The Involvement.. (1986)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Gekker E.

Script writers: Agamaliev F.

Operators: Myakishev G.


The ways of alcoholism prevention are shown in terms of the Tushinky District of the city of Moscow: observation and prevention abstinence groups, abstinence societies.

Temporary description

Patients with chronic alcoholism are sent to the medical and labor preventorium. Narcologist V. Novak conducts classes with members of temperance societies. Drunken disorderly person on the street. Employees of the police, police cars on the streets. Drunken man in a special traumatic paragraph.

Reel №1

A queue at the wine shop.

The panorama of men passing by with bags; a man is holding wine bottles in his hands.

A man is speaking (former alcoholic).

The listeners.

A queue at the wine shop.

The panorama of men passing by with bottles in their hands.

The panorama of a black cat running across the street.

The men are being led to the Activity Therapy Centre (ATC); the door grating is closing behind them.

The Tushinky District Narcological Dispensary Head Doctor Vladimir Mikhaylovich Novak is speaking.

The men are standing (before sending to ATC), their heads are being shaven.

The policemen at the bus.

The panorama of the folders with alcoholics’ files.

The panorama of the legs.

A man is getting on the bus.

The panorama of women being sent to ATC.

The panorama of a Abstinence Society Meeting in the Tushinky District of the city of Moscow: the men are sitting, talking, Doctor Novak and his former patient, and his present assistant Nikolay Nikolaevich Chebotarev are among them.

The panorama of the register.

The Moscow 104th Police Department Deputy Head Yuri Alexandrovich Shumilov is present at the meeting.

A woman is looking.

The acceptance of a new member to the Abstinence Society: the delinquent is standing, the Presidium, the meeting audience are standing; the gathered people.

Cheboraryov is speaking.

The pictures of alcoholics’ sick children in hands.

A hand of the doctor-hypnotist, treating alcoholism (during a hypnosis session), the panorama on the doctor.

A patient is lying (during the session).

The doctor’s hand with a medical device, the panorama on the face.

The panorama of patients’ letters.

Novak’s patient Cheboraryov at the Abstinence Society meeting.

A clock.

Novak is speaking.

The listeners.

A girl is sitting with her father.

Men are talking.

Reel №2

Alcoholism Prevention Group listeners.

The panorama of a girl and a young man’s faces.

The panorama of the people sitting at table.

Novak is speaking with hid patient.

A man is watching; a woman is laughing.

The panorama of the men at the game table.

The panorama of a girl, a boy sitting.

A man is laughing.

A police car.

A woman is crying.

The panorama of the standing man, detained by the police authorities for disorderly behavior.

A child is watching, the panorama of the man.

A woman is watching.

A policeman is speaking.

The Prevention Group listeners (anti-alcoholic one).

The meeting minutes.

The men are speaking at the table.

A wine shop; subsidiary rooms; the counter, bottles with wine are standing.

An accident on the highway.

The panorama of a car in a topsy-turvy state.

The fire-fighting vehicle, the police car is standing.

The panorama of girls watching.

A woman is sitting during in the doctor’s room, her head is bandaged.

The doctor.

The hospital (inside).

The injured patient is being led.

The doctor and police agency representative’s faces.

A patient is being examined by the doctor.

The drunken men in the special emergency station.

Folders with files.

A man, who has been treated in the ATC, is speaking.

The man at work (with a chisel).

The AC patients are playing football.

Men and women are drinking tea at the table; a woman is laughing.

The samovar.

The faces of Cheboraryov, Shumilov, Novak.

The panorama from Cheboraryov’s hands on his face.

Cheboraryov with his fosterlings.

The Fine Arts Museum named after Pushkin.

The Fine Arts Museum building.