Alyonushka from Brussels.. (1990)

Film-document №9817 7 parts, Duration: 1:03:51 to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Zhukovskaya I.

Script writers: Sokolnikov L.

Operators: Myakishev G.


On Soviet women who live in Belgium after the fascist captivity.

Reel №1

Advertising photos of “Seedmar” Belgium metallurgist complex and Mr.

Bryuk – President of the company.

A street of a Belgium city with ancient houses.

A panorama of country side landscape.

A panorama of a barge moving along a river.

A panorama of a moving cart in which horses are put in harness.

A city general plan.

A motor boat is moving along a canal.

A panorama of a running commentary over the city.

Russian-born Belgian children are having Russian lessons.

The city, traffic.

A panorama of autumn landscape.

A forest.

A panorama of fern.

A river landscape.

Newsreel of 1941-1945:

A German tank is moving.

Burning houses in a Russian village, doors are being broken, one is entering the houses.

Refugees are walking, legs.

Germans are driving cattle into wagons, closing doors of freight wagons, a train is starting.

A clock on an ancient tower.

A panorama of Maria Ivanovna Dudkina, a Russian woman, riding a bicycle, a dog is into a basket.

A panorama of Maria approaching a gate of her house, her husband Joseph, a Belgian, is meeting her.

Maria in the garden, speaking about herself, Joseph is patting the dog nearby.

A motor boat is rushing.

A swan is swimming, flying up.

A panorama of old women in a café.

A panorama of Joseph, Maria and other Russian women in the street, at a market.

Reel №2

A panorama of a young couple with a dog at the seashore.

Swans in a pond.

A panorama of Mura, a Russian woman, and Rene, her husband – a Belgian, passing by the pond.

Newsreel of 1941-1945:

Buildings and workshops of factories.

Destroyed houses.

A panorama of Mura and Rene sitting in the street.

A panorama of the center of Brussels.

A swan is swimming and flying up.

A panorama of Polina Semyonovna Chepukhina, a Russian woman, passing the territory of a concentration camp with her husband and children.

A panorama of a barbed wire.

A grating.

A panorama of Polina and her family walking along a street.

Seagulls are flying up.

A panorama of running commentary over the city, traffic.

A panorama of P.S.Chepukhina, with her Belgian husband at home: she is laying the table, speaking.

Polina’s husband at the table, smoking at a window.

Interior of a room.

A panorama of a postman passing along the street.

A postbox.

Books, Lenin’s bust, decorations in Polina’s room.

Newsreel of the 1930-ies:

A review of physical culturists on Red Square in Moscow, people are carrying banners with greetings of Stalin.

Children with flowers are walking.

Stalin’s portrait is being carried.

Iosif Stalin with children on the podium of the Mausoleum.

A street of Brussels.

A panorama of teenagers singing a song in the room.

Verkhovenko, a Ukrainian woman, is entering a room, giving medicines to her Belgian husband.

Medicines on the table.

Verkhovenko’s husband in the armchair.

A panorama of Verkhovenko speaking.

Reel №3

A panorama of Verkhovenko with a granddaughter in a hen house, she is holding a rabbit, ducks are nearby.

Verkhovenko at home, speaking about herself.

Newsreel of the 1930-ies:

An old man on a thin horse is turning up the soil.

Children are in a cart.

Carts are moving, cattle are moving.

A panorama of summer landscape: trees, a river.

A bucket with water at a well.

A panorama of a cart with hay.

A panorama of moving train, track workers in special uniform are waving, fields may be seen.

A panorama of M.Dudkina walking along an aisle of a train with her husband.

A panorama of a hostess in a wagon.

A platform of rail terminal in Voroshilovgrad.

A panorama of luggage being carried along the platform.

A panorama of M.Dudkina with her husband on the platform, people on the platform.

A panorama of M.Dudkina with her husband in a wagon window.

Women are selling fruits and vegetables along a railway track.

Landscape of Donbass: sunflowers on the foreground, a platform may be seen in the distance.

A town of Krasniy Luch of Voroshilovgrad region, relatives of M.Dudkina at the table in a garden, faces.

A teenager girl is eating an apple.

A panorama of walking doves.

A view of a town (or village).

A cemetery; M.Dudkina with her husband in the cemetery.

A panorama of Maria Dudkina and her sisters Varvara and Elena at one of the sister’s, speaking.

A panorama of foodstuffs on a table, hands are peeling an egg.

A panorama of interior of the house.

Hands are washing fruits.

A panorama of M.Dudkina with her husband.

A panorama of men walking along the street.

A bridge over a river.

A panorama of landscape with sunflowers.

A river landscape.

M.Dudkina and her husband in a wagon.

The train is rushing.

Brussels, traffic.

A panorama of running commentary over the city center.

Nadezhda Bortnikova, a Russian woman, is speaking in a room.

A panorama of Gomer, N.Bortnikova’s husband, cooking in the kitchen.

A panorama of family pictures.

Reel №4

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Interior ruined hut.

Swinging lamp.

Wall lamps - CU. PNRM.

Continuation of the story N. Bortnikov (synchronously) - CU.

Hope and Homer in the kitchen - CU., LS.

Hope sets the table - MS. PNRM.

Report on the Belgian city - LS., PNRM.

Russian woman, Ekaterina Lukyanovna Kamyshatskaya removes clothes in the yard (her voice-over) - LS. PNRM.

Interior room: icons, books - CU.

E. Kamyshatskaya with husband watching pictures - LS., Hands - CU.

Flow of vehicles (shot out of the car) - MS., CU.

People have moved on a motorcycle - CU. PNRM.

Moscow: E. Kamyshatskaya with grandchildren, reading a story (synchronous) - CU. PNRM.

With family in the dining room - LS.

With his son Sergei (the Belgian firm in Moscow) in the car - CU., MS.

The automobile in the center of Moscow, on the stone bridge - MS. (Removed from the car).

M. Dudkina with her husband and daughter in Kolomenskoye, up the bank of the Moscow River, visiting the house of Peter I, say (synchronously) - LS. PNRM.

Monument north of historic architecture - wooden tower with a gate - MS. PNRM.

Russian woman Vera, who married a Belgian, with her husband at Novodevichy Cemetery - MS. PNRM.; On the bench - PNRM.; At the grave of writer V.Shukshina - LS.

Faith with her husband on the streets of Moscow - MS. PNRM.

Old Arbat street trading - LS., CU. PNRM.

Paintings - CU. PNRM.

Hands holding a picture - CU.

Exhibition and sale of paintings in Izmailovo - LS. PNRM.

PS Chepukhin other women view pictures - MS. (Chepukhin voice-over).

Belgium, Antwerp: Members of the Union of Soviet citizens in Belgium - the woman at home reading a poem Esenina (synchronously) - MS.

Women talking at the table (synchronously) - MS. PNRM.

Brussels - LS. (With motion).

Reel №5

A Russian landscape with a river.

A panorama of willow twigs – a reflection of trees in the water.


A panorama of a boy on a self-made float in the river; legs.

A street of Taganrog.

A panorama of a tram station, a tram is coming up.

A panorama of fishers on the embankment, a dog near fishers.

A flock of cows at a watering place.

A panorama of a herdsman driving cows.

A country side yard, peasants are sitting.

A panorama of two women walking along a bridge.

A panorama of a tractor driving along muddy road in a forest.

Traffic at a street in Brussels.

A panorama of street handling.

Goods produced by Soviet firms: clothes, souvenirs, are being sold.

P.Chepukhina is telling about activity of Soviet citizens Union at home.

A panorama of a meeting in a club of the Union: Russian women are kissing, Belgian men are talking.

Editing office of “Patriot” magazine, published by the Soviet Citizens Union.

A panorama of Vera Alexandrovna speaking.

A panorama of children being taught Russian in a class organized at the club.

A panorama of interior, a picture.

Women in “Patriot” editing office, they are making a pattern, speaking.

Hands, a magazine.

A panorama of the cemetery.

Candles are burning.

A panorama of a solemn ceremony: people with flags of different countries are passing past a cemetery grating.

A panorama of people with torches at the cemetery.

A candle is being held by a hand.

The church service of papas at Russian graves at the cemetery of Brussels.

Children (Soviet school children) and grown-ups are laying flowers on a Soviet soldier’s grave.

Eternal flame on the grave.

A panorama of the title in Russian and Flemish on the grave: “Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten.

May, 1943”.

A commemoration of killed soldiers.

Reel №6

Women – members of the Soviet citizens Union – in their club: sitting at tables, laying the tables.

A panorama of hands making the tea.

A panorama of Belgian men playing billiards; faces.

A panorama of a man singing songs to the guitar; he is being helped to sing, he is receiving applauds.

A Belgian man is speaking, 4 men are listening to him.

A panorama of young people stepping down a street escalator.

Russia: a panorama of a man driving a horse across a meadow.

A panorama of an old woman carrying a bucket with water.

A panorama of summer landscape: a meadow, groves.

A house and a patio in a Belgian city.

Vera Alexandrovna’s family is playing a table game at home; faces.

A panorama of toys in a window.

A panorama of a woman with a child (aged 10 years) in a garden.

The canal.

A panorama of running commentary over the city.

A panorama of street handling.

A young Russian woman, who has married a Belgian, is speaking.

A panorama of a teenager boy playing the guitar at a fireplace; girls are listening to.

A panorama of a woman listening to.

A panorama of grown-ups and teenagers dancing in a living room.

Reel №7

A panorama of Joseph – M.Dudkina’s husband, leaving the house.

A panorama of M.Dudkina hanging the Soviet flag in the window.

A concert: old women are singing a Russian song.

A Russian landscape.


A shop with Russian souvenirs and books.

Members of the Soviet citizens Union at the reception in the Embassy of USSR.

The Embassador of USSR in Belgium.

A panorama of a street of Brussels.

A panorama of a street merry-go-round, people are standing, children are getting down the merry-go-round.

Father Frost is walking along the street under an umbrella.

An illuminated street of Brussels at night.

Christmas celebration: people with Bengal lights.

Father Frost is congratulating passers-by.

Christmas trees and decorations for a Christmas tree in the shop window.

Families of M.Dudkina and her daughter are celebrating Christmas: they are making speeches, lighting up Bengal lights.

A pet dog.

A panorama of people in a park.

A girl is reading in the park.

Huge air balloons are being blown up using fire.

A panorama of balloons flying up in the sky.

A boy is looking.