Soviet Army Blood Brothers During the War (1984)

Newsreel №8928, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:42
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Andreev A.
Camera operators:Kiladze B., Kuznecov I.


On combat cooperation of the Soviet and Polish soldiers.

Temporary description:

The film tells about the life, combat training, friendship between the Soviet and Polish soldiers. Ryazan. Opening of the monument to the Polish-Soviet brotherhood in arms. Present: W. Jaruzelski, D. Ustinov, veterans. Newsreel. Military Camp. Formation of the First Infantry Division of the Polish. T. Kosciuszko. Of the oath. Fighting Division during the Great Patriotic War. Lights Warsaw, collapsing houses. Soviet and Polish soldiers freed Warsaw. The rebuilding of Warsaw after the Second World War. Monuments. Streets. City of Krakow during the war and after the war. War veterans among children. The guys with the Soviet soldiers. Fire. Burning wood. The Soviet soldiers who performed service in Poland, extinguish the fire. Soldiers in the museum. Polish cadets to attend the military academy in Moscow. Pass astronauts: Polish cosmonaut J. Hermaszewski and P. Klimuk. Polish Army Lt. Col. L. Komarnitskyy and Soviet major Nikulin on joint field exercises. Flying helicopters. Tanks are ferried across the River. Polish and Soviet soldiers are passing on the pontoon bridge. Soldiers for lunch. People on the streets of the city. Honor guard at the monument.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The monument to Soviet-Polish Brotherhood in Arms in

Ryazan (panorama).

Are the people, girls in national dress.

Honor guard.

Pass Defense Minister Ustinov and first secretary of the Polish United Workers' Jaruzelski, who came to the opening of the monument.

Are veterans (panorama with orders on the face).

Newsreel 1943. - Formation of the First Polish Infantry Division Polish Army them. T. Kosciuszko.

Flag, a military camp in the woods.

Oath commander reads the oath (sinhr. in Polish), the soldiers take the oath (sinhr. in Polish).

Passes Division.

The first fight of the division of the Belarusian village of Lenine, the soldiers on the battlefield.

Pilot in the cockpit, fly planes (diff plans).

Tanks are going to attack, tanks crossing the river.

Lead, carry wounded soldiers.


Warsaw in the smoke and flames.

A soldier plays the piano, listening to the men.

Burning buildings, explosions, collapsing house.

Soldiers are on the streets of Warsaw.

Warsaw destroyed (removed from the aircraft and with the movement).

Modern Survey - was

Warsaw, monuments (including the Chopin monument in Lazienki Park), the report of the city, traveling machine, are people, children.


Krakow - different plans.

Newsreel 1943-45gg. - They're coming tanks.

The soldier with the flag of the gallery building.

Modern Survey - Girl feeding pigeons, doves (CU. plan).

Newsreel - Soldiers run to the sea, wash (different plans), the sea.

Modern Survey - Wreath on the water.

Flowers and candles on the grave, the panorama of the cemetery, stands guard of honor, gravestones, are veterans (different plans).

Newsreel 1943-45gg. - Standing Soviet and Polish soldiers.

Soldiers hoisting the flag, kiss, the soldiers at the flag.

Residents of Poland privetstvuyun soldiers passing tanks, cries the old man, smiling girl.

Modern Survey - Lenin in Poland.

Young soldiers in the Museum of Lenin.

The exhibits of the museum.

Says Polish officer (sinhr. in Polish).

Stand and listen to the soldiers.

Officer presents soldiers membership cards.

Panorama from the monument to Lenin in the face of soldiers.

Soviet soldiers on Polish children, child soldiers pinned icons.

Polish children Czerwińsk with Commander - Commander of Soviet and Polish awards, including the Order of "Smile" (an award for services to the young citizens of the country).

Order of "Smile."

Polish children with Soviet soldiers.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Burning forest (filmed from a helicopter).

Burning trees, the soldiers covered with earth fire, soldiers running with a hose filled with water flame.

Soviet and Polish soldiers in the Military Museum in Warsaw.

Pilot in plane fitness (diff plans).

Military academies at the lecture. 1978.


Newsreel - Polish cosmonaut Mikhail Germashevsky and cosmonaut P. Klimuk go to space ship, go up the ladder.

Modern Survey - Interview M. Hermaszewski (sinhr. in Russian).

Bust of Yuri Gagarin.

Photo - M. and P. Klimuk Germashevsky in a spaceship.

Polish Army Lieutenant Colonel and Major L. Komarnicki Soviet Army Nikulin at the table.

Families Komarnicki and Nikulin - children and wife.

Joint exercise of Soviet and Polish groups: the commanders at the command center, fly helicopters landed troops, fleeing soldiers, tanks cross the river.

Soviet and Polish soldiers erected a pontoon bridge, ferry troops and equipment on the bridge.

Soldiers eat in camp stove.

Street of the town, are people, a child in a stroller, kids playing with pigeons, the panorama from passers-by on the child.

The honor guard at the monument.

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