In the South, In Ices.. (1986)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Kochetkov A. S.

Operators: Gorbatskiy V., Kochetkov A. S.

Anouncers: Chilingarov A.


The film tells about the rescue party in Antarctic for aid of the diesel electric vessel "Mikhail Somov" mislaid in ices. The ice-breaker "Vladivostok took part in the operation.

Temporary description

Film about the rescue mission to assist wiped the ice of Antarctica dizelelektrohodu "Mikhail Somov". The expedition icebreaker Vladivostok and helicopters polar aviation. Meeting "Mikhail Somov" in the Leningrad port.

Reel №1

The motor ship "Michail Somov" is drifting; the panorama of the ship details.

Ship illuminator.

The panorama of seamen with a lantern in the "Somov’s" cargo hold.

The "Michail Somov"’s captain is looking through the illuminator.

The works on "Michail Somov"’s deck (polar night).

The panorama of a night Antarctic landscape.

"Michail Somov" is adrift, a man is walking the ice.

"Vladivostok"’s route map.

Ice breaker "Vladivostok" is going along New Zealand’s coast.

Board; the panorama of the ice breaker bow in the storm.

The panorama of seamen in the cabin.

A scientist at the satellite communication device.

The meteorological map.

The teletype.

The teletype screen.

The panorama of the meeting on the ice breaker "Vladivostok".

The panorama of the rescue expedition head A. Chilingarov at the meeting.

The ice breaker bow in the storm, cabin, stern.

In the ice breaker corridor during the rolling (a man is going).

The rolling, the ice breaker cabin illuminator.

The ice breaker radio operator.

The panorama of the ice outboard the ice breaker.

The ice breaker bow, advancement in the ice.

The panorama of the ice.

The panorama of the steam-ship “Pavel Korchagin” in the ice.

The panorama of the snowstorm.

The panorama of the transshipment of the helicopter from the steam-ship "Pavel Korchagin" to the ice breaker "Vladivostok".

The panorama of the seamen on the deck.

The panorama of the ice breaker "Vladivostok", steam-ship "Pavel Korchagin".

The panorama of the helicopters on the "Vladivostok"’s stern.

Map; the panorama of the hands on the map.

The ice breaker “Vladivostok” is going in the fog.

In the ice breaker cabin.

The panorama of the steering wheel.

The helicopter on the stern.

The ice breaker captain at the map.

The ice breaker bow; a man is looking.

The panorama of the ice.

Chilingarov in the ice breaker cabin.


The panorama of the ice from the illuminator.

The panorama of the helicopter cabin.

The advancement of the ice breaker “Vladivostok” in the ice.

A hand on the helicopter steering wheel; the panorama of the helicopter cabin.

The helicopter is in the air; approaching the ice breaker.

The panorama of "Vladivostok" in the ice.

The ice breaker boards, the water is raging overboard.

People on the ice.

The "Vladivostok”’s radio operator.

The panorama of A. Chilingarov negotiating with “Somov”.

The helicopter is flying up.


The ice breaker cabin, the helicopter is flying by.

The helicopter illuminator.

The rescuers in the helicopter cabin; A.Chilingarov is sitting.

The ice.

The meeting of the ships; a projector.

The "Vladivostok"’s board; people are waving by torches.


The panorama of the diesel motor ship “Michail Somov” entering the Leningrad port.

The greeting people with flowers, posters.

The panorama of the cameraman shooting.

The "Somov”’s crew members are going down the ladder.

The meeting with relatives.