Where the War Was Over.. (1990)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Rybakova A.

Script writers: Zvyagelskiy R., Trushin V.

Operators: Istomin A., Maev V.

Anouncers: Kopchenko I.


The film touches upon the problem of withdrawal of the Western group of Soviet troops from the GDR, Hungary, Czechoslovakia.


Defense and internal security

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The German Democratic Republic (GDR).

People in a square in the city of Berlin.

Sportsmen are passing by in a large car.

A girl is holding a teddy bear.

A clown is marching with children; a panorama of their legs and back.

An orchestra is playing.

A panorama of a girl and several guys wearing hats.

The newsreel of 1941-1945:

Destroyed houses.

A woman is staring.

Ruined Berlin.

A panorama of a tree.

An alley.

A pigeon is drinking water.

A panorama of old people.

A panorama of little children being carried in prams.

A panorama of trees.

A panorama of captains.

A panorama of a spring landscape.

A panorama of a duck flying by.

The Monument to the Soldier-Liberator.

The newsreel of 1941-1945:

Tanks with soldiers are going by.

A female traffic controller with flags.

The Reichstag building.

A tower; a panorama of Berlin.

The Reichstag.

A panorama of schoolchildren passing by.

A family is fassing by pushing a baby pram.

The garrison inhabitants in front of the house.

Schoolgirls sitting on the bench.

Students are passing by; a panorama of a tree.

The office of the Chief Commander of the Western Group of Soviet Troops General of the Army B. V. Snetkov.

A clock.

The editor of the film V. Shishov is sitting and interviewing Snetkov.

Snetkov is speaking.

The communicators are establishing connection.

The Chief Communicator is speaking.

A soldier is speaking.

Officers are talking on signal phones.

The command post.

A panorama of a flying plane.

The command post, the dispatcher is speaking.

Soldiers are running to the missiles, getting into the missile launcher.

Colonel is giving commands.

A plane is taking off.

The missiles are standing.

The Colonel is speaking on the phone.

The officer is marking the target movement.

An officer is working at the radar

The missiles are standing.

The officer’s face.

A panorama of a combat vehicle passing by.

A soldier is running on the missile and coming back; a panorama of his hands and face.

The soldier is running and turning the handles of the combat vehicle; a panorama of the missiles.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The face of Lance-Corporal A. Tonkonog.

A missile.

A garrison not far from the city of Berlin.

The servicemen are sitting.

A. Tonkonog is speaking.

Hands holding weapons.

The garrison; a panorama of tree branches.

The soldiers are sitting; a panorama of their hands.

A tram is passing by.

Major N. Kurtsev (Berzarin’s grandson) with his family is walking along the Berlin street.

A panorama of the tablet with the name of the street and of Kurtsev with his family.

Kurtsev is talking to his wife and children.

A tram is passing by.

Kurtsev’s son is speaking.

The newsreel of 1941-1945:

N. E. Berzarin (The Hero of Soviet Union, Colonel-General, Commander of the 5th Guard Army, the first Commandant of Berlin) among military leaders, including Marshal Zhukov.

Berzarin is passing by and making a speech.

A panorama of bread distribution among Berlin citizens.

A picture of Berzarin and other servicemen.

The street named after Berzarin; a panorama of the bas-relief of Berzarin.

Kurtsev is meeting with Colonel Lotar Schtein, the Commander of the German Border Guard Unit named after Kurtsev’s grandfather.

Kurtsev and Schtein are talking and passing by.

A panorama of service caps.

German and Soviet soldiers are sitting in the cantine.

L. Schtain and the Deputy Commander for Political Affairs of a Soviet Motor Rifle Battalion Captain A. Potapov are sitting.

The soldiers’ cantine.

Soldiers are examining the N. E. Berzarin Museum.

A stand in the museum; Kurtsev is speaking.

A picture of the Berzarins.

Kurtsev is speaking.

The newsreel:

N. E. Berzarin at a conference, he is standing by a map.

The Chief of Staff of the Western Group of Troops Lieutenant General V. I. Fursin is passing by.

A panorama of soldiers in camouflage helmets standing.

Fursin is talking to the Unit Commander; a panorama of the map.

The film crew is interviewing V. I. Fursin.

A soldier is looking through the binocular, another soldier is loading a gun.

A soldier in camouflage is standing.

A soldier at the observation post.


Soldiers standing in line.

A panorama of Kurtsev and his children.

A panorama of the war veterans.

The soldiers reading out their military oath.

Soviet soldiers in Treptower Park (Soviet War Memorial in Berlin).

A soldier is speaking.

Women are giving flowers to the soldiers.

German servicemen are giving presents to Soviet soldiers.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A plane is flying by; a panorama of the ground.

The face of V. G. Suvorov, a military sniper pilot.

A plane is flying by.

A panorama of pilots in the plane; boarding the plane.

Planes at the aerodrome.

A panorama of the dispatcher cabin.

The dispatcher on duty is speaking, a panorama of V. Suvorov.

A panorama of the flying plane.

Suvorov is passing by.

V. Suvorov is getting into a RAF [Riga Experimental Automobile Plant] microbus, a panorama of trees.

The RAF microbus is passing by.

A panorama of V. Suvorov walking along the cemetery; putting flowers on a grave.

V. Suvorov’s face.

The tomb stone with the inscription.

A panorama of the graves.

V. Suvorov is speaking.

A monument to the perished soldiers in the district of Tirgarten in Berlin.

Honour Guard soldiers are standing.

Military commanders are passing by.

A panorama of musicians playing (a military orchestra).

General of the Army B.V. Snetkov is rendering a salute.

Honour Guard is standing; a panorama of the wreathes.

People are passing by, laying flowers.

Children are standing.

A panorama of honour guard soldiers standing.

V. Suvorov is passing by.

Trees, the road.

A cemetery.

An inscription on the wall.

A monument to the perished.

A panorama of Captain V. Sharnikov passing by and taking pictures.

A panorama of inscriptions on the grave-stones.

Sharnikov is speaking.

A bas-relief dedicated to the dead.

A panorama of the cemetery.

Sharnikov is showing the lists of the dead.

A panorama of the graves.

A panorama of the bush at the tombstone.

A grave-stone of an unknown soldier.

The tank on the pedestal.

A fir-tree branch. .

A panorama of the graves.

Church cupola; the Orthodox temple in the city of Leipzig.

The iconostasis.

A panorama of the praying people; the chancel.

A panorama of the believers praying.

The priest Father Fyodor is speaking.

A praying person is standing.

A panorama of the plate with the names of the perished warriors.

The church service; praying people.

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A panorama of the visitors in the church.

The commemoration plate of the perished warriors.

A panorama of the room of the heroes’ burial.

A panorama of the urns with the ash of the perished.

A banner with the image of George the Victorious (St.


The Svyato-Alexievsky Temple in Leipzig.

A panorama of an icon; a table.

The priest Fyodor Povny is speaking.

A photo: celebration of the Memorial Day.

A road.

A panorama of a driver.

A field.

A train is passing by.

A car is passing by; musicians are playing.


A panorama of the field.

The field.

Horses are pulling a waggon

A photo of Erich Dregner from the town of Marzana who saved a Soviet pilot.

The field.

Erich Dregner is speaking.

Photos of rewarding Dregner with the Soviet Order of the Red Star.

Erich Dregner is passing by; he is standing in the garden.

A panorama of the house; the flowers.

A Berlin street.

Catherine Lemann is passing by.

People are passing by, sitting on the benches.

Igor Belikov is meeting Catherine Lemann whom he saved in 1969 (the girl fell out of a window).

They are passing by the street.

A panorama of a house.

Catherine and Belikov are going by bus.

Hands are on the driving wheel.

Catherine’s and Belikov’s faces.

A street as seen from the bus window.

Belikov is meeting and speaking with Catherine’s parents.

Windows of the house.

A tape recorder.

Belikov is among the Lemanns, talking with the father.


Lemann, Catherine.

Family dinner.

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A street of Leipzig.

A panorama of Berlin.

The USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev is passing by.

A panorama of the reporters standing.

Gorbachev is giving an interview.

A panorama of the people in the square, there are boys and girls among them.


A boy is sitting on the post, a panorama of the crowd;

Journalists are standing.

General Lieutenant Fursin is at the tribune.

A panorama of press photographers passing by, taking pictures, sitting on the tanks; a journalist is getting under the gate.

A panorama of a soldier; a press photographer is taking pictures.

A panorama of a foreigner asking the soldier a question.

A foreign journalist is asking a question, the soldier is answering.

The interpreter is asking a question, the soldier is answering.

Tanks are passing by, a traffic policeman is standing.

Tankists are working at their tanks, writing on a tank.

Soldiers are passing by; journalists.

A panorama of pioneers tying their red scarves (pioneers' uniform) round the soldiers’ necks.

People are standing at the train; soldiers are getting into the carriage; looking out of the windows.

People are saying goodbye at the train.

A panorama of a woman with a child; the people seeing off are standing.

The train is departing.

A panorama of a soldier’s face.

A panorama of a soldier playing the guitar.

A panorama of a train passing by.

People in Alexanderplaz (square in Berlin); sitting on the benches.

A boy and a man are speaking

Military men are passing by.

A commander is shaking soldiers’ hands.

Soldiers are being given presents.

People are applauding.

Soldiers are standing with suitcases; they are saying good-bye; having their pictures taken.

The Soviet soldiers are speaking.

The soldiers are saying good-bye.

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Soldiers are hugging; saying good-bye.


The city of Budapest.

Young people are passing by.

The Monument to the Perished Soviet Soldiers on Mount Hellert.

Paratroopers’ gathering.

A panorama of soldiers dismantling tanks.

A soldier is putting a cover onto the tank muzzle.

A panorama of soldiers taking pictures.

A panorama of the soldiers’ faces.

A panorama of an actor singing; the soldiers are singing.

A panorama of the soldiers sitting, applauding.

Battalion Commander Sergey Leshchishin is speaking.

The soldiers are loading boxes; standing at the cars.

A panorama of a soldier standing with a dog.

Military cars are departing.


Birds are flying; pigeons.

A panorama of a guy standing; people are walking across the bridge.

The monument in the Vaclav Square in Prague.

People in the square.

A panorama of the slogans.

A young Czech is speaking.

An old man is standing with a leaflet.

Flowers dedicated to those who died during the World War II are lying.

A panorama of the leaflets and slogans.

A transparency in Czech on the building.

The Vaclav Square.

GDR (German Democratic Republic).

A panorama from a catholic church, the marchers.

Demonstrates are passing by.

Horse sculptures; the GDR flag.

People at the Berlin Wall.

Wall pieces are falling; the crane is taking them away.

A young man is hollowing out the Wall.

A panorama of the Berlin Wall pieces sale.

Men’s and women’s faces.

A panorama of the pieces of the Wall lying; a woman is selling them.

The Berlin Wall.

People are passing by.

A pile of break-stone is lying at the destroyed Wall.

A panorama of a young man hollowing out the Wall.

Young people are sitting on the Wall with guitars.

A man is speaking.

At the Berlin Wall.

The Brandenburg Gate.

Cars are passing by.

Lotar Schtein is passing by; speaking.

A queue at the Brandenburg Gate.

An inscription on the Berlin Wall.

Schtein is speaking.

Inscriptions in German.

Walls in Treptov Park.

A panorama of the temple in town of Ravensbruck.

A panorama of the pastor Gerhard Gabriel passing by.

Bas-relief: Christ’s image and a cross.

Interview with the pastor Gabriel.

People at the Monument to the Soviet Soldier.

Demonstrates with banners.

A tree.

Reel №7

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A mountain landscape with a lake.

A street in the town of Zul.

Trees along the road.

Military engines are passing by.

A camping tent.

Recent fir wood.

Soldiers in camouflage helmets.

A panorama of soldiers in the trench.

A soldier with a weapon on his shoulder, another one wearing a camouflage helmet.

Lieutenant General V. Fursin is speaking.

Military specialists are passing by.

Foreign reporters are looking at the military equipment, shooting them.

A reporter in a tent.

Military experts are standing; a serviceman is getting out of the hatch.

A panorama of technicians examining the helicopter; surveying.

Planes are passing by.

Explosions at the battlefield.

A weapon is firing.

Tactical exercises.

Tanks and other military equipment are passing by.

Soldiers are getting out of the armoured transport vehicle.

A panorama of running soldiers.

The battlefield.

Planes are flying by.

Military equipment with a locator system

Military helicopters are flying by.

A panorama of the pilot and the control panel.

A helicopter is flying by.

Soldiers-paratroopers are jumping from the helicopter.

The airfield; helicopters are standing, paratroopers are running.

A panorama of foreign observers standing

The canonry and tanks are firing.

Planes are flying by.

Military equipment, including tanks, is going by.

Army helicopters are firing.

A pontoon plant is being floated.

The soldiers are building a pontoon bridge.

A soldier with a signal flag.

A tank is entering the pontoon bridge.

The pontoon bridge across the Elba River; a panorama of a helicopter.

Foreign photographers are taking pictures; a panorama of the tank.

A soldier-traffic controller is standing.

A tent; a panorama of the observers.

A guard is standing.

Communicators are standing, holding medicines.

Vehicles are going by.

A panorama of a birch.

Foreign observers are entering the hidden door.

Bread is being carried on the hand-barrow.

People are getting the bread; a panorama of a foreign expert eating a pie.

Specialists with jars.

A soldier is drinking from a flask; a panorama of a cannon.

Cameramen are shooting.

Aviators are standing.

Sergeant Pugachev is walking along the landing field.

Captain Sharnikov is shooting.

A panorama of the soldiers in the field camp, smoking.

The soldiers’ faces.

The soldiers in the field camp; a panorama of the grass.

Soldiers in camouflage cloaks are passing by.