Questions and Answers. (1982)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Stepanova R.

Script writers: Livshin A.

Operators: Kolobrodov A.


Answers to questions of foreign TV viewers: 1. Is there any private property in the USSR? 2. How is the principle of freedom of consciousness is implemented in the USSR? 3. Can any Soviet woman take a manager position?

Domestic policy


Temporary description

1h. Described the different forms of ownership in the USSR: the personal and collective. Life and life in the collective farms. 2h. The life of Archbishop Pitirim, thought archbishop on the subject: whether there is freedom of conscience in the Soviet Union. 3h. Story about the life and work of the factory's director of children's books ND Nazarova, etc.

Reel №1

Letters sent from different countries to the Soviet radio and television.

Passers-by on the streets.

Street Gorky, Kalinin Prospekt; plant ball.

The high-rise building.


Cooperative apartment.

Private House - Cottage.

Small tractor mowing the grass.

Villa in a pine forest.

Woman gathers berries of mountain ash in your area.

Birch Grove.

Village in the mountains.

Kolkhoz Suvorov Chernigov region (Ukraine): harvesting corn.

Passing tractors with headlights on.

I. Bodnaryuk kolkhoz chairman and chief agronomist, MI Vokaryuk talk about the kolkhoz (synchronous)

stacks of wheat in the field.

Combine removes tomatoes.

The herds of cows and sheep.

Ukrainian landscape.


Children come home from school.

Houses in the central square of the kolkhoz.

The meeting farmers, advocates I. BondarjukT.O.

Music School.

House of Culture.



Bukovinsky embroiders embroidery.

The bride and groom, the young leads dance.

Reel №2

They come passersby.

The building of the church.

House of Prayer Baptist.


Mosque, praying Muslims.

Pskov-Pechora monastery, the bell ringer.

Archbishop Volokolamsky Pitirim (Konstantin Nechaev) at home, the fireplace, place, gives an interview (synchronously).

Photo K. Nechayeva in childhood, in youth, photos of his brothers and sisters.

The ritual of dressing Patriarch Alexy.

Solemn procession in Zagorsk; are seminarians.

Seminarians Moscow Theological Academy, listen to a lecture by the Archbishop Pitirim.

Publishing House of the Moscow Patriarchate.

Session of the Editorial Board.

Archbishop Pitirim at the meeting in his office, plays the cello, drinking tea, inspects the restoration of the Temple of the Resurrection Slavuschego.

Church books, icons.

Artists at work.

The ritual of dressing Archbishop Pitirim.

People in the church.

Member of the Council of the Union of Soviet Friendship Societies, vice president of the society "of the USSR - Italy" Archbishop Pitirim goes into building the USSF (Moscow), speaks with foreign guests, speaks at the International Conference for the salvation of the sacred gift of life from a nuclear holocaust, there is a other priest in the city.

Kalinin Prospekt, a report on the streets of Moscow.

Reel №3

Letters to the radio.

Director of Children's Book Factory ND Nazarova talking with children.

Shop factory, working machine, conveyor.

ND Nazarov and department heads at the meeting.

ND Nazarova with working women, talks about the factory (synchronous)

Department inspector checks the book.

Drafting Room.

ND Nazarova interview with artist Ilya Glazunov.

Children's books, produced in a factory, book illustrations.

The Deputy Minister of Health of the USSR, vice president of the society "of the USSR - Finland" E. Ch Novikova home with my family, a girl reading a book.

E. Ch Novikova puts grandchildren, talking about himself (synchronously).

The Ministry of Health, Charles E. Novikov in his study meets the Finnish delegation.

Photos at the XI All-Union Congress of Pediatricians (synchronously).

The student doctors at the lecture.

E. C. Novikov lectures.

Children's Clinic, a baby with his parents in the clinic.

Doctors with young patients.

Kids swim in the pool.

E. Ch Novikova with doctors in the ward (Institute of Pediatrics of the Academy of Medical Sciences) examine the premature baby.

A mother feeds her child.

Carriages in clinics.

A child in a wheelchair.

Pass people on the street.