Evening shore (1964)

Documentary №97084, 1 part, duration: 0:10:03
Production: Dalnevostochnaya newsreel studio
Camera operators:D. Zubrickij
Composers:A. Volkonskij
Sound producer:Voronin


The film tells about everyday life in the village of Ushakovsky on Wrangel island.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Landscapes Of Chukotka.

Bear tracks in the snow.

Hunters shoot a polar bear, the bear tries to get away.

Deer antlers stick out of the snow after slaughtering deer on Wrangel island.

Sled dogs at the sled.

Landscapes of Wrangel island, deer antlers sticking out of the snow.

Tracks from the sled runners.

The face of an old herder of Tinkling ruling sleds, Northern landscape.

View of sled dogs, the face of Syncline.

Landscape at sunset.

View of the frozen sea.

Snow-covered boat on the shore.

A dog sled passes by.

The grandson of Tinklin plays with dogs, one dog licks the boy's face.

House of Tinklin and his neighbor.

Neighbor Tinklin checks dog team.

Hunters go to hunt the Arctic Fox.

Setting the bait in the trap.

Hunters set traps for Arctic foxes.

A house on a snowy plain.

A dog sled rides across the plain.

The Face Of Syncline.

Dogs run in a team.

Tinklin goes to the dogs in the village.

Residents of the village of Ushakovsky carry blocks of snow for kindling in the meltwater for the bath.

Kindling the stove at the local polar station.

The faces of guests of polar explorers, the game of Billiards.

The face of one of the first settlers of the island Eskimos Nanana.

Tinklin pours tea into a saucer and drink.

Radio operator in headphones keeps in touch.

View of a radio antenna overgrown with ice.

Launch of the weather balloon.

A TV antenna covered in snow and ice.

Faces of polar explorers.

Weather balloon in the sky.

Wrangel island on the map.

Students at their desks.

Classes at the Wrangel island school, a type of room where students of all classes are engaged.

First-grader at the blackboard.

The teacher helps the girl write letters.

Children's faces.

Teacher at the blackboard.

The girl at the Desk.

The teacher's face.

One of the students answers at the blackboard.

Children's faces.

Light from the window, reflected on the snow.

The moon in the sky.

One of the local residents feeds the dogs at the wall of the house.

Identification mark on the shore.

Views of the village in the polar night.

The constellation URSA Major in the sky.

Calendar: 1964

Locations: Chukotka Autonomous Okrug [818]

Seasons: Winter [823]

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