The Black Square.. (1988)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Pasternak I.

Script writers: Sviblova O.

Operators: Golovnya V.

Anouncers: Romashin A.


The film presents the history of the Soviet avant-garde art since 1957.

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Temporary description

1-6. Contemporary artists Dybsky, Zhutovski, Kabakov, Steinberg speculate about the future of art, examining the relationship of art and power in the USSR. Presents the work of Malevich, Zvereva and others representatives of the Russian Silver Age.

Reel №1

Pass people (from Rapid, through an aquarium).

The picture of Malevich "Black Square", etc..

On the quay playing gramophone mourners waving their hands, the ship sails.

Artists from the club "Avant-gardists" photographed on the deck.

The building of the river port, the deck of the ship.

Artists talk about avant-garde art (synchronously).

Floating passenger ship.

Poster Exhibition association "Hermitage".

Visitors to the exhibition.

Eskpozitsiya exhibition - paintings Steinberg, Belenko, Yankylevsky, Prigov.

Picture Yakovlev "Portrait of Pasternak."

The audience at the figures from the iron in the construction of metal tubes.

The design of twigs artist Infante.

Paintings Steinberg: "In memory of Malevich", "Anis", "Fisa from Semenov" and others.

Interview with the Artist E. Steinberg (sync.).

Painting by Bruskin (multi-figure composition).

Soloist rock band "Nautilus Pompilius" V. Butusov sings "Chained" (synchronous).

Newsreel 1930th years .: Stalin, Molotov, and others.

Pass through the territory of the Kremlin, Mikhail Kalinin passes.

May Day demonstration in Red Square are athletes, band, bear a portrait of Stalin, models.

Sculptures discus thrower, etc. plovichhi.

Reel №2

Newsreel 1930 -1940gg. : Painting by Bibikova "Hi winner," painting "What wheat" Kuchkina artist, painting by V. Efanova "Unforgettable."

People in the exhibition, faces of boys and girls.

The parade of athletes, the girls laugh and sing.

V. Butusov sings (synchronously) Picture Brusnikina paintings Zhutovski, Bulatov.

Intervyu artist B. Zhutovski (synchronously).

Newsreel 1930-1940ies .: Athletes parade - gymnast rotates the wheel (Rapid, freeze frame).

I. Kabakov Painter in his studio, interviews I. Kabakov (synchronously).

Kabakov's works: paintings, exhibition of kitchen items.

Flight of stairs in an old house on the Arbat, mailboxes on the door calls.

Newsreel 1957. - International Exhibition of fine and applied in Moscow.

Customers visiting the exposition; painting by the Italian artist R. Beppie "Howl" and others.

Speaker is the President of the Academy of Arts of the USSR artist B. Johanson (synchronously).

Painting by Krapivnitskaya; Yankylevsky picture "Black Hole"; Pivovarova painting "Study, son"; Bulatov's painting "The sky, the sea," "No Entry".

Interviews Krapivnitskaya L. and B. Yankylevsky (synchronously).

Reel №3

Newsreel 1960: Moscow, high-rise building, passing cars.

Visitors to the jubilee exhibition dedicated to 30 years of work of Moscow artists.

Khrushchev and others.

Government members view the paintings at the exhibition and talk with the artist Nikonov.

Picture Falk "Nude" painting Nikonov "Geologists" and others.

Nikonov at the exhibition.

The artist's wife Yu Sooster Sooster Lydia tells her husband (synchronously).

Artist V. Yankilevsky talks about the exhibition (synchronously).

Paintings Yankylevsky.

Newsreel, 1960: Members of the Government are looking sculptor E. Unknown.

Photo E. Unknown.

Bust Khrushchev works E. Unknown.

Tomb of Khrushchev in the Novodevichy cemetery.

Painting by Yu Sobolev.

Interview with Yuri Sobolev (synchronously).

Newsreel 1960: Khrushchev speaking from the podium (synchronously), the hall making abstract paintings, people in the audience laughing and applauding.

Photo Sooster artist Yu, Yu Sooster Photo graves.

Paintings Sooster (multrabota - rush, close-up).

Newsreel 1960 .: Visitors look at a self-portrait of the artist B. Zhutovski.

B. Zhutovski tells Khrushchev (synchronously).

Photos of Khrushchev and B. Zhutovski at the exhibition.

Painting by Ganikovskogo "Symphony of Shostakovich."

Summer landscapes - copse, field, bell tower.

The building is a former convent, which houses a psychiatric hospital.

Painter Vladimir Yakovlev draws, gives interviews (synchronously).

Picture Yakovlev "Portrait of the Wind" and other paintings.

Reel №4

Painting by Vladimir Yakovlev.

Yakovlev draws, sitting on the bench, says (synchronously).

Panorama from the bell tower at the sign psychiatric hospital № 16.

Yakovlev is in the hospital park.

Artist V. Nemukhin tells V. Yakovlev (synchronously).

Sculpture B. Siddur "Cry", etc.

Photo B. Siddur.

Poet J. Moritz recalls B. Siddur (synchronously).

Book Yu Moritz.

Siddur workshop in the basement, a panorama on the sculptures and compositions.

Painting by Gryushisa.

Newsreel 1970.: Sculptural portraits of Brezhnev, Suslov,

A. Kirilenko.

Painting "LI Brezhnev at the Little Earth."

¬ rock band performs "Nautilus Pompilius" (synchronous).

Yankylevsky picture of a series of "Mutants", paintings Sooster, Nemukhin.

Photo young Nemukhin.

B. Nemukhin in the apartment of the artist Sooster gives interviews (synchronously).

Artists S. Bordachev and Nutovich outdoors in Belyaevo where

1974 passed the so-called "Bulldozer Exhibition".

S. Bordachev says (synchronously) on the show.

Bordachev picture.

Photos on the exhibition: Bordachev and other artists

on display in Belyaevo; police car stands, paintings on the ground;

artists with a policeman, is watering machine.

Says E. Nutovich (synchronously).

Photo E. Nutovich.

Artists in the exhibition in Izmailovo.

Reel №5

Funeral A.Zvereva artist in December 1986.

Newsreel 1980 he 1970.: A.Zverev working on a painting, paintings Zvereva.

Painting by E. Steinberg.

E.Shteynberga interviews (synchronously).

Interview artist E. Bulatov (synchronously).

Paintings E. Bulatov.

B. Zhutovsky interview (synchronously), paintings, songs on the wall.

Photo of Joseph Stalin.

Painting by Chuikov.

Musician playing drums V.Tarasov.

Paintings "Fragments of sea and sky," and others, written V.Tarasovym.

Artist interviews I.Chuykova (synchronously).

Hall exhibition of young artists.

Composition of the foil, metal, etc.

Painting "Moloch" and other paintings.

Posters on the wall.

Sham barricade, the show on the street.

K.Zvezdochetov comic artist conducts auction (synchronously).

Reel №6

Exhibits: posters, lights, etc.

Abstract paintings, "Fear not!" and others.

Foyer of the House of Culture Lamp Factory before the show premieres

film "Assa" - design, portrait of Leonid Brezhnev on the floor,

track on the ceiling.

Exhibition farce Sandunovsky baths.

Artists in the pool (filmed with distortion), the picture.

Artist interviews Prigov (synchronously).

Artists Vinogradov playing hanging metal objects.

Photo G.Vinogradova.

Artist F. Infante and his wife are on a career, set design.

F. Infante photographs, examines slides home.

Interview artist E. Dybsky (synchronously).

Paintings Dybsky, workshop.

Interview with the artist E. Steinberg (synchronously).

Steinberg painting "In Memory of Malevich."

Are people (shot through the aquarium).

Movie №0