Ahead of People, Together with People.. (1984)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
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Director: Sarakhatunov B., Sarakhatunov B.

Script writers: Sarakhatunov B.

Operators: Usanov V.


The film is about the activity of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Historical background

A film about the activities of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, its role in the October Revolution, the Civil War, industrialization, collectivization, electrification countries HN, victory in the Great Patriotic War, the restoration hozyayst Islands, in modern life. The film features numerous newsreels.

Temporary description

1 6chch. Using newsreels, paintings, photographs, museum exhibits, tells the story of the USSR, from 1903 to 1980, the city of revolution, civil war, industrialization and collectivization, World War II, the postwar economic recovery. 5-6 hrs Propaganda socialist system. The advantages of socialism: social benefits and guarantees.

Reel №1

Red Square - LS., PNRM. (Helicopter, early winter).

February 1981

XXVI Congress of the CPSU delegates in the hall of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, talk on the sidelines - different.

People go up the escalator to the lobby of the Palace - LS., PNRM.

PNRM. the room, present applauded - LS., PNRM.

PNRM. on the presidium of the congress - LS.

Painting «II Party Congress" (with performances of young Lenin) - MS., CU., Departure.

Police shift archival documents - MS.

Boxes with the affairs of the State Archives - MS., PNRM.

Cases of revolutionaries, photos, hit a photo VI Lenin - CU., PNRM.

Book VI Lenin: "Materialism and Empiric", "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back," "What to do" and other publications in different years, before and after the revolution - CU., PNRM.

Caption: "For Soviet Power» - MS.

Newsreel 1917:

In the crowd throwing leaflets from the house of the royal coat of arms churning, remove the sign with the arms, falling into a monument to the king split window; revolutionaries out of jail, the people welcomed.

Speakers to speak at meetings, listen to the people in the squares, in the balcony.

Social Democrat Menshevik Skobelev smiles, bows.

Go soldiers with banners "Hello comrades in chains."

Picture: VI Lenin of the floor - MS.

Photo: Members of the Provisional Government, and people are reading in the dugouts, the soldiers sit, read newspapers, smoke, dead soldiers - MS., CU.

Newsreel of the 10-ies.:

Demonstration of the power of the Soviets: are people with slogans, are the crowds with slogans.

The shooting of demonstrators troops of the Provisional Government, were killed.

The convoy is arrested, they are put into the cars.

Arrested in prison.

Defeated headquarters RSDLP.

Photo: made-up by the working VI Lenin - CU., PNRM.

Newsreel of the 10-ies.:

Police horse.

Are members of the Provisional Government.

The crowd of protesters with banners.

Neva embankment, bridge.

Winter Petrograd.

Buzzing tone.

Go to the revolutionary workers.

Distribution rifles, soldiers and workers are coming out with their rifles, get in the car.

Are soldiers and sailors.

Sailors loaded ammunition.

October 1917: workers go to the banner, enter the Smolny.

Storming of the Winter.

Soldiers exiting the Smolny.

Picture: VI Lenin speaks to workers and soldiers - MS.

Photo: Members of the first Soviet government - LS., Departure.

VI Lenin - CU., Departure

Hall, which hosted the first congress of the Soviets, the portrait of VI Lenin chairs - LS., PNRM., CU.

Reel №2

Photo: Stand and sit soldiers with guns.

Newsreel 1918:

The occupied Russian city wheeling German guns, is built by German soldiers.

Go refugees, people on the roof of the train, the soldiers.

Children in a ditch; nurse feeds a hungry child, children get bread, eat it in freight car.

The painting "Lenin's Walkers» - MS.

Photo of Lenin - CU., Hitting.

Newsreel of the 10-20's.:

Rich peasants believe in the accounts.

Soldiers make crosses in the cemetery.

Soldiers crawling through mounds hiding.

Soldiers shot, get out of the trench, attacking.

The signing of the Brest peace.

Fraternization German and Russian soldiers - running, cuddling, changing helmets freeze.

Disruption of the country: the fallen pillars, people make heaps, digging, etc.

Attack of the White army are tanks, armored cars.

White Guards stand, walk on the field, go system, with portraits and orchestra.

The landing of foreign troops on the Soviet territory: are the British and other foreign soldiers, military ship floats; interveners take the train, saw them off.

Animation: Map of Soviet Russia during the Civil War.

Newsreel of the 10-20's.:

Red Army records in the Red Army, the Red Army are being built; military training.

Photo: Red for guns, with weapons on a cart.

Newsreel of the 10-20's.:

District Committee building with boarded-up door, the words "The regional committee is closed, all went to the front."

Red commanders on horseback.


Red Army soldiers dragged gun, machine gun shoots.

Amphibious landings.

Race carts, horse (in different places).

White officer baptized.

Shooting men Whites, are corpses hanging.

Photo: Red dressed in rags and windings, men with spears.

Newsreel of the 10-20's.:

Counter resistance: fire, people running, shooting out of the window, firing a machine gun.

Riddled windows, walls, corpses.

Pick up and bandage the wounded.


Photos VI Lenin, Felix Dzerzhinsky - CU., Hitting.

Newsreel of the 10-20's.:

Soldiers get in the car.

Inspection of weapons.

Guns on the wall, confiscated weapons.

Are arrested saboteurs.

A crowd of people.

VI Lenin in the Kremlin courtyard with VD Bonch-Bruevich (October 1918).

Farmers sign a document.

Work in the shop.

Burning torch.

Working driven car, tighten the nut.

Spin the wheel, is a locomotive.

People on the streets of European cities.

Chanting revolutionary people (in Germany?) (1918-1919.).

Rip flag, on the water.

People on the street - waving, carrying placards, go by car.


Armored train rides.

Mortgage projectile fired; gun fires, gunshots, rushes cavalry.

On the way, go carts.

Push off the boat with the American invaders.

Red Army soldiers stand with flags.

Commander Frunze takes the salute.

Red Pass, carry guns.

Horse rides.

Red Army soldiers are at the parade on Red Square.

VI Lenin speaks at a parade from the rostrum passes.

Reel №3

Caption: "According to the plans of Lenin."

Newsreel of the 10-20's.:

VI Lenin, in different years (talking, waving, playing in the hall, on the square, the monument "Emancipation of Labour", etc.

A crowd of people in the square.

Demonstrators held with slogans.

Meeting in the Georgian village - different., Face - CU.

Photos MI Kalinin.

Newsreel of the 10-20's.:

Delegates to the first All-Union Congress of Soviets (of different nationalities).

An iconic area of ​​old Moscow, the Kremlin.

The first five-year plan: record of volunteer builders, followed by people with suitcases.

Steelworkers at work.

Workers carry a stretcher.

Factory workshop.

The village, peasants plow.

Women reap.

Planting beets and other seedlings.

Construction of a canal in Central Asia, followed by people with picks.

The young man in sandals reads his desk.

Geography lesson and other classes in the educational program.

Uzbek-teacher at the blackboard.

Women learn to read.

Distribute books to children, the children folded letter.

Photo VI Lenin mourning frame - CU.

Newsreel 1924:

Funeral VI Lenin carry the coffin, people watch (winter).

NK Krupskaya, FE Dzerzhinsky, SM Budyonny funerals.

Lenin's call: People Have a party.

Photos Communist Lenin Enrolment in the magazine.

Plant, moving trucks, the workers at work.

Plan and map GOERLO.

Newsreel of the 20's and 30's.:

Is the train the women in turbans on the train.

Mass rally.

Passing the first (on some part of the road) train plastered with people.

The opening of the Dnieper, MI Kalinin at the opening and delivers Sergo Ordzhonikidze, construction (short plans).

Discovery channel in Central Asia, is water, the people rejoice - CU.

Since the plant leaves tractor.

Village: the first tractor breaks wooden plow.

Argue peasants - CU.

Peasants to distribute literature, a man reads.

Communist workers who leave the village, the mourners in cars; train departs.

Record peasants into collective farms.

Ploughing on captured tank.

Goes the first tractor in the field, followed by people with placards.

Farmers applaud - Newsreel and freeze.

Celebration of the first furrow.

Watch the peasants.

Tractors spend sitting.

Farmers vote.

Woman includes a switch.

Man screwed the bulb.

Happy faces of the peasants of all ages.

Illuminated Village.

Ukrainian miner Alexei Stakhanov the work coming out of the mine, the miners and others welcome, applauding.

Work "Stakhanovite"; Busilin blacksmith, weaver, tractor, etc.

Angelina P. woman, woman-beet growers.

Animation: the route non-stop flight across the North Pole to America.

Newsreel 30's.:

Flying aircraft.

Americans welcome the Soviet pilots flew.

CU. plans Chkalov, A. Belyakov, H. Baydukova; pilots photographed.

-Polar "Papanintsev" with a banner waving.

A solemn meeting "papanintsev" in Moscow: passing cars, spilling leaflets.

Reel №4

The inscription "Communists, forward!".

Newsreel of the 30's:

Moscow Street, moving tram.

Horse-drawn carriage rides.

PNRM. on the power line.

Fountains of Peterhof.

The parade of athletes.

German planes are flying, diving plane, explosions, fire, aircraft fly past flags with swastikas.

Marching Nazis.

Pass and greet Hitler, Goering and others

German soldiers look into the distance.

Newsreel 1941:

Burn bundles chimney against the smoke, street fighting.

German planes take off and shoot from a plane explosion.

German tank commander looks through binoculars.

German tanks go.

Animation: Map of the German attack on the USSR.

Snowy Moscow during the war; trams in the street; snowy Kremlin.

A poster with the NDP "The Motherland Calls!".

Newsreel 1941:

November 7 parade on Red Square, IV Stalin, SM Budyonny on the mausoleum.

Manufacturing ammunition, aircraft and other weapons, are women.

The tanks come from the factory.

Moving trains with guns and tanks.

Offensive near Moscow: shooting guns, Soviet soldiers fleeing the attack, explosions.

Snowy field with a broken German technology.

Are German prisoners.

Burning aircraft with a swastika.

Soldiers running the tanks.

Airplanes on the field.

Is a tank.

Soldiers on a tank to enter the city.

Shooting a machine gun.

Trains and cars (the plane).

Columns of prisoners.

Shoot "Katyusha".

Warlords GK Zhukov, IS Konev and KK Rokossovsky looking through binoculars.

Commanders in the dugout.

Animation: card offensive.

Newsreel 1945:

The Soviet offensive.

"Katyusha" charged projectiles with the inscription "For the Reichstag", "Katyusha" shoots.

The capture of the Reichstag; soldiers salute.

Soviet soldiers winners go by car, waving, people look, throw flowers (Europe).

Bridge over the river with the inscription "Elbe".

A meeting of Soviet and American troops.

Poster of the meeting.

Photos of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Return of Soviet soldiers - moving train decorated with flowers, women throw flowers, soldiers hugged family and friends, people cry.

The destroyed city (the plane).

Ruined factory.

Ruined Dnieper, falling water, the destruction of the bridge.

People make out debris, restore the dam, remove the stones.

Newsreel of the 40-50's.:

Refurbished Dnieper (the plane).

Plant (the plane).

Women plastered wall.

Building a house.

A woman opens a window.

Leningrad: Transporting a bronze horse Klodt, uncovers a statue in the Summer Garden, the woman washes a statue, in the Hermitage hang the painting "The Return of the Prodigal Son," etc.

Down a female climber.

Home renovations.


The meeting at the UN.

The audience applauded.

PNRM. on plates with the names of the countries - members of the UN.

Photo: Signing of the UN Charter.

Reel №5

The inscription "All for the good of the people."

Russian dance.

Women presented with "bread and salt".

Kazakhs girls presented with flowers.

Foreign visitors to the exhibition.

The exhibition - equipment, etc.

Bust VI Lenin.

Photographs illustrating the work of the Soviet people - different.

Conveyor at the car.

Workshop for the production of television sets.

Locomotive passes.

NTMK: hot metal, pouring steel, steel-maker at work - MS.

Remote control - MS.

Foundry - LS.

Hot metal roll bar - CU.

Girl wrote on the metal bars - LS.

Shop - LS.

Steelworkers at the stove - MS.

Face - CU., Departure.

Noble prize named metallurgist Peter Bolotov - CU., Departure.

Bust PG Bolotov - CU.

Retired PG Bogs and Zubkov talking in the garden - CU., Departure.

The fire in the furnace at the plant - LS., CU.

Boiling water in a river - MS. (With motion boats).

Construction of power plant - LS., MS., PNRM.

Tractor driven by a huge piece - LS. (With a / t), CU.

High-voltage transmission line - MS., PNRM.

Computer room Ust-Ilim hydroelectric station - LS. (With a / t).

Powerhouse - MS.

Portrait of VI Lenin and the words "I can see Russia electrical.

Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) »- MS.

Working in the cab of a crane - MS.

Hydroelectric dam - LS., Hitting the city of Ust-Ilim - MS.

PNRM. the Ust-Ilimsk - LS.

People on the street - MS.

Are people, women with prams, carry little twins - MS. (Summer).

Kindergarten playground, children play - LS.

Construction of houses - LS.

City in Central Asia, the fountains, the people on the street - MS., LS.

Girl collects fruit - CU.

Persons Uzbeks working in helmets - CU.

Framing plans: the people on the boat, laboratory, the girl behind the remote control, nuclear power plant (inside); astronauts before launch, missile launch.

Language laboratory, the students are engaged.

Students are engaged with a computer.

Master teaches students, persons working.

Automobile workshop, she slams the door of the car, ready to go "KAMAZ".

Medical Center, Chamber, including medical devices.

Doctors perform surgery.

The doors open to the pool and the children in the pool.

Children are masters at the tables; girl "doctor" with a doll.

Uzbek elders in teahouses.

People walk on a city street.

Mother and children in the park.

Cotton grower, and the men on the current in the field.

Drilling, workers at work.

Welders at work.

Women Painting.

Session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR - LS., PNRM.

Reel №6

Session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Presidium; delegates in the hall - different.

The Supreme Soviet of the USSR - MS., Departure

Chairman of Belarusian farm "Dawn" to them.

Orlovsky, a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Vasily Starovoitov said outside (summer) - CU., Hitting.

Collective herd - LS., PNRM.

Field with haystacks - LS.

Mechanized harvesting potatoes - CU., Hitting.

Combines clean oats - MS., Departure, CU.

Harvest, spilling grain - CU., MS.

Powered stacker - LS.

Corn harvesting - CU., PNRM.

Tractor harvest silage - LS.

Mechanized distribution of feed in the barn, cows eat - MS.

Milker in the barn - MS., Hitting.

Mistress tells of a high school girl in the garden - MS., Hitting.

Photo of the first collective farm chairman, WWII veteran Kirill Orlov - CU., Hitting.

Newsreel of the 40-ies.:

Destroyed village; crater in the ground, filled with water.

People are drawn plow.

K. Orlovsky said.

Listen to the farmers, children.

The collective farm meeting in the street.

K. Orlovsky passes on the street, give instructions collective farmers.

Collective farmers at work, repairing the cart, build a house, etc.

Monument (bust) Hero of the Soviet Union, K. Orlovsky - MS., PNRM.

Tractor passing through the streets - MS.

Building a house - MS., PNRM., Departure.

Cottage family farmer - MS., Hitting.

Women and children in the street - LS., MS., PNRM.

Fountains, office buildings in the square central manor farm - LS.

Moscow Street - MS., PNRM.

CMEA building - MS., LS., Departure.

Irkutsk region: Angara pine over - MS., Departure.

Taiga landscapes - LS., Departure.

Flowers in the forest - MS.

Construction of the timber industry (together with CMEA countries): the work of the tractor, tractor driven piece.

Bulgarian driver sits in the car, truck drives off.

Talk engineers and workers.

Welder at work.

The workers at work.

Construction - LS.

Pulp mill: works lesopogruzochny mechanism - CU.

Procurement of raw materials, adheres flail; pulp - MS., CU., Departure

Computer room - MS., CU.

Workers remove readings from the instruments, observing the proceedings machines - MS., LS.

Finished pulp - MS.

XXVI Congress of the CPSU delegates enter the building of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, in the sidelines of the congress - MS., PNRM.

Foreign guests at the congress - CU.

Audience applause - LS.

Decree of the world - CU., PNRM.

Bullets pierced party cards - MS., Departure.

The General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee KU Chernenko (synchronous) - CU.

Anti-war rally on the street, there are people with placards vote - different.

Banner with the inscription "Communism will win» - CU.

Mausoleum on Red Square, a festive demonstration - MS., LS., Hitting, (with a / t).