tour in Leningrad.

The audience in the hall applauds.

Musical puppet number from the repertoire of the theater.

Artists bow to the audience, the audience welcomes them with applause.

Novgorod is 1100 years old.

View of the Novgorod Kremlin.

Orthodox churches and historical monuments of Novgorod.

Monument to Alexander Nevsky in Novgorod.

People at the pedestal of the monument to the 1000th anniversary of Russia.

View of the monument.

New streets and buildings of Novgorod, a portrait of Lenin on the building of the city administration.

Panorama of the meeting hall of the anniversary session of the regional Council of Workers ' Deputies, held in the city theater.

First Secretary of the Novgorod City Committee of the CPSU Malyutin speaks from the rostrum with a report.

The deputies applaud.

Types of the meeting hall and the presidium.

From the rostrum, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR Novikov, Secretary of the Leningrad City Committee of the CPSU Kondrashov.

Kondrashov shakes hands with the members of the presidium.

Pioneers present flowers to the members of the presidium.

Guests from neighboring regions and cities give gifts to the members of the presidium.

View of the meeting room.

The central square of Novgorod, filled with people.

Performance of folk groups on the square in honor of the 1100th anniversary of Novgorod.

The faces of the citizens.

Ride on the rides in the city park.

People walk along the bank of the Volkhov.

Festive evening fireworks in the sky over Novgorod.

Calendar: 1959

Locations: Leningrad [848] Leningrad region [785] Novgorod region [791]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

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