One Ticket For the Evening Train.. (1984)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kristi L.

Script writers: Kristi L.

Operators: Kochetkov A. S.

Anouncers: Tatarskiy V.


About one day of Lenin's visit to the revolutionary Petrograd.

Temporary description

Types of Leningrad, Volkovo cemetery. The film features newsreels: Type one of the demonstrations in Petrograd in [1918] year, lifetime shooting Lenin: Lenin in the Kremlin, MT funeral Elizarova, the presidium meeting in the People's House in Petrograd in 1919. Carts with bread going on snowy field, grain pours into storage silos. Movement of the engine. People on the station platform. The peasants are eating, talking.

Reel №1

The newsreel of March 9, 1919:

The train with the envoys of the Third Communist International, which has arrived in the city of Petrograd [St.


People on the platform.

Panorama of a mass-meeting in Petrograd streets: listeners, speakers standing.

Lenin’s picture in the newspaper “Petrogradskaya pravda” [“The Truth of St.

Petersburg” (Petrograd is the former name of the city of St.


Lenin is talking to a man in the Kremlin yard.

Panorama of Petrograd: the view of the Neva River, industrial districts.

People at the Parade: marines, soldiers are marching.

A picture: a cannon in a Petrograd street, a soldier next to it.

A newspaper.

A meeting at Putilov’s Plant; workers at the meeting.

A picture: a panorama of a queue for bread.

Carts with bread are passing by.


Grain is falling.


Grain elevator.

A steam locomotive is going by, a carriage with bread, locomotive steam, wheels.

Grain in the carriage.

Panorama of a picture of Lenin.

Panorama of Lenin’s study room in the Kremlin.

The newsreel of 1919:

People at the platform (peasant delegation from the Sarapul District of the Vyatka Province) in the city of Moscow.

Panorama of peasants walking by, eating.

The table is being laid for peasants.

Peasants talking, their faces.

A picture: Lenin.

A picture: Mark Elizarov (People's Commissar of Transport Lines in the first Soviet Government) at the table.

A picture: young T. Elizarov.

A pictures of Alexander Ulyanov, Anna Ulyanova, the Ulyanovs’ family, M. Elizarov and his wife Anna Ulyanova-Elizarova.

A picture: Petrograd in 1919.

A picture: Lenin.

A picture: a queue for firewood.

Leningrad: Nevsky Avenue, horses on the Anichkov Bridge.

The bridge in Fontanka street, the frozen Neva River

The hotel “Astoria” building; the hotel window, panorama of the building reflection in the windows.

Krasnaya Street, 29, the house entrance.

The room in this house, where used to live the Chairman of the Province Labor Unions Congress Artsimovich.

Pictures of the buildings of the Smolny and Tavrichesky [Tauride] Palaces; Hall of the Tavrichesky Palace.

A picture: Lenin at the tribune, the audience in the Hall.

Newspaper of March 12, 1919 with Lenin’s speech in the Petersburg Council.

Reel №2

Monuments in the Volkov Cemetery in the city of Leningrad, the cemetery administrative building.

The newsreel of 1919:

Mark Elizarov’s funeral; a panorama of the funeral procession going along the city streets.

Lenin at the funeral.

People in the cemetery; Lenin among them.

The coffin is being drawn down into the grave.

Lenin, A.I. Ulyanova-Elizarova, N.K. Krupskaya by the grave.

The monument to M.T. Elizarov in the Volkov Cemetery (installed much later).

The monuments to M.A. Ulyanova and O.I. Ulyanova in the same cemetery.

The buildings of the Labor Palace and the People’s House in the city of Petrograd.

Newspapers with articles dedicated to Lenin’s visit to the Labor Palace, where he spoke at the Agricultural Workers Congress.

A picture: Lenin among workers at the meeting in the People’s House; a panorama of people listening in the Hall.

Newspaper with the article “Bolshoi Miting v Narodnom Dome” [“Great Meeting in the People’s House”].

A picture: Lenin among workers.

The newspaper “Severnaya Kommuna” [“The Northern Commune”] with the article “Tovarishch Lenin v Petrograde” [“Comrade Lenin in Petrograd”].

The newsreel of 1919:

Moscow: the Kremlin Wall, Towers.

The Prime Minister of Great Britain Lloyd George is speaking.

The US President V. Wilson at the meeting.

American soldiers are walking by.

The Statue of Liberty.

A panorama of the cover and pages of the book “V.I. Lenin.

Biographicheskaya Chronika” [“Lenin.

Biographical Chronicle”].

A picture: Lenin.