Existence. (1990)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Golubeva I.

Script writers: Degteva N.

Operators: Savchenko I.


The documentary is about the tragic symbols and features of our existence, the use of Soviet cinema stereotypes.

Reel №1

The painter Vadim Vershkov is painting.

Paintings in the street among tree (space landscapes), a panorama of the wall.

The teen-age girl Irina Gavrilina is speaking.

A hypnosis session: I. Gavrilina is lying on the two chairs moved apart.

The Earth from the open space.

A fantastic painting by V. Vershkov, a panorama of the grass.

A panorama of an old tree.

A panorama of paintings by Vershkov, a leafless tree.

A newsreel of 1918-1921:

Lenin is speaking in the Red Square.

Pioneers are passing by the Lenin Mausoleum.

A panorama of plastic busts of Lenin, a worker’s hands.

Toy cars on the conveyor.

A hammer is striking a soft toy.

Parts of dolls, a worker’s hands.

Busts of Gorky, Lenin, Joseph Stalin.

A panorama of a stair leading to the basement.

V. Vershkov is carrying out a session of hypnosis, speaking.

Snow-covered mountains.

Water is dropping from icicles.

A molecule under the microscope.

Mikhail Gorbachev is speaking.

Boris Yeltsin is speaking.

A beggar is sitting in the street, they are sweeping the street nearby, coins in his things.

A rag market: they are selling vodka, shoes, female underwear.

Reel №2

Featured newsreel:

Frames from S. Eisenstein’s movie “Stachka” [“A Strike”].

Dispersal of the demonstration: a soldier and a police officer are leading the arrested man.

A panorama of a priest looking; people are walking with torches and paintings


The city of Tbilisi, April 1989. Tanks are going by.

A panorama of dead bodies.

I. Gavrilina is speaking.

A prison, captives can be seen through the peephole.

Young peoples are shouting and waving their hands in the street.

A drug addict is making an injection.

Glass pots filled with banknotes.

A woman in the cabaret.

A panorama of people in a square in some oriental country chanting.

A mosque.

A woman is crying.

A meeting in the square.

A crashed car, a picture on at the car.

Dead bodies are being lifted.

A target.

They are shooting at a picture, it is tearing, a field can be seen behind the painting.

V. Vershkov is carrying out a session of hypnosis with I. Gavrilina.

I, Gavrilina is lying on the two chairs moved apart.

The Earth from the open space.

Molecules under the microscope; the ground as seen from through the airplane window.

A wooden sculpture of Christ.

A sculpture of Buddha.

An old book opened.

Academic A.D. Sakharov is speaking.

The communion ceremony in the church.

A priest in the church.

Muslims are praying.

A synagogue: interior, believers.

Baptism of a boy.

Buda monk is tolling a bell.

Hands are working on a bust of Lenin.

Part of dolls on the conveyor, hands of workers.

Toy tanks on a conveyor, hands of workers.

Pioneers are saluting.

A skull-like fountain.

They are ringing the bell.

A boy is sitting, a sportsman is exercising beside.

A girl is dancing.

A panorama of a junkyard, crushed doll lies.

A panorama of water, cane, a wooden head of the devil in the water.