Festive rallies and demonstrations in Russia and the Soviet Union (1917-1923)

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Scene №1 Festive rallies and demonstrations in Russia and the Soviet Union

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The column of demonstrators in Petrograd on may 1, 1917 bear the slogans of the introduction of workers ' control.

It takes a column of representatives of the peoples of Central Asia and the Caucasus with the slogan of self-determination of Nations.

View of the Nevsky prospect during the demonstration.

It takes a column of children.

Types of Palace square during a may day rally 1917.

VI Lenin among the delegates to the 2 Congress of the Communist international July 19, 1920, before the meeting in the Tauride Palace, next to Lenin - Zorin, S. S. and lashevich mm

Congress delegates go to a meeting in Tauride Palace.

Lenin in the Presidium of the meeting ready for action, the panorama hall of the Tauride Palace, the delegates applauded.

2 delegates Congress of the Comintern out of the Tauride Palace after the meeting.

The truck with the soldiers of the Petrograd universal military training should be on a may day demonstration in 1923.

The types of Nevsky Prospekt (Avenue October 25) during the procession of representatives of Komsomol and youth organizations (above).

The columns of the pioneer representatives of the organizations marching along Nevsky Prospekt (the top).

Columns of demonstrators are passing by the platform installed on the Uritsky square (Palace).

Columns of demonstrators on the approach to the Uritsky square.

Drove truck with protesters sitting in the back.

The columns are the pioneer and Komsomol organizations, passing truck growth charts production.

Moving propaganda truck with posters on the back, followed by a column of schoolchildren.

View the rostrum on Uritsky square.

The columns of demonstrators.

Panorama of the field of Mars in Petrograd during the execution of the staging, the audience faces, fragment of a speech of another artistic group.

Brass band plays.

Panorama of the stage during another performance.

Scenes from the mysteries of Lunacharsky, set in Petrograd in 1920, faces the audience.

Panorama of the final scene of the mystery.


Vladimir Lenin [841] -- state and political figure Zorin Sergej Semenovich -- state and political figure Lashevich Mihail Mihajlovich -- political and military leader

Calendar: 01.05.1917 19.07.1920 01.05.1923

Locations: Petrograd [959] Moscow [820]

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824]

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