Leningrad chronicles № 12 (1964)

Newsreel №87035, 1 part, duration: 0:10:17
Production: LSDF
Director:V. Solovcov
Camera operators:A. Bogorov, N. Vinogradskij, Ya. Grinberg, A. Dobbeljt, A. Ivanov, B. Kozirev, S. Maslennikov, R. Shevalje
Other authors:D. Pugachev


The issue is dedicated to various aspects of the life of Leningrad and the Leningrad region on the eve of the 94th anniversary of the birth of V. I. Lenin.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A loyal Leninist.

Portrait of Khrushchev N. S. in the newspaper "Pravda", the text of Khrushchev's congratulations on his 70th birthday.

The text of the Decree on awarding Khrushchev the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, published in Pravda.

Khrushchev N. S. and Brezhnev L. I. before the ceremony of awarding the Gold Star medal to Khrushchev, Khrushchev greets the members of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee.

Brezhnev announces the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Khrushchev is standing next to him, M. P. Georgadze is behind him.

Members of the Politburo applaud, among them - N. A. Kosygin.

Brezhnev congratulates Khrushchev on the high award, hugs him.

Suslov M. A., Kosygin A. N., Voronov G. I., Podgorny N. V. among the applauding members of the Politburo.

Brezhnev attaches the award to the lapel of Khrushchev's jacket.

Khrushchev speaks with words of gratitude for the award.

The guests present in the hall applaud.

President of the Czech SSR Novotny A., Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Romanian People's Republic Maurer J. G., Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the MPR Tsedenbal Yu., present Khrushchev with awards of their countries, guests applaud, among the guests Gromyko A. A., Voroshilov K. E.

Khrushchev drinks milk from a bowl presented by Tsedenbal.

Ulbricht V. presents Khrushchev with the Order of Karl Marx.

T. Zhivkov presents Khrushchev with the Bulgarian Order.

Those present at the ceremony applaud.

Khrushchev thanks Zhivkov.

Views of the presidium and the hall of the solemn meeting in honor of the 94th anniversary of the birth of V. I. Lenin.

The first secretary of the Leningrad Industrial Regional Committee of the CPSU, V. S. Tolstikov, opens the meeting.

Persons of the participants of the meeting.

The third secretary of the Leningrad Industrial Regional Committee of the CPSU Bogdanov speaks from the rostrum with a report on Lenin (synchronously), the faces of the participants of the meeting.

Types of the hall and the presidium of the meeting.

The participants of the meeting applaud Bogdanov at the end of the report.

One of the participants of the meeting reads a welcome letter to the Central Committee of the CPSU from the rostrum.

People in the hall applaud, stand up.

Panorama of the rally on the occasion of the opening of the Museum-apartment of V. I. Lenin on Civil Street.

Speeches of the rally participants.

A memorial plaque in honor of Lenin on the wall of the house.

Types of meetings.

The sister of Peter Zaporozhets - Maria Kuzminichna Zaporozhets performs.

View of the rally and the memorial plaque.

View of the corner end of the house on Shirokaya Street, where Lenin lived in 1917.

A memorial plaque on the wall of the house.

The interior of Lenin's room.

Newspapers on the desk.

Books on the shelves.

Issues of the newspaper "Pravda".

The texts of Lenin's articles.

Copies of Lenin's manuscripts, "April theses".

Photos on the wall.

Photo of Lenin speaking at a meeting of the soldiers ' section of the Petrograd Soviet in April 1917.

A sign with the name of the All-Union Oil Geological Exploration Research Institute.

Employees of the Institute are working on maps of mineral deposits.

Employees of the Institute Nalivkin V. D. and Osyka T. I. at work.

Physicists - winners of the Lenin Prize Heritov D. N., Ryvkin S. M., Rogachev A.D. and Tsarenkov B. V. discuss a scientific problem.

Otolaryngologist Khilov K. L. conducts an examination of a patient who has lost her hearing.

Theater and film actor N. K. Cherkasov, sitting at a table in his office, thanks the Party and the government for awarding him the Lenin Prize (synchronously).

Production processes in the workshops of the Leningrad Metal Plant.

Assembly of a new gas furnace for heat treatment of parts of giant turbines.

Installing the oven lid.

The dispatcher is at the oven control panel.

Engineers monitor the readings of temperature control devices.

The dispatcher is at the remote control.

View of the furnace part (from above).

Arrival of potato growers of the Moscow region to the state farm "Detskoselsky".

The first secretary of the Leningrad Rural Regional Committee of the CPSU, G. I. Kozlov, opens a meeting of mechanized potato-growing units.

Persons of the meeting participants.

A potato grower from the Moscow region, V. Kozlov, speaks from the rostrum.

An employee of the Central Machine-testing station B. Makashov draws a diagram on the blackboard.

B. Makashov speaks from the rostrum, the faces of the participants of the meeting.

The sculptor Pinchuk V. B. is working on the creation of a monumental sculpture of V. I. Lenin, Pinchuk's face.

Paintings by the artist Belov Yu. V. on the Lenin theme.

Belov is working on the painting "Lenin at the Putilovites" in one of the halls of the museum, the face of Belov.

Fragments of the picture.


Hruschyov Nikita Sergeevich -- statesman and politician Brezhnev Leonid Iljich -- statesman and politician Georgadze Mihail Porfirjevich -- statesman and politician Kosigin Aleksej Nikolaevich -- statesman and politician Suslov Mihail Andreevich -- statesman and politician Podgornij Nikolaj viktorovich -- statesman and politician Voronov Gennadij Ivanovich -- statesman and politician Novotnij Antonin -- Czechoslovak statesman and politician Maurer Jon George -- Romanian statesman Cedenbal Yumzhagijn -- Mongolian statesman and politician Uljbriht Valjter -- German statesman and politician Zhivkov Todor Hristov -- Bulgarian statesman and politician Tolstikov Vasilij Sergeevich -- statesman and politician Kozlov Grigorij Ivanovich -- statesman and politician Nalivkin Vasilij Dmitrievich -- scientist-geologist Nasledov Dmitrij Nikolaevich -- physicist Rivkin Solomon Meerovich -- physicist Rogachev Aleksandr Aleksandrovich -- physicist Carenkov Boris Vasiljevich -- physicist Hilov Konstantin Ljvovich -- otolaryngologist, surgeon Cherkasov Nikolaj konstantinovich -- theater and film actor Pinchuk Veniamin Borisovich -- muralist-sculptor Belov Yurij Vladimirovich -- artist, painter

Calendar: 1964

Locations: Leningrad [848] Leningrad region [785]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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