Leningrad chronicles № 36 (1963)

Newsreel №87070, 1 part, duration: 0:10:14
Production: LSDF
Director:N. Kononov
Camera operators:A. Bogorov, V. Valdajcev, M. Derdulj, B. Kozirev, S. Maslennikov, Yu. Nikolaev, K. Stankevich, G. Trofimov, A. Fishman
Other authors:G. Borisov


The issue is dedicated to the visits of the Czechoslovak and South Vietnamese delegations to Leningrad, the achievements of the workers of Leningrad and the region, and preparations for the celebration of the New Year.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The building of the Palace of Labor in Leningrad.

Types of the Presidium and the hall of the Soviet-Czechoslovak Friendship Party.

The faces of the participants of the event.

The Czechoslovak delegate speaks from the rostrum.

The participants of the evening applaud.

The chandelier above the presidium table.

National flags of the Czechoslovak Republic and the USSR.

Meeting of the members of the party and government delegation of the Czechoslovak Republic.

The head of the delegation-Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Czechoslovak Republic I. Gendrich greets those who meet him, leaving the train car.

Delegates walk along the platform.

Czechoslovak delegates inspect the shipyards and workshops of the Baltic Plant.

Rally in honor of the Soviet-Czechoslovak friendship in one of the workshops of the plant.

Production leaders speak from the podium.

Jan Piller makes a speech in response.

Presentation by the Czechoslovak delegate of a painting depicting the tanker "Prague".

Heinrich gives the shipbuilders a crystal vase as a gift.

Henry applauds from the podium.

View of the rally (top).

Members of the Czechoslovak delegation lay a wreath at the monument at the Piskarevskoye Memorial Cemetery.

Czechoslovak guests during a tour of Smolny, view of the Lenin memorial cabinet.

Henry is among the members of the delegation.

Exhibits and paintings in the Smolny Museum.

Cruiser "Aurora" on the Neva.

The commander of the cruiser gives Hendrich a report.

Czechoslovak delegates inspect the tank gun of the cruiser, from which the signal shot was given to the beginning of the assault on the Winter Palace.

Seeing off the Czechoslovak delegation at the airport, the pioneers present the delegates with bouquets of flowers.

Heinrich waves a bouquet of flowers at the plane's exit, and the mourners wave back.

The plane taxies to the runway.

View of one of the greenhouses of the state farm.


The party organizer reads the report of N. S. Khrushchev to the workers of the greenhouse complex, the faces of the workers.

Watering vegetable seedlings in one of the greenhouses.

The master of the greenhouse plant A. S. Vasilkova speaks about the approval of the decisions of the Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU on the further chemization of agriculture (synchronously).

Internal view of the greenhouse part.

Harvesting carrots.

View of one of the laboratories of the Leningrad Research Institute of Galurgy.

The laboratory staff conducts research on the extraction of potash salts from the ore.

Part of the chemical process, the faces of the institute's employees.

Employees Smirnov and Mammadov conduct research on the electrostatic enrichment of ore.

The process of cleaning the fertilizer from impurities and granulating in the plant developed by Smirnov and Mammadov.

Internal views of the workshop of the artificial fiber plant for the development of a new synthetic material-vinol.

The process of creating a vinyl.

The secretary of the party committee of the plant A.V. Kalenova examines the finished vinol threads.

Kalenova talks with one of the workers.

The fibers of vinol are in the hands of Kalenova.

Production processes in the shop, the operation of the equipment.

Internal view of the control room.

Winding the needle on the spool.

Members of the delegation of South Vietnam during the inspection of the workshops of the plant "Krasny Vyborzhets".

Members of the delegation welcome the workers of the plant.

Participants of the friendship rally applaud.

Representatives of the plant speak from the podium.

Participants of the rally applaud.

The head of the delegation, Professor Nguyen Van Tae speaks from the podium, the rally participants applaud.

Delegation member Nguyen Minh Fong speaks from the podium.

Presentation of the battle banner of the South Vietnamese partisans to the factory workers.

Passenger plane after landing.

View of the airport building.

Representatives and management of Aeroflot welcome pilot N. I. Sharapov and congratulate him on the 30th anniversary of his work in the air fleet.

Presentation of the award to Sharapov.

Friends and colleagues give Sharapov gifts and congratulate him on his anniversary.

Sharapov's face.

Sharapov thanks for the congratulations.

Sharapov, along with the crew members, goes to the plane.

The plane under the command of Sharapov goes on another flight.

The bus goes through the streets of Leningrad.

The face of the driver V. Alexandrov.

Passengers in the bus cabin.

New Year's decoration of buildings in Leningrad, people on the streets of the city.

Artists of the student amateur puppet theater demonstrate kuol to the participants of the New Year's event.

A lion in a cage at the Leningrad Zoo.

Theater artists with a lion doll at the cage.

Making new animal dolls for the New Year's performance.

Fragments of the puppet show "Dean-Pelican", the faces of the audience.

Fragments of a new number with a satirical New Year's concert.

Christmas trees on the streets of Leningrad.


Gendrih Irzhi -- Czechoslovak statesman and politician Piller Yan -- Czechoslovak statesman and politician

Calendar: 1963

Locations: Leningrad [848] Leningrad region [785]

Seasons: Winter [823]

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