The Earthquake. (1988)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Troshkin V. P.

Script writers: Troshkin V. P.

Operators: Durnov K., Izvekov V., Levenberg M.


About aftermath of the earthquake in Armenia.

Disasters | Russian cities and regions

Geography and Nature | Towns and countries

Reel №1

Close-up: pick, crowbars hit the ground.

The two men digging a grave.

Directions by a large number of coffins lying in the street.

PNRM. on the coffin, lying in piles on the street.

Street clock shows 11:37. Excavator working on the analysis of the dam.

How to get past the destroyed houses.

Work cranes, trucks, people on dismantling the ruins.

The sign "City Committee of the Communist Party of Armenia" PNRM. home destroyed partially.

The ruins of the destroyed houses.

Wrecked cars.

Crying woman, shaking her head.

From the car drove up the baby takes a man, running with him in the building with a red cross at the entrance.

Crying woman.

Baby lying on a stretcher.

PNRM. through the ruins, working to find trapped people.

Man says (synchronously) that killed his entire family.

Preserved part of a multistory building.

In the kitchen stove stands and other furniture, but there is no wall.

Woman says (synchronous and behind the scenes) as she and daughter fell from the ninth floor, but survived.

PNRM. the rooms of a block of flats, which have no external walls.

Work on the dam.

On the ground lies a doll without legs.

Search for trapped people.

Out of the car, "first aid" is taken out on a stretcher elderly woman, are entered into the house.

Go down the street cars "first aid" to the siren.

Render the victim on a stretcher.

Child with face covered bear arms.

Loading garbage truck.

An elderly man in the ruins of his home says (synchronous and behind the scenes) as the tragedy occurred.

Disassembly debris.

Man says (synchronously) that can not be pulled out from under the ruins of his mother.

Elderly man opines (synchronously), that the houses were not quality due to theft of construction management.

PNRM. through the ruins, people work and mechanisms.

A man in his hands shows low-quality cement ruined house.

Goes past the ruins of an armored personnel carrier.

People dismantled blockage manually.

The man is on the hands of the victim to the hospital.

Excavator in the cockpit.

Posters "Kostroma.

Leninakan "," Brotherly workers from Armenia Chirkeygesstroya. "

Loading garbage truck.

Elderly man sitting on the ruins of his house.

A crowd of people near the bus.

MS Gorbachev talking (synchronously) with the people, promises all to understand, standing next to Nikolai Ryzhkov.

The woman's face, PNRM. at her hands, which were shaking badly.

NI Ryzhkov says (synchronously) that is in trouble Armenia will help all republics.

The cameraman shoots.

View from the top of: a crowd surrounded the Gorbachev and Ryzhkov.


Gorbachev MS - The first president of the USSR. NI Ryzhkov - Soviet state and party leader. Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers.


Armenia [12]

Reel №2

IL-76 is moving on the airfield.

A poster on the window of a bus "Dagestan - Armenia."

Poster on the hood of the truck "Gelendzhik - Brotherly Armenia."

The inscription on a cardboard box "in Armenia from Krasnoyarsk.

Warm clothes. "

Loads from the aircraft on the chain at the hands pass the truck.

Unloading hand helicopter.

In the assembly sent yurts.

Unloading boxes from the plane to the US emblem.

Group of dog handlers with dogs at the airport.

The people handing out food and clothes.

People eat on the street.

Distribution of clothes, loaves of bread, sausages, people from the crowd to hand pull the car.

In the trunk of the car are cakes.

The owner distributes Georgian bread.

People on the street are heated by the fire.

Armored personnel carrier with a radio installation goes down the street, ads in the Armenian language.

A woman sits near the chairs, mattresses, bags.

Goes fire truck siren.

By bus poster "Brotherly assistance to Armenia."

People on the street read newspapers.

Machine with radioruporom sends an appeal to the people of the city.

Standing in a row Gas Containers near a queue of people.

Fire truck rides with a siren.

Group of rescuers in the special form is on the street.

In the crowd handing out leaflets.

Rescuers take out the body of a man from the rubble, laid in a coffin.

The remains of the bodies retrieved from the rubble, laid in a coffin.

Several men try to attach the coffin into a car trunk.

Women cry.

People view photos, documents, found in the ruins of houses.

Coffins lie in the street.

People raise the lid, looking for their.

Documents, photos.

Those people looking for their loved ones from photographs, lists, announcements, posted on the wall of the house.

Dead woman lying on a stretcher.

People are trying to identify the bodies.

Crying women and men.

Going down the street, "Ambulance" with the siren.

Stretcher with an elderly woman was transferred to a building with a red cross at the entrance.

Sitting outdoors man with bandaged eyes.

Female doctor says (synchronous and behind the scenes) of the medical staff.

PNRM. ward with the victims.

Medics assist, is surgery.

Children in hospital beds.


Armenia [12]

Reel №3

Is a surgical procedure.

Girl in a hospital bed, says (synchronous and behind the scenes), which was under the rubble 18 hours.

Close-up: the person of Dr.

Leonid Roshal.

The doctors at the bedside of the child.

Medical equipment.

Machine "ambulance" go with the siren.

Radio unit, a man in microphone speaks Armenian.

Man gives interviews (synchronously) on the earthquake.

Nurses near the "ambulance" talk (synchronous and behind the scenes) on the actions of physicians in the early hours of the disaster.

Machine "ambulance" go with the siren on the street are the coffins.

The doctor says (synchronously) on the causes of death. "Ambulance" goes past the ruins.

On a stretcher pull a person out of the car.

Stretcher with the victim carried to the hospital.

From a helicopter stretcher with a man transferred to a "first aid".

Rescuers work, including foreigners on the dam.

Dogs allowed on the ruins to find people.

Austrian rescuer says (synchronously) that may still have among the ruins of real people.

Survey blockages using sound devices.

People silently stand.

Hospital premises after the earthquake: broken walls, bed slippers.

Work on the dilapidated high-rise building.

A crane lifts the concrete slab.

Workers are interviewed (synchronously) what was done in five days.

A group of soldiers digs blockage shovels.

People say (synchronously) about their relatives who were in the hospital at the time of the disaster.

Placed on a stretcher deceased person.

Crowbars, shovels, people are trying to clear the blockage.

On the ground in a number of stretchers with corpses lie.


Roshal LM - Soviet and Russian pediatrician and surgeon, public figure, director of the Institute for Children's Emergency Surgery and Traumatology


Armenia [12]

Reel №4

PNRM. the ruins after the earthquake.

Thanks man (synchronous) for assistance to Armenia from other nations.

People left without a home, sitting outside by the fire.

Man, through tears, says (synchronously), that from my brother was only a jacket.

Women cry - different.

People around the campfire: sleeping, smoking, hands warm by the fire, sit in silence.

Soldiers say on the radio, guard Store.

Go down the street cars.

Destroyed buildings.

Man gives interviews (synchronous and behind the scenes) on the ruins of jewelry findings, looting.

In the back of a truck under armed escort detainees being taken.

Military and police post on the road.

Conflict with men who want to get out of town.

Military overload coffin from one machine to another.

Close-up: a man crying.

Groups of people on the street.

Destroyed houses in the countryside.

Residents handed blankets.

Woman says (synchronously) as an earthquake occurs.

People apart the rubble.

Chandelier house lies in ruins.

From the top of PNRM. through the village.

How to get past the destroyed houses.

Rescuers work on the ruins.

Grain scattered from the ruined barn backhoe loaded on the machine.

Polish rescuers tell (synchronously) for help in dismantling houses.


Armenia [12]

Reel №5

PNRM. for destruction.

Man says (synchronously) as a catastrophe happens.

Dilapidated houses.

Things found in the ruins of school: torn globe, school textbook, briefcases.

The boy remembers Karen (synchronous and behind the scenes) earthquake, which occurred during a lesson.

A child in a hospital bed.

Men in the ward told how to survive a disaster.

Female doctor says (synchronously) that the teacher, the boy's mother, Karen, died saving his class.

Man says (synchronously) about saving children's music school.

Young people tell (synchronously) on the bureaucracy, prevented rescuers to arrive on time.

Sheet with notes lying on the ruins.

Piano near the ruins of the house.

Man says (synchronously) on the death of his wife and other people.

People are working on dismantling the dam.

Pile of things that were rescued.

Homeless by the fire heated.

A crane lifts the stairs from the entrance.

Welding work.

Dismantling debris, rescuers work in gas masks.

Pull out the body of a woman.

On a red coffin lid.

Several men carry the coffin.


Armenia [12]

Reel №6

Rescuers light up, says (synchronously), they are students of the University of Friendship of Peoples, some of the last war in Afghanistan.

Removing the body of the dam.

Carry the coffin.

Tray empty coffin to the place of clearing rubble.

The coffin was driven on the roof of the car.

Lit the fire.

Women around the campfire are interviewed (synchronously) that they have nowhere to go.

Night work on dismantling the debris under the spotlight.

Cutting metal electric saw.

Women mourn the dead children.

Children's corpse lay in a coffin, covered with a lid.

Coffins lie on the ground.

The graves of the dead children.

Photo girls on the tomb.

On the cross, the word "Light.

Alain. "

People walking on the street, adults are hand or bear children.

A man pulls a cart with furniture.

People with things, prams, say goodbye to the children cry.

The crowd at the ramp.

People with children in their arms climb the ladder.

Aerodrome is a crowd of people with things.

Flying over the ruined city.


Armenia [12]